How to Compel your Visitors to Come Back to your Blog

Getting a lot of visitors at your blog must be the dream of every blogger. They work hard for their blogs, update it with innovative posts as possible and ultimately wait for the final results to reap out from their hard work and toil. While Google finally aimed these animals like Penguin, Panda to come up with new updates every time taking their name in front. You may be penalized by these updates on somedays.

Convert your visitors into readers
Convert your visitors into loyal readers

Although these animal’s names sound funny and interesting but it does not even sound good once your search engine traffic drops off badly. Actually it wasn’t funny this May when many of the webmasters and probloggers almost lost their entire business.

Convert visitors into loyal readers now:

So, even if your blog was getting a lot of visitors earlier and somehow fails to get now, so here are the best tips of getting your visitors back to your blog once again.

Building up Subscribers:

Instead of jumping over Adsense ad and getting a mere click from there, it is always better to get a lot of visitors by enabling them to subscribe at your blog. It is always recommendable not to hamper the quality of your content by putting an ad over it. It is better to put ad either in other pages or at the sidebar of your blog. Your content should serve only two purposes. First of all, to impress your readers, they found it interesting and informative and let them like your blog. The second most purpose would be to have them at your RSS feed.

Engage Visitors via Social Networking Channels:

Engage more in Social media networks
Engage more in Social media networks

Engage people at your social media channels. Make them to follow your blog through these pages. It would be an influencing matter although. This is because once you update your blog with high quality posts, they will get notifications and they would like to read all those stuffs. Not only they will read it but at the same time there are some visitors too who would like to retweet all those links in Twitter too. So, in one way, you are actually engaging all your visitors at your blog.

Prepare some Contents, Run Quizzes:

This is one of the best ways to make your visitors engaging at your blog. This would surely decrease the bounce rate and would also help your visitors to stick to your blog for a much longer time. Do assessments, run some quizzes and contents, prepare some voting polls or give some appreciation badges to your visitors. This would let your visitors know that they are actually good at something. This would surely initiate some interests among your visitors and they would also like to visit your blog over and over again.

Encourage Contribution and Involvement:

People usually like to contribute and involve at your blog if they are allowed to do so. Encourage their comments and try to be interactive with them by giving them replies. Allow guest posts at your blog. This would help more guest bloggers to visit your blog and submit some posts there. Having some kind of interaction with them would surely help your visitors to understand your motive and intention. In this way, they would also like to come back to your blog for more than once.

So, different users have got different intention and motives of visiting your blog. So, using these highlighted techniques would surely help you to build a good position for your blog and at the same getting all your visitors back to your blog. Instead of building more links, it is always suggested to follow all these tips as it would help your visitors to find your blog interesting and at the same time maintaining the position in search results page.

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  1. Hi Aditi,

    I would like to say its the dream of everyone to get visitors to their blog and finally convert them to readers. You have mentioned very good points like Enraging in social media and Making use of subscribers. Thanks for sharing information

    Siddhatha Sinha
    Siddhartha Sinha recently posted…Pre conditions of Doing BloggingMy Profile

  2. Hi Aditi, Social media is definitely the future of internet marketing…SEO is slowly dying and with Google taking stringent measures to fight spam in the extensive world wide web, businesses which are on the right side are also getting affected…Depending on search traffic is no more practical because the fluctuations are too steep to ignore…Social media on the other hand is more simple and has potential to deliver phenomenal boost in traffic.

    1. Yes Joe, you are right social media has definitely gained a much significant position and also helps to set up a platform to interact with lots of visitors at a time. That’s a great deal indeed. Thanks for your feedback!!

    1. Yes, I think content that you are updating at your blog need to be written for your visitors and not for the search engine. This could easily help your blog to gain more number of visitors at your blog. Thanks for sharing your valuable feedback with us!!

  3. Hi Aditi,

    Nice tips to convert normal visitors into permanent visitors. If I consider myself, I used to visit those blogs daily which teach me something new daily, weekly or monthly. And there I feel personal care (with comment reply). So provide your visitor’s these quality – they will stick to your blog for forever πŸ™‚
    Vipin Pandey recently posted…Amazon India ! My First Order ReviewMy Profile

    1. Hello Vipin,
      I truly feel great that you like going through my content and feels it as one of the effective one. Yes, going through these tips would surely help your visitors to stick to your blog for a longer period of time. Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my post!! Great ya!!

  4. Hello Aditi,

    Thank you for writing a post for me πŸ™‚ it is because my blog recently got hittteeedd by google’s cruel animal-Penguin :P, now I am doing as you mentioned. I am converting my visitors into loyal readers. Hope i will get them back to my blog regularly.

    Well written post, very useful for every blogger ! Thanks again !

  5. Good post to turn visitors into permanent readers.

    Agreed with your views and am not conducting contest or quiz to engage the readers as mine is a new blog.

    Will do it later and thanks for writing this πŸ™‚

    Nicely written by the guest blogger.

    1. Glad you liked this post. I’m too not conducting the quizzes and giveaways. But it will compel the visitors to visit your blog again. Thanks for your comment πŸ™‚

  6. Engagement is a secret to blogging success Aditi.

    By talking to people on social networks, you are introduced to groups like Tribes.

    Once you join a Tribe your traffic takes off, and you also turn visitors in loyal, rabid fans…and readers too πŸ˜‰

    Chat people up. Help folks on Facebook. Change your blogging path quickly, from average has been to super star creator.

    Thanks for sharing!

    Ryan Biddulph recently posted…3 Tips to Turn Your Vivid Dreams into Spectacular RealitiesMy Profile

  7. Hey Aditi,
    Beautiful name of yours and a beautiful post indeed..!! πŸ™‚ We often and almost every-time are kicked with the attacks of the penguin and panda updates. They shake you right from your mind to heartbeats. πŸ™ πŸ˜› But yes your article will be definitely work as a helping hand to all those who are suffering from these all problems.
    Thanks a lot for such a helpful share.

    All the best
    Charmie recently posted…How to Add Breadcrumbs On WordPress WebsiteMy Profile

  8. Hi Aditi, your post is great, I liked the information given in it. This is very true that every one would like to get visitors to their site and this post will be a great guide to all.

  9. To make your visitors to come back is not easy.You need to have a good relevant content and on the top f the that you need to multiple strategies as discussed in this article.I find incresing the subscribers as the most effective strategy for my blog..Facebook is become less relevant now because they are now interested in paid campaigns and your are posts are shared with very few of the people who liked your facebook page….

  10. While commenting on this post, I happened to remember Anchit’s remarks yesterday in Facebook.

    “Do you guys think blogs about blogging have become saturated? I went through a few top notch blogs and all I could find is same things repeated again and again with catchy titles and twisted lines and stuff.”

    We discussed for a while on this question but we had to agree that same content is re-iterated with new and catchy title.

    So, if you want to compel your visitors to come back to your blog repeatedly, you should minimize the repetition of message or topic in posts. If you can keep up with fresh post ideas, you’re readers will love to revisit your blog, otherwise, they’ll feel that they already got whatever is available.
    Suresh Khanal recently posted…Startups And Social Media – Where should you care moreMy Profile

    1. Agree with you views partially. The way the author present the article and the uniqueness of the content matters.
      Thanks for sharing your views Suresh πŸ˜€

  11. Hi Aditi and Shriram,
    I have a question regarding returning visitors, I hope you guys won’t mind me asking here πŸ™‚
    I get around 100-150 returning visitors daily on my 20post old blog, should I set up RSS feed, and if yes, then is there any way to see their number ?
    AMaan recently posted…How to watermark images ?My Profile

    1. Hi Charlie,
      Google+ is a great source to get traffic. You are correct many groups were flooded with links. You can get some more traffic and money by building email list.

  12. Visitors will turn into loyal readers only when you provide them with a regular dose of fresh and informative content. Also the site design plays a very important role in transforming a visitor to your blog into a regular reader.

  13. Hey Aditi,

    This is really off the hook. A compelling and insightful post indeed! I’m glad to have come across this evening that I’m feeling bored. It draws happiness back to my countenance.

    Thanks for sharing, sister!


  14. Hi

    The tricks above are definitely going to ensure you have a follower in terms of the visitor.. I would like to add that if a blogger wishes to get more followers then follow up or continued post series can make the visitor come back to the website again and again..

  15. Great post, but there were a couple of things that REALLY resonated with me. First off, I’ve gradually settled into a very conversational tone on my blog and have become rather comfortable being myself, for better or worse. In fact, since I’ve changed it over into a personal blog (from a strictly entrepreneaurial site), my number one challenge has been finding a way to keep it about my readers. The major takeaway I got from this post, however, is the idea that you need to hold your readers hand and instruct them what to do next. That’s so subtle but brilliant all at once. How would you go about engaging with your audience in the context of a personal blog? Any feedback is greatly appreciated.

  16. Social media is definitely playing an important role in internet marketing. Depending on search traffic is no more practical because the fluctuations are too steep to ignore. Social media on the other hand is more simple and has potential to deliver boost in traffic.

    Thanks for sharing it with us.

    1. Well said Baibhav. With Google stalking websites with its animal updates, one can use social media effectively to drive traffic to his websites.

  17. Social media platforms are a best way to promote the website traffic, but to promote the traffic a website needs to have high quality contents. Contents are the reason that users use the internet and if a website would offer poor contents, then the users always have substitute websites. Contents are called king for a reason. If we would offer quality contents in both the social media plate forms and the website then the audience will be back for more information. But in addition to quality contents, a website also needs to have fast loading speed and a responsive design, because Google give more weight to the applications with fast loading speed and a responsive design.

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