Traffic vs Backlink Which is Better?

Traffic and backlink is the first thing we must consider before concluding that a blog is successful, right? This simultaneously means that a blog without traffic isn’t successful and without traffic then making money online isn’t possible. Well, there are so many SEO addicts here (like me) and they can walk a hundred miles just to increase their pagerank ๐Ÿ˜‰

Now I have two tempting offers for you but you have to choose just one (choose wisely).

I have a PR9 blog with 0 daily visits and a PR1 blog with 2000 daily visits, itโ€™s either you get a dofollow link on my PR9 blog (with no visits remember?) or a nofollow link on my PR1 blog (with tons of traffic that can crash your server). Which one will you go for? Letโ€™s leave that for the comments.

Generating traffic vs Building backlink
Generating traffic vs Building backlink

Itโ€™s very confusing and if you ask me I really donโ€™t know which one to go for because, if I go for nofollow, Iโ€™ll get tons of traffic and if I go for dofollow, Iโ€™ll have an increase pagerank which can increase my ranking in the future.

There are two main differences between dofollow and nofollow links. According to my dictionary, nofollow link simply means telling search engine not to follow your blog or to block link juice flowing to your blog while dofollow link tells search engines to follow your blog or share page rank juice with you.

Bloggers love dropping comments on dofollow blogs than nofollow blogs due to its significance, this has led to high rate of spam comments and itโ€™s one of the reasons why 90% of blogs are nofollow nowadays.

Difference between traffic and backlinks:

ย Advantages of Traffic

Increase in traffic makes you achieve your reason for blogging. Why do we blog? Itโ€™s just one reason which is โ€œMoneyโ€.

  1. Increase in traffic builds your reputation as a top blogger.
  2. Traffic powers up your social media presence. When people read your quality article, theyโ€™re going to share it and this means more and more traffic.
  3. The higher your traffic the higher your income.

The higher your traffic then the higher your backlinks. People will definitely love to link to you if you have quality content.

Disadvantages of Traffic

I know whatโ€™s on your mind, youโ€™re thinking if traffic has any disadvantages, right? Well itโ€™s not really a disadvantage but as a matter of fact, traffic has some bad times.

  • Traffic isnโ€™t permanent which means, your visitors come and go.

Advantages of Backlinks

Traffic and building backlink
Traffic and building backlink
  • Increase in backlinks gives your site a good ranking in search engines. The higher your ranking, the higher the sales.
  • The higher your ranking, the more your visitors.
  • Your backlinks are safely and could permanently stamped.
  • The higher your backlinks, the higher your traffic.

Disadvantages of Backlinks

  • Regardless of your backlinks, you can lose your ranking if the Google gods frown their brows on your blog and this means bye bye to traffic and bye bye to sales. It occurs mostly if you got those backlinks with a black hat on your head.

My Advice

Work for traffic and not for backlinks because in most cases youโ€™re simultaneously building backlinks. Thereโ€™s no crime in piling up backlinks to your blog but in my opinion, forget backlinks and work for traffic. Remember, youโ€™re also working for backlinks as youโ€™re generating traffic so no matter what, backlinks will still come. Example of those working for backlinks are those that leave three words in the comment section “Great article Gilbert!” (I won’t approve that for sure) but if you really want backlinks then work for traffic, it’s simple.

Bonus – My killer Secret

We know Google PageRank update is knocking at the door but it’s kinda taking too long, right? Well, are you working towards having a high PageRank? Of course I know your answer is yes and you’re piling tons of backlinks to your blog. Having tons of backlinks (mostly dofollow) is not the only way to increase your ranking but there’s one killer tip which is your page speed.

The slower your blog, the more difficult it’ll be for Google to crawl it and simultaneously, the lower your PageRank. Do you know the theme of your blog can affect your ranking? duh you don’t know that? take a second, hop over to pingdom and check your page speed. If it’s 4 seconds and above, say bye bye to your ranking.

But I can save you, all you have to do is use a light (but also attractive) theme on your blog, a theme that won’t give your blog much burden and an example is Enpine of Famethemes That’s the theme Sriram’s using, I was blown away when i checked his blog speed and found out that it’s loading at just 1.15 seconds. Think I’m kidding? Check it out. I might switch to Enpine anytime so don’t be surprise if you see a new look on my blog.

Recommended reading:ย How I reduced my server response time and increased PageSpeed score


Relax and don’t over stress yourself but write quality content, focus on traffic and let your readers build backlinks for you. As long as it’s quality content, you’ll definitely get backlinks to your blog.

Do not buy links or automate comments, I can repeat that again if you want. There are many black hat strategies out there but remember that Google deadly animals (Mr Panda and Penguin) are out of the cage.

Over to you

In my opinion, I donโ€™t think sharing your post on social media means building your backlinks. No!ย  Sharing your post on social media gives you traffic but not backlinks.

I have a question for you, youโ€™re typing a comment below this post right? Now apart from sharing your view on this blog post, what do you think you are doing? Are you trying to generate traffic to your blog or youโ€™re trying to build more backlinks?

Remember the question I asked above in the first paragraph? Kindly drop your answer and I would love you to share the heck out of this post.

74 Replies to “Traffic vs Backlink Which is Better?”

  1. Hahaaa.. Gilbert, very tricky question. In fact they both are complementary and can’t come in Vs.

    Anyway, if it is your conditions, I’d definitely choose the one with PR 9 and 0 visitors. I know how to increase traffic and will take not time to build traffic. On the other hand it is truly difficult to get that PR 9, on top of that, in this time when Google updates PR very delayed ๐Ÿ˜€

    1. Hi Suresh,

      hmm, i guess that’s what it’ll do to because there are other ways I can use in generating traffic. Well it’s just an assumption and seriously I don’t think pagerank 9 is possible, though Pagerank 5 possible is because I got that in my dream ๐Ÿ˜‰
      Have a wonderful weekend

  2. Hello Gilbert,

    It is a nice question. Which should I follow? Dofollow on PR9 and Nofollow on PR1, with the condition that PR9 blog is having no traffic whereas PR1 is having 2000+ daily visitors. Well, I think it is very tough to decide one in these two, but I would finally go with PR1, and the reason is only the traffic. Ofcourse, I would like to have a dofollow, but the condition here is that I will not get any traffic from PR9 (It will only improve my blog’s PR). Nofollow blog with PR1 will give me a lot of traffic and it is possible that I will get some loyal readers for my blog. And I blog for readers more,then PR only. I would also like to tell you, that when I started blogging; I was not much aware of the rankings and pagerank. Now, it seems interesting to me to have all these with money. But, if you have traffic, you have the money. And there are more opportunities for backlinks from good PR blogs in future. I would like to know if you have some different views from mine and where I am wrong.

    And I used pingdom to check the speed of my blog’s loading, and it is showing different results every time. But, on an average the load time is below 3 sec and its fine. Thanks for suggesting pingdom. Thanks for sharing your views. Thanks for the queries and finally thanks for this whole article.

    1. Hey Ganesh

      Wow, majority is going for traffic and only one person has gone for PR9 Dofollow. Well, if you ask me, I’ll still be hesitant and the one to go for because both are mouth watering, though traffic is very important. We’re in the same shoes, i wasn’t aware of PR and Alexa too but form the influence of friends, previously all i know was just to update my post and promote it. Well it good to gain more knowledge and we learn new things everyday.
      You’re totally right buddy and I’m on your side.

      This is how pingdom works, the first result is actually your real speed, the rest saves on your server and reduces your speed. For a perfect result, use it on another browser or clear your cookie, you can also use gtmetrix too, it’s a good alternative.
      You’re welcome buddy and have a great week ahead.
      Gilbert Samuel recently posted…Smackhunt Review – Cheapest Web Hosting ServiceMy Profile

  3. I totally agree with you, working for traffic is more important as you could be building backlinks in the process. Whats the essence of backlinks without traffic? The success of your blog depends on traffic and in this era of social media traffic, backlink may not matter much anymore.

    Nicely composed article, its always nice to read from you Samuel.

  4. Hi Gilbert, can you show me a PR9 blog with zero visits per day? ๐Ÿ˜‰ Anyway, I’ll choose the PR1 blog from your question. I don’t know why someone would choose the other one. Why someone would like a backlink from a PR9 blog? To get a chance of ranking higher in the future, right? Why ranking higher? To get traffic… in the future! Well, I think is funny ๐Ÿ™‚

    1) What’s your goal? Getting a high PR or getting traffic? The PR itself won’t buy anything from you, the visitors may do it ๐Ÿ˜‰ Don’t tell me that a high PR gets visitors. Get the shortcut, get directly the visitors =>>

    2) You can get traffic from day 1 from the PR1 blog, not a potential traffic in the future. Why waiting? Because MAYBE you’ll get a higher PR from G and MAYBE some of your pages will rank higher? No one knows what Google will do in the future ๐Ÿ˜‰

    3) I have 10+ yrs old websites and also 1 yr old websites. I never had page ranks higher than 3. Never. But guess what? I always had pages ranked on Google’s 1st page for my keywords. I never cared about PR. Right now I don’t have a clue what PR my pages have. I guess that less than 3! The PageRank won’t buy anything from me and I can get lots of organic traffic from search engines without having high PR pages.


    P.S. Your CommentLuv plugin doesn’t seem to work. Why don’t you fix it or delete it?

    1. Hi Adrian

      Pr 9 blog with 0 visits? That’s not possible in a life time and not even in my dream, it’s just an assumption lol ๐Ÿ˜‰
      Hmm…it’s funny but there are thousand of people that’ll go for PR 9 blog then find other means of generating traffic. To get ranking in the future (and traffic in the future), yes! but with a higher ranking in a short span.

      “Don’t tell me that a high PR gets Visitors” If you’re referring to referral traffic, then of course a lower PR can have more traffic than a high PR blog. But if you’re referring to organic traffic then I might disagree with you (a little bit ;)); when it comes to ranking and I know my stuff on SEO then definitely I’ll dominate SE and beat my competitors (those with lower PR). That’s one of the advantage of a higher PR and the disadvantage (like you stated in your second point) is that I can lose everything in a twinkle of an eye, who knows what Mr G is up to?

      My blog is PR 0 and some of my pages are sitting above a PR 3 blog while some a above mine too. The fact is that you may be getting lots of organic traffic but when a High PR blog uses the same keyword, you might be kicked out of the position.

      I might disagree with most of your points but I’m on your side ๐Ÿ˜‰ the problem is that most folks depend mostly on only Organic traffic and before achieving an excellent result, they need a high PR. They just don’t know its disadvantges (Mr Panda and Penguin).

      The fact is; traffic comes first.

      Have a wonderful weekend.

      Comluv not working for me too, contacted Admin. I hope it’ll be fixed soon

  5. Well, I am also in this predicament. I don’t know which is more important for being a blogger. The traffic or backlink, but somehow while reading this post this confusion grows deeper and maybe I should balance these factors. I don’t know if this is the right move though. Thanks for posting this information…. ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Hi Pawan,

      Traffic is not all about link building, i have a question; If your post is shared on social media by your readers you’ll generate traffic. Now are you going to call that link building?
      Well i understand where you’re heading to, other strategies like guest posting, blog commenting and others are definitely link building.
      Thanks for sharing your view buddy
      Gilbert Samuel recently posted…Smackhunt Review – Cheapest Web Hosting ServiceMy Profile

  6. Hi, Gilbert,
    I think both are equally important. Back link helps us in getting page rank and traffic what we get is our relation with our readers.
    Though, If I have to choose any one I will choose traffic because this is what any blogger need. Page rank do nothing if there is no traffic like your assumption in the starting.
    Thank you for the sharing wonderful post. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Kumar Chandan recently posted…5 ways to make you popular on Social MediaMy Profile

  7. Hi,

    I want to make myself clear over this topic.

    If we say Backlinks are not important for blogs, then how we can rank our blog or articles in search engine ?? Fine leave the ranking, tell me about traffic. How we will get traffic without backlinks ?? Because, starting a blog and posting article simply, will give us traffic ?? I want to make it clear myself as it would help me. Im not pointing out your view is wrong. But Im asking how ?

    Yes as you have said, sharing in social media rives us traffic but it also counts to be backlinks. Even here commenting is done to share my thoughts and get some knowledge, but finally it is all about Im getting a backlink from this site. And just by sharing articles in social media what we get is Referral Traffic which comparatively have less CPC than Organic Traffic. So what can be done to count my organic traffic. I don’t think so just starting a blog, posting a quality content and sharing in social media will help me directly or indirectly in Organic Traffic.

    Everyone strives to get Organic Traffic and guess it can be done only by ranking. So how this ranking can be done without backlinks ??

    Looking for a brief reply from you which would be useful for many. Thank You ๐Ÿ™‚
    Shathyan Raja recently posted…Protect yourself from the new Search Algorithm by Google โ€“ Hummingbird AlgorithmMy Profile

    1. Hi Shathyan

      Now that’s very challenging ๐Ÿ˜‰ I’m not saying backlink is not important but most bloggers are so obsessed with backlinks that they forget about traffic. I’m sure you know that there are some backlinks (especially blackhat) where you can’t get a penny traffic. An example; a blogger contact me to link to him, even if it’s just in a hidden page, he doesn’t want traffic, he wants backlink just to increase his ranking. Now would you do that if it we to be you (dofollow for that matter). Ofcourse you wouldn’t unless he’s ready to pay for it.

      The only way to generate traffic without backlink is social media, well social media is backlink but I don’t count it as such (in my opinion)

      We must not depending on ranking because google can decide anything tomorrow and this is why we should focus on traffic and not backlink but of course we must work for backlink but what the advantage of getting backlinks where there’s no traffic? You might be confused but I don’t know how else to put it, I hope you understand.

      I know where you’re heading to nd I support all your points, ranking cannot be done without traffic but my question is would you build backlinks on a high PR blog where there’s no traffic all in the name of ranking? In a nut shell we can’t do without backlinks and traffic

      Sounds confusing but I hope this comment answers your question. I’d love to hear your reply and have a wonderful week ahead.
      Don’t mind typos I’m mobile nd typing sucks here ๐Ÿ™‚
      Gilbert Samuel recently posted…Smackhunt Review – Cheapest Web Hosting ServiceMy Profile

      1. Hi,

        Thanks for your reply ๐Ÿ™‚ Fine I accept with you but still, I have one concern.

        You told me that if I get a backlink from a traffic less site with high Authority like PR and DA, yes surely we can go for it. Im not sure, but asking you, if I get a backlink from a high PR and relevant site to my niche but without traffic, then we can go for it. because for Google, it would be a good recommendation for my blog as its get a link back from a high PR site even though that site is not getting any traffic.

        Leave about the spammy sites, Im only talking about High PR and quality sites with no traffic. Won’ a backlink from that site will help in ranking ?? Yes I agree I wont get traffic from that site, but it is from a high PR authority site and it would my site to rank well in search engine ??

        Hope you got me what me trying to say ๐Ÿ˜›

        Waiting for your reply over it .
        Shathyan Raja recently posted…Protect yourself from the new Search Algorithm by Google โ€“ Hummingbird AlgorithmMy Profile

        1. Hi buddy,

          Thanks for the reply and I got your point. yes building links in high pr sites with no traffic will definitely increase your ranking and DA, I’m also an addict in doing that because I want to increase my ranking too but my point is we should focus more on generating traffic than building links. Let me put it in this ratio, traffic 65% while building backlinks 35%.
          Remember we’re also building backlinks (in some cases) in the process of generating traffic.

          Backlinks are good but the reason why I said we should focus more on traffic is because no matter our ranking, google can decide anything tomorrow and we’ll be lost on the search engine. When we get no SEO love from google then those referral traffic and relationship we’ve created in generating traffic is what’s going to save us.
          I’ll repeat again, backlink is good but traffic commes first.
          I know of some people that don’t care about their ranking or SEO whatever (I’m an SEO addict though) all they do is build relationships through blog commenting and guest blogging yet they have high pageranks.

          I’d love to hear your honest answer to the question though ๐Ÿ˜€
          Pr 9 dofollow link with 0 visits and Pr 1 nofollow link with 2000 visits, (not possible but) which would you go for? Check out Suresh’s comment (first comment) I love his answer and I’ll do the same if I were him.
          Have a great week buddy.

  8. Hi Sam,

    This is a great question which require personal understand to determine which one to go for. Traffic and backlinks to me are like unlike pole which often attract and also like a power set where backlinks serve as a power set and traffic an element of the set. Ethical building of backlinks will hardly suffer from Google panda and this will rank such a blog high in search engine with high tendency of getting high pagerank if it’s still in existence, and with quality pagerank there will definitely be increase in SERPs which I believe will increase blog visitors from search engine, however, a blog cannot survive without quality traffic, so both are more or less important.
    Adesanmi Adedotun recently posted…8 Reasons why you are not getting search engine trafficMy Profile

    1. Whoa buddy, you shifted this from blogging to physics amd mathematics which got me cracking my brain ๐Ÿ™‚

      Well you’re right buddy but the statement “if it’s still in existence” I’m sure pagerank is still in existence, well I can’t say but let’s watch out; there’ll be an update anytime soon. I can’t really say which boat you’re on but I’m sure you’re on both side, likewise me too. Traffic and backlinks are both important for sure.
      Have a great week ahead dotun
      Gilbert Samuel recently posted…Smackhunt Review – Cheapest Web Hosting ServiceMy Profile

    1. Hi Kuldeep,

      Both are essential but traffic comes first. You’re right, quality contents gets automatic backlinks because people would love to link to you and it can as well increase our ranking.
      Have a great week ahead

  9. If you ask me I would definite go for the PR9 with 0 visitors (Don’t you think its hardly possible? :-P) ….Traffic can be handled with proper strategies but to acquire a PR9 back link is something big indeed….Though this post is nicely written and I’m totally agreed with most of the factors of this post….Keep writing and sharing…..
    Aditya Dey recently posted…Apple iPhone 5S Specifications and MoreMy Profile

    1. Hi Aditya,

      Pr 9 with dofollow is not possible but that just my assumption ๐Ÿ™‚ (though I’m enjoying PR 8 dofollow on a blog right now :D) but the face is that traffic comes first. I’m glad you love the post and have a great week ahead.

  10. hi gilbert. i think that PR9 for blog is impossible to achieve since Google does not allow such ranking for blogs. they only allow it to other kinds of websites such as magazine websites, news websites or websites owned by major television companies.. that highest PR that a blog has achieved is PR6.. not more than that

    i am not sure though if that would be the case in the next PR update (already of tired of waiting for the update)
    marilyn cada recently posted…6 Different Types of Freelance Writing GigsMy Profile

    1. Hi Marilyn,

      That was just an asssumption, it’s totally not possible and you’re right, only magazines websites, companies or social media networks has high pageranks. If google pagerank doesn’t roll out next month then i’m sure something is wrong somewhere, hope you heard of the hummingbird.
      Well back to the topic, pr 9 is not possible but as an assumption which one would you go for? Pr1 or Pr9?
      Gilbert Samuel recently posted…12 Best Affiliate Marketing tips for BeginnersMy Profile

  11. Great article Gilbert Samuel. I personally think that if you are having traffic it is a better option. I was having one website which was getting nice amount of visitors daily. After a couple of months i got PR2 from 0. So i would give priority to traffic rather to building backlinks.. Nicely compiled post ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. I don’t know what to choose, its a bit confusing ๐Ÿ™

    Anyway will discuss this issue with some influential bloggers, then will do the best.

    Yeah, I too know that promoting the blog posts on social media will not build any links. So am doing guest blogging along with blog commenting.

    I know, am missing forum posting and valuable websites sites like squiddo n all.

    Will try to implement all soon, thanks for sharing the nice post Gilbert ๐Ÿ™‚
    Nirmala recently posted…Blog Engage – A Prominent Blogging Community (Giveaway Enclosed)My Profile

    1. Hi Nirmala,

      yea it’s confusing and that would also be my answer if i’m in your shoes, i can go for Pr 9 dofollow blog and generate traffic with some other means while i can also go for Pr1 with tons of traffic. Well remember, traffic comes first. I guess this might guide you on the one to go for ๐Ÿ™‚

      Thanks for mentioning Squidoo, i haven’t stepped my foot in the platform but i’ll think of that soon. You’re welcome and have a great week ahead.
      Gilbert Samuel recently posted…12 Best Affiliate Marketing tips for BeginnersMy Profile

  13. Hey brother i read your article it was very but informative , but my views towards backlinks are different . I created more than 100 backlinks but on some backlinks checker sites they are just showing no backlinks are there . And by creating backlinks by commenting didn’t helped me in anything no good Serp ranking or no Good PA or DA and furthermore it didn’t get any viewers .

    By the Way Thanks a Lot for This Post.

    Enric Dig recently posted…How To Update Your Facebook Status via iPhone 5 Trick (other devices also)My Profile

  14. Nice post brother !
    I initially concentrated on building backlinks ..but now i concentrate more on writing good content with the right keywords in it .Thanks for sharing .


    1. Hi Ryan,

      Sure! Of course both are important but in my view, traffic is more important though you’re also building backlinks in the process.

      Most folks do drop their links in hidden sites just to get a backlink but not traffic, well, it’s not bad but in my view, I’ll say we should focus more on traffic than backlinks

  15. Hi Gilbert,

    Great pros and cons i found on your post between got some hints too and speed is most important if we use more number of plugins it can hurt our blog enjoyed reading your post

  16. I would go for the PR9 DoFollow. ๐Ÿ™‚ At the moment I am just starting my blog, so a temporary spike in traffic is not very important to me (I’ve already had it for a day or two, because of a link I placed, however after the two days, the number of visitors went back to a very low number again). For me, the important thing is to improve my standings in google search, so that I can a steady trickle of people discovering my blog and that’s why the link juice from a PR9 blog could be important. However of course I am just starting to learn about all this SEO stuff, so I might not know what I am talking about ๐Ÿ™‚

  17. It seems my post didn’t go through, so trying again! ๐Ÿ™‚ I think I would actually go for the PR9 backlink. ๐Ÿ™‚ I have a pretty new blog right now and am starting the entire process and so for me, I guess the juice from a PR9 dofollow backlink is more important than any temporary spike in traffic. I already had a temporary spike at one point after dropping one backlinks, but after a day or two the traffic once again slowed to a trickle. However having a solid PR9 backlink would give me some juice to rank me higher up in Google search and so provide a steady flow of new traffic. However this is all theoretical now, as I am just starting off the process and maybe if I was further along in the blogging process my answer would be different.
    Peter recently posted…Watch Out For What Supplements You TakeMy Profile

  18. Hi Gilbert,
    Thanks For your informative post, you have discussed an important topic. In my point of view it is quite clear that where we need page rank and where we need traffic as i think that in case of a blog we writes blog for reader a blog is only worth when it got some reader unless it is worth less and in case of a website or page which has been created for some business purpose then it require good page rank in order to become successful website for business so my suggestion is that we should pay attention towards the quality and content of the blog, it should be informative and inspiring. it should not be stuffed with keyword in order to get page rank.

  19. Hello Gilbert Samuel,
    This is the really matter of discussion, It’s a big discussion topic. Well according to me! Traffic & Back links both are the important part of website & Blog ! Both work in different ways & both are necessary for a website.

  20. Well i guess traffic is considered as the main thing for the blog, so i choose traffic we have backlinks as an option. In any case backlinks also have importance but we cn easily build backlinks without traffic blog is just a crap.


  21. For getting traffic you have to write quality content and also build good backlinks so they are interrelated to each other. you cannot get traffic alone without any effort.

  22. hey Gilbert,
    firstly, i go for dofollow backlink which , matters a lot but you said that go for traffic not for backlink, if for any reason i did not provide a quality content then what, the traffic is no more and according to you backlinks are not imp. then where the traffic’s come from.
    But thanks for this and sharing your opinion on traffic and backlinks.

  23. Whats the use of te tons backlinks if they cant bring you traffic? Whats the point of huge traffic if you cant convert?

    I think you should aim for your goal.

    There a lot of websites that have huge amount of backlinks buat little have effect. And there are too many websites that do have good traffic, but they cant convert because of internal factors such as call to action, bad design and some other things.

    1. You knew now day many website don’t had pagerank (PR0) but can have tons of traffic and they happy selling. So i think traffic is the goal and pagerank/backlink is one of many way to get the goal. They promote their site use adsword they share thir post everywhere as it connected to social media now. Backlink it self not easy to get now day…

  24. Hey Gilbert,

    After a long time, I got the final solution of my confusion.

    I am always interested to learn new things and finally you helping me to understand the difference between traffic and backlinks. I always post fresh and quality content on my blog and now I understand how to do comment will beneficial for me and everyone. I bookmarked your article for future reference.

  25. I totally agree with you, working for traffic is more important as you could be building backlinks in the process. Whats the essence of backlinks without traffic? The success of your blog depends on traffic and in this era of social media traffic, backlink may not matter much anymore.

    Nicely composed article, its always nice to read from you Samuel.

  26. Hi Gilbert Samuel

    I think that both traffic & backlinks are important. As a blogger I do focus on traffic first but we also have to work on backlinks because baclinks plays major role in ranking webpages on search engines.

    We have to manage both these factors wisely.

    Thanks for sharing ๐Ÿ™‚

  27. According to me traffic & backlinks both are important, First thing when it comes to traffic. Only organic traffic is important and best for online business and creating the backlinks it’s a slow process, most of the new bloggers do mistake they buy backlinks and end up with a penalty and disappears from the search results, it’s like killing your own blog.

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