How to Write Stunning Comments to Gain Attention: A guide for Dummies

I have been much into interactions and wrote many articles related to it, the last 3 articles I wrote were completely related to interactions. This article is based on how you can improve your blog commenting skills. Blog commenting is no doubt one of the best sources to network with people. I know many bloggers leave comments such as “thanks”, “well written mate”. Everybody knows that good bloggers consider these comments as spam and they aren’t going to approve these comments. For newbie bloggers it is a hard task to get noticed, they can make efficient use of blog commenting to get noticed, it can’t only help them in getting noticed but it would help them in effective blogging too, it would improve their writing skills and of course their thinking skills. Thinking skills? Yeah thinking skills, I think before commenting, I allow my brain to work. I try to summarize all the stuff which I just read.

Why I Prefer Blog Commenting?

Well, it’s a network building trick. It’s not easy but it helps you to be a networking machine. I prefer it because when I increased my activity in blog commenting in last few days I found an increase in number of comments and visits on my blog.

Benefits of blog commenting. Let me reiterate the fact!

Yes, you might have read this thing many times. For the sake of this post, let me reiterate this.

Blog commenting helps you:

  1. Networking with bloggers which will significantly increase your blog traffic.
  2. Building backlinks, which would increase your traffic both organically and inorganically.
  3. Improve your language as you’re practicing it by writing.
  4. Lift your profile as you are getting noticed by people.

How to Write Stunning Comments to Gain Attention:

Writing comments is an art; some people are writing comments with great enthusiasm and gaining popularity as bloggers and influencers. I have realized the importance and looking forward to increase awareness. Let’s move towards the topic:

The comment made by Sam Adeyinka
The comment made by Sam Adeyinka

Here is a comment from my blog, it’s by Sam Adeyinka on the post Why and How to Expand Your Network for Effective Blogging? This is no doubt a stunning comment; let’s find out what is included in this comment.

The comment made by Sam Adeyinka- Anatomy
The comment made by Sam Adeyinka- Anatomy

So here are some things I have figured out in this comment. Before you start typing a comment read the article and try to summarize what is written in it, here is the way how you can write a better comment:

Name the Author:

Your intention behind commenting is to interact with people, so why don’t you create a friendly environment by calling the author by his name? Just like Sam did. It would not only add value to your comment but would impress the author as well.

Appreciate the Author:

Everyone likes to be appreciated, if you like the article and if the author deserves appreciation then appreciate him with some kind words. In the first paragraph Sam is talking about my comment on a fellow blogger’s blog. It was his first visit on my blog and he came to my blog through Emmanuel’s blog. So, do you understand how blog commenting is going to help you? His visit from Emmanuel’s blog is a clear example.

Experience is Impressive:

While writing articles I always try to fill up my articles with personal experiences and stories. Writing your own experience in comments can attract the author and the readers as well, people like to read experiences. Many folks read comments after reading the article; if you write comments to create interest then it will surely help you.

Personal Opinion:

Describing your thoughts about the article is a great trick, try to mention, what you think about it, what you’ve learnt from it and if you haven’t experienced the thing yet which is mentioned in the article then write what will be your next step.

My Thoughts:

Sam’s comment is a lengthy one and I personally liked it but it’s not necessary to write lengthy comments, you just have to complete what you want to say, your intention should be to form relationship with the author and comment readers. You are supposed to write a meaningful comment which attracts readers and author. Just leaving a small piece of spam won’t help you.


Blog Commenting helps you to acquire multifarious benefits. You can pluck more fruits with a single attempt. Achieving the best from blog commenting isn’t easy but if you try to be on top by leaving insightful and meaningful comments then it would surely help you.

35 Replies to “How to Write Stunning Comments to Gain Attention: A guide for Dummies”

  1. Hi Siraj,
    You have explained it well. I agree with all your points.
    Sharing your personal opinions and experience via comments help to build relationship and your authority too.
    Thanks for this post 🙂

  2. Hello Siraj,

    Informative article, first of all I’d like to thank you for sharing awesome tips, secondly blog comments are really beneficial in many ways so creating valuable comments is important to gain the expected outcome.

    I will surely follow your tips,

    Thanks for sharing!

  3. Hello,

    No word blog commenting is great way to get exposure and build relationship with fellow bloggers. But it should be done following some rules or points. I really like your way of commenting and tips for commenting.


  4. Hey Siraj, and welcome to Sriram’s blog – it surely is nice to see you here. 🙂

    You have said a lot of things and I couldn’t have agree more nor less. These are the traits of a successful commenter. How funny yet annoying it is, I mean to see comments such as “great comments”, “Thank you” and the likes of them. You would agree with me, Siraj that such comments can be very irksome and frustrating.

    Like you said, it’s not the length of comment that make a comment an epic one but rather it is the value it exudes that matters.

    One of the things I learned while I was coming back into the blogosphere was always to comment on other blogs and also to always make your every comment count. So I was determined to make the difference. Why? This is because most of the bloggers I was networking with at the time engage in the deadly act Siraj had highlighted in his post and fortunately for me, I met the likes of Harleena, Silviu, Madam Adrienne whose comments never cease to amaze me. The longness and the high level of value with which it carry.

    Now here is my take and this is what I learned from Harleena anyways:

    1) While comment, try to do it from the heart. It is called being generous. remember, nothing great has ever been achieved in the annals of the world without the heart not being involved. So let your heart be present while attempting to comment on any post, like this one.

    2) Put your mind in it. It is called being intelligent. Like Siraj said, read it through and through and put your brain to work. I’d just quote him instead, “I allow my brain to work. I try to summarize all the stuff which I just read.” When you have done this, you would definitely come up with an insightful comment, one that would benefit a reader and if your are a blogger, chances are anyone who reads your comment, if impacted by it would want to see your blog. Again, chances are you can turn such a person to an active reader of your blog. Remember, Siraj comments at Emmanuel’s blog drove me to his blog and I have since been a reader of his awesome blog.

    3) Comment following the rules, this simply means being good. Just like Harleena stated in her article, every blog has said or unsaid rules. It’s up to you to find it out. But generally, every blog owner expects a reader and sure a commenter to have a gravatar, make use of your real name, instead of using keyword. And several others. Harleena has a wealth of knowledge in the areas of blog commenting and so to benefit from Harleena’s wisdom I’d just share the link to that post. Here:

    I’m so sorry Sriram for adding a link in my comment but I’m sure you would understand. I trust you. 🙂

    Now, speaking about the mention, Siraj. God knows I’m so ecstatic and for ones I couldn’t get over my being joyous as you literally sent me into cloud 9. You are so kind, Siraj. Trust me words cannot truly express the way I feel. Thanks very kindly dear brother. It’s much appreciated.

    By the way, Thanks for sharing this insightful and a very important guide for every blogger. I hope by the reason of this post, some bloggers who still engage in this dreadful and wicked act would find reasons to change. 😀

    Do have a magical week ahead, Siraj!


    1. Another compelling comment from your side Sam 🙂 You are one of the best commenters i have ever seen. Thanks for sharing Harleena’s article, the points you’ve mentioned from her article are indeed true.

      Thanks for your comment 🙂


  5. Hi Siraj,

    Very useful and well written post. I’m a big fail for writing comments. But i can reply to all comments on my blog. But, After reading a big blog post, My mind will blank. Just say hai to the author and appreciate him. Just it. But, Hope this killer tips will help me.
    Thanks for Sharing 🙂

    Abid Omar

  6. Hi Siraj,

    A great post, good analysis and it is well written. Bloggers, particularly newbies, often tend to overlook the ‘power’ of commenting.

    As you said, there are more than one advantage to it. For me, the most beneficial one is networking! I guess it is the most overlooked one too. Correct me if I’m wrong.

    The way you dissected Sam’s comment is appreciated. It is great to see bloggers who follow that commenting ‘etiquette’. Thanks for sharing this article.

  7. Hey Siraj,

    Wow, this is the first time that I’ve stumbled upon such as interesting topic. People always write about how to get the comments however, very few concentrating on writing or getting sensible comments.

    Initially, I too was writing small comments but eventually the length of the comment increased. Well, it is not quite as long as the one that you’ve embedded in the article above but they are not too small as well.

    I do believe that commenting plays an important role in the blogging and if these comments are so lengthy (off course they should also be sensible) then it will definitely be a cherry on top of the ice cream.

  8. Hi Siraj,
    There is one thing which is certain in blogging really ought not be under-estimated and that is blog commenting.

    When done right as you’ve demonstrated with Sam’s comment will obviously bring in the needed attention.

    This is indeed a guide for we dummies!! hahaha!

    Keep it up!

  9. hello siraj and also to sriram.. oh boy..i wish i have enough time to write such long and stunning comments. in my case, i rarely did that due to time restrictions and furthermore, writing a long stunning comment requires time.. like freelance writing, writing something useful would require time for reflection and research.. in the case of blog commenting, this is like reflecting on our past experiences related to the article and write in on blog comment section……

    thanks for sharing these practical insights 🙂

  10. Sam is really a great example for adding epic comments on blogs. I really enjoy his writings and comments.

    What I like about commenting on other blog is that it is a great way for keeping in touch with other bloggers. So if you wanted to make a nice relation with a blogger, you’ll have to write awesome comments instead of writing “great post”.

    Best Regards

  11. Hi Siraj,

    Awesome topic bro….I never thought that one day I’ll read a post on this topic….Thanks a ton for choosing it, as most of the people need to know how to write a comment to draw the attention from the blog owners…..Its not easy to make your comment stand apart than the rest of the comments…..I’ll be looking forward to see more articles from your side….

  12. Hello Siraj Wahid, Its nice to see you here. In this post you have teach me how to comment better. this is really a good. Now i will try to follow this method.
    Before this i am totally unaware of this. I have no idea about commenting i just share my views in simple manner.
    I was getting comments in a manner that i have shared with others. But now i think this method also gain good comments from other readers in my blog.
    Thanks for share. Its really a appreciable post.

  13. hello
    you have explained it well,it’s really a great article.
    Blog commenting is very important to a blogger and via blog commenting help to build relationship to author blogger.

    thanks for sharing useful information

  14. Hey Siraj,

    Really a superb post. Many of us overlooked the potential of commenting. But we shouldn’t.

    Sam is one of the greatest commentator in the blogosphere I have ever seen. We can really learn from him the art of commenting.

    Thanks again for great post. 🙂

  15. Hello Siraj,

    You come up with well written and informative post. As you said, Blog Commenting will not only help to build up good back-links it helps to drive organic traffic to the blogs too which is the most for all the bloggers. So keep on sharing the information. Have a good day:)


  16. Great Tips Siraj Wahid,

    All the tips you provided are great. Commenting on others blog helps you in many ways. Blog commenting is a great way to build backlinks and relation with other bloggers. Thank you for your tips to attracting traffic though comments.

    Nikhil 🙂

  17. Hi Siraj,
    Great post and I’m sharing this.

    Ok I should have stopped there but you just triggered me, actually the number of words in a comment doesn’t matter what matters is the readers and the promoters.

    Do you notice that most blogs don’t receive much comments? Upon the thousands of subscribers they have? Here’s why, they read the post and share it on twitter, they don’t stop at just sharing it but theu edit the tweet to something like:
    Reading: {post title} {link} via @blablabla

    Great post:{post title} {link} via @blablabla please retweel

    Must read: {post title} {link} via @blablabla

    I’m writing a guest post on this and it’ll be publised soon.
    So the number of words in a comment doesn’t matter (I wish I could stress this). As for me, I’ll prefer people sharing my posts than commenting and if you’ve noticed, most top bloggers disable comments on their blog or they prefer using disqus, I don’t blame them because most folks use the advantage as their link building machine.

    Wrapping this up, check out top blogs like problogger……….there are tons of short comments there but take a look at the number of tweets, Darren Rowse has a virtual assistant that helps in moderating comments, if they hate those “Hey Darren, great post” the comment won’t be approved at all.

    Commenting is out of the list of becoming an influencer but sharing a post and guest blogging made the list 🙂

    Writing this long comment wasn’t my intention, I just poured my mind and those writing “great post” poured out their mind too because the post was great.
    If I want to make the comment unnecessarily long I can just write it like this:
    Great post, I really loved it, you’ve don’t a great job by churning out a great article like this, keep it up buddy and have a wonderful week ahead.

    Now what’s the difference?

    Of course I understand it’s transparancy and I wrote a post concerning it here (related to yours) but I came to relize that it’s on the contrary.

    The first priority is creating connection with influencers on social media while the second to the last priority is blog commenting, I wish I could describe this in one word but heck you made me wrote this and I’m sure some folks will disagree with me but that’s the fact 😀
    Hope you’re having a wonderful weekend?

  18. Hey Gilbert,

    Well, not everybody is like darren, people including me think that guys who leave comments such as “great post” just comment for the sake of backlinks. Using disqus or any other platforms like disqus is a different case, folks who leave comments on blog which have enabled platforms like disqus are loyal readers for sure.Actually, they look for interactions 🙂

  19. Hi Siraj,

    Great post………………………………………………….

    Hmmm I could of stopped there but no of course not why should I! Excellent post my blogging friend and a great analysis of the best comment every blogger can receive! Unlike Gilbert I love receiving long comments as they fire my mind into active thinking!

    Of course sharing is equally important in this industry but I think that a comment should be an extension of the actual blog post and provide Value, Inspiration, tips or a different perspective to the original author!

    I always try and leave value where I can be it in a blog comment or a post of mine! So my 2 pennies worth would be this…
    In relation to blog commenting you need to be patient and not rush the comment! Read the post a couple of times if you have to and provide value.

    That’s what I think anyway!

    Cheers for an Epic Power Share dude!
    – Phillip

  20. Hi Siraj,
    Great post…Although I am reading your post for the first time and it impressed me.
    Now coming to the post I think its always important to comment to build your network and chain.

  21. Hi Siraj,
    I really love this post. Love the way you write your posts. The information in this article is really unique and useful for me. After reading this article, I think I have some ideas for myself. I do follow your articles recently. Thanks for sharing this post. Hope to read more interesting information from you. Have a nice day.

  22. Hi! Siraj,

    I’m not writing valuable comments like I only write few words “Thanks! for the article….”

    They are only spams.

    I got many tips from the article so, thanks! for it.


  23. Great points you made, thanks for the tips. I agree that leaving nice comments to other blogs is a way of getting other people to your own blog or website and it is also an easy way to learn about other people and know what they do thereby creating a business relationship. I love nice comments that relates to the topic of one’s writing or general good comments are great way to go.

    Ashley Jones

  24. The way you presented it seriously the best way one could tell about the do & don’t of blog commenting. Learned one or few tricks on how I should proceed because generally, I won’t get quality links back towards my blog. Started to implement it will let you know about the progress. thanks for the share.

    Roxy Chan

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