WP Rocket Plugin can make your Website a real Missile

An incredible site is known for two vital reasons, firstly, amazing content and also, a great user experience. Whether you are just composing your every day stories on your blog or you’re selling items, a quick site can get you more benefits. Not just this, a fast stacking site is more appealing and superior in terms of user-experience, search engine ranking and overall conversions.

Regarding WordPress, there are various plugins that go for reducing the loading time of your website yet the most ordinarily utilized and the best ones are caching plugins. Typically these cache plugins store your blog posts in cache as static files, and at whatever point requested, it serves it specifically from the cache. This spares a huge amount of assets regarding running all PHP inquiries and getting to your database to recover and server the same post. All the more over, serving a post from store will make the post load quicker than without the cache.

WP Rocket Review
WP Rocket Review

So this may be sufficient to persuade you that caching your site is a plus point. Fortunately for WordPress we have numerous cache plugins that offer comparative functionalities, yet not all of them do their job at that level. From different cache plugins out there (free and paid) it gets to be critical to pick the right one.

Regarding the matter of WordPress cache plugins, there are a lot of free and paid alternatives out there, for example:

  • W3 Total Cache – both free and paid versions available.
  • WP Super Cache – only free version available.
  • Quick Cache – both free and paid versions available.
  • Hyper Cache – only free version available.
  • WP Fastest Cache – only free version available.

So as should be obvious from the rundown, WordPress has turned into an enormous market and both free and paid plugins are available. At the same time there is one more plugin, it is the WP Rocket Plugin and there are things which bring about a significant improvement than all others in the list.

How does WP Rocket offers more than what others do?

WP Rocket enhances the speed of your site in various ways. The most clear one being page caching. As opposed to calling information from your database, the plugin can make static HTML version of your page and deliver it to visitors. It also has features like gzip compression, minification and image optimization. Pictures can likewise be loaded utilizing lazy load with the goal that they are just shown once the visitor scrolls down the page. Content delivery networks are also supported.

Altogether, the WP Rocket plugin has all that you require and has some additional features too that you won’t find in other plugins. At the same time you’ll have all the alternatives inside the same plugins so you’ll not require additional plugins for things like minification, lazy loading of images and so on and this is a huge reward on your site’s speed. Take a gander at the picture beneath where we compare the features from WP Rocket and different plugins.

WP Rocket Features
WP Rocket Features

How to Configure WP Rocket Plugin?

Unlike other cache plugins, WP Rocket is super easy to configure. I have used plugins like W3 Total cache and WP super cache for a considerable length of time, and now when I see the configuration page of WP Rocket, I simply feel awesome and overwhelmed. Indeed an individual without any technical skills can configure the plugin within a matter of seconds.

The very first screen that comes up offers basic configurations and in most cases you’ll not need to do anything more than this. Here you can enable lazy loading of images, do minification and concatenation, enable caching for mobile users and more, and you can also set the validity period for cache.

WP Rocket Configuration
WP Rocket Configuration

Other pages permit you to exclude certain pages and files from caching. It is not something I have ever needed to do. You can likewise prefetch DNS requests to enhance speed further and after that you can enable CDN functionality on your site. The tools page permits you to take part in beta downloads, clear cache, and preload cache. You can likewise import and export settings. A frequently asked questions and video tutorials page are also incorporated into the plugin settings area.

How effective is WP Rocket?

This is a million dollar question and I’ll answer it by revealing to you a recent speed test of my site. For this test I did just the basic setups and utilized the CDN functionality. I didn’t utilize lazy loading of images, minification, and DNS prefetch features.

StyZic Speed Test on Pingdom
StyZic Speed Test on Pingdom
StyZic Speed Test on GTMetrix
StyZic Speed Test on GTMetrix
StyZic Speed Test on WebPageTest
StyZic Speed Test on WebPageTest

So as you can see, an average loading time of almost half of a second is better than great for a site around 1 MB in size. And this should be enough to prove how effective is WP Rocket Plugin. To end with, I just want to know which cache plugin you are utilizing on your site? In the meantime, I would recommend you to get a single site license of WP-Rocket plugin and try it on your site and notice the difference.

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  3. Shashank Shekhar,
    Please provide the best setting for the WP rocket, so that we can get benefit from this. And also if you know then provide the configuration of incapsula CDN in WP Rocket.


  4. it’s good plug but they have so bad support and every time they deactivate my licences and i have to wait few or long days until they answer all emails i sent, so i don’t recommend it #do’t_buy_wp_rocket
    my site not working from wp rocket

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