14 Proven Reasons Why Google May Penalize Your Blog?

Here is a good list of reasons why Google are penalizing your blog. If you are not a massive offender of one of these factors, then check to see if you are not accidentally doing more than one. Maybe you have duplicated content and you have thin content, etc.

1.It has too many adverts on it:

Too many Ads
Too Many Ads

This is done by greedy people who are trying to make a quick buck at the expense of their blogs usability. If you have too many adverts then Google may take action because your blog is not as useful as it should be.

The Fix to this issue:

Remove the unwanted Ads from your site.

2.It is clearly there to dispense links and little else

There are numerous signs of this that both humans can pick up on, and that search bots can pick up on. You will know if you are doing it, and therefore will know that you are being penalized for it.

The Fix to this issue:

Don’t put too much external links to your blog posts.

3.The content is thin or weak

This is done by lazy and poor quality writers. The content will offer no useful benefits at all and will be a waste of time reading. Google does not like this type of content and will penalize blogs that do it repeatedly.

The Fix to this issue:

Make your posts with 500+ words and create the content that worths your reader.

4.There is duplicated content on your blog

This may have happened by mistake but it is always a good idea to check. Have you accidentally posted the same post twice?

The Fix to this issue:

Check your Blog with this too: Siteliner

5.Your blog has been spun and is hard to read

Content is spun so that the plagiarism checkers online cannot pick up on it. If you can recognize the signs, you will be able to spot spun content immediately. But one of the big giveaways is often that the content is awkwardly worded and does not flow correctly.

The Fix to this issue:

Check all your content for uniqueness and accept only well-written articles from guest bloggers.

6.The spelling and grammar is below high school level

Spelling and grammar does not have to be perfect because Google understands that content can be spelled wrong and be grammatically incorrect and still be usable. Even though Google have never been specific about their standards for grammar and spelling, it is conceivable that any lower than high school level text is going to be unacceptable.

The Fix to this issue:

Do a grammar check of your posts after you completed it.

7.It offers to sell link within the text

This is a naughty one that Google keeps a look out for. You are not supposed to link to something unless you are referring to it in some way. Selling links can only be done under very specific guidelines and rules. Google will not approve you selling links from your blog and will penalize you for it.

The Fix to this issue:

Avoid “black” link-building strategies and be aware of bad consequences of it.

8.The text has been keyword stuffed

There are too many keywords on the page, to the point where the text is almost unusable, and to the point where the content looks ugly and unreadable.

The Fix to this issue:

Use 1 keyword for every 400-500 words of your article. The content should be readable.

9.The posts are all too similar in content and size

This is a symptom of a blog that has been set up as a content mill that offers little to the reader. They are often set up in order to create links.

The Fix to this issue:

Post different kinds of content: articles, reviews, infographics, etc.

10.There are too many links on one page

This is a typical symptom of a blog that has been set up to send links out to other sites. Google will tend to punish sites with excessive numbers of links on one page.

The Fix to this issue:

Limit the number of internal and external links.

11.The anchor text has a low distribution

The anchor text all seems to be about one thing and tends to aim at one or two exterior sites. Internal and external links are expected to have some form of diversity. It may be an honest mistake such as having all of your internal links labeled as “click here”.

The Fix to this issue:

Use neutral anchor texts as well.

12.It has broken internal links

Broken Link
Broken Link

This means that there are too many pages being created and deleted, which has resulted in poor internal linking. The fact that the links have not been fixed shows that the blog owner has little interest in usability and so it penalized.

The Fix to this issue:

Keep working for usability of your site/blog.

13.It has clearly been over optimized

The content is full of keywords, keyword prominence, lists of keywords, keyworded links, etc. Doing this sort of thing is not a bad thing, in fact, it is a good thing, but doing it too much is going to get you penalized.

The Fix to this issue:

Limit the number of keywords.

14.The content incites criminally immoral activities

This can be anything from teaching how to make bombs, to teaching how to abuse an animal or child. The Google admin staff will usually delete you from the index and ban you.

The Fix to this issue:

Don’t write on immoral, forbidden topics.


Do you follow any of the practice listed above? If yes, leave it now! Do we missed anything? Share it by commenting!

21 Replies to “14 Proven Reasons Why Google May Penalize Your Blog?”

  1. Hey Bro,
    Awesome points which bloggers need to correct them else google panda,penquin,zebra will start rolling out the blogs from its search result thanks for sharing it

  2. Horrible points for any blogger to know that his/her blog is suffering from any of these. I like the image you selected for the first point. How clearly it shouts the message!

    The mysterious problem often can be due to over-optimization. When we knew all the tips and try to implement every of them, we never know when we crossed the border of naturalness!
    Suresh Khanal recently posted…My eBook Cover Created for FREE Using MyEcoverMakerMy Profile

  3. Nice points Sonia,
    I should keep all of them in mind with my blog so that it won’t get penalized by Google…
    I also think you haven’t missed anything… Black Hat SEO techniques like the one you have mentioned like keyword stuffing is dangerous and few also hide text which is also dangerous and triggers Google to penalize one’s site…
    Vijesh recently posted…Strategies to turn your Blog into the Next Campus CrazeMy Profile

  4. I agree. Sometimes people doesn’t care where they are leaving links for their sites. Even here are tons of Blogs where OBL are more than thousands.I don’t know what type benefit they can get for the site.

  5. The most risky is to post “black” backlinks, as for me. Once, I’ve tried to use a system of posting low-quality links on lots of websites. This scheme crashed after a while, so I affirm that link-building must be a top-notch.

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