Top 8 Funniest Google Keyword Tricks that you may not know

As you know Google is the top-leading Search engine among people. But do you know Google search shows some funniest things in it’s search results?  When you enter these keywords, Google makes the results very funny. The Google web page developer had developed the results page according to the keyword meaning. Here, we had listed the top among all the keywords.

1.Askew or Tilt:


Try searching “Askew” on Google, you will see a tilted results. As the term “Tilt” also have the same effect which shows results tilted.

Try it! :

2.Zerg rush:

Zergs are the character in the popular StarCraft which are the advanced aliens whose attacks species in the galaxies. In Google search if you search “Zerg Rush” many “0? symbols appear and it will destroy your search results and finally all 0?s combines and forms “G G”. You can destry those 0?s by clicking it continuously till it disappears. If it destroys all the search results your Game will over and you can share your score on Google+ .

Zerg rush
Zerg rush

Try it! : Zerg Rush



In general terms, Recursion means repeating the item again and again. When you search “Recursion” on Google the result page will show some text like this: “Did you mean: Recursion“. If you click that Recursion link, the same Recursion term will come again and again.

Try it! : Recursion



In Typography, Kerning means the space between two characters. When you type “Kerning” on Google, Google will show the word with spaces like k e r n i n g.

Try it!: Kerning



Anagram is a word game of rearranging a given word and forming a new word. Likewise when you searched “Anagram” on Google the Google rearranges the word Anagram and suggest a new word “nag a ram” when you rearrange it, you will get Anagram.

Try it!: Anagram

6.Heart Graph:


When you type this equation “(sqrt(cos(x))*cos(200x)+sqrt(abs(x))-0.7)*(4-x*x)^0.01, sqrt(9-x^2), -sqrt(9-x^2)” on Google, Google will plot a graph which has Heart shaped diagram.

Try it! : Heart Graph


Binary in Google search
Binary in Google search

When you enter the term “Binary” on Google the number of results provided will be available on Binary digits. Binary numbers are 0 and 1 which the computers know.

Try it!: Binary

8.Do a Barrel Roll:

Do a Barrel Roll
Do a Barrel Roll

When you type “Do a Barrel Roll” on Google, the results page rotates.

Try it! : Do a Barrel Roll

That’s It:

Did we missed your favourite? Share it by commenting.

26 Replies to “Top 8 Funniest Google Keyword Tricks that you may not know”

    1. Hi Auto,
      Nice info. Thanks for adding it. But how can we click I’m Feeling Lucky button as when I entered limewire lol, Google instant search worked! And I think I’m feeling lucky is dead.

      1. No, you can still do it. Next to the Google logo you have the text, then just backspace so you have “Limewire lo´´ . Then you see “Limewire lol´´, go to the right a little and “Im feeling lucky´´ should pop up.

  1. Awesome!!
    Here are some more,
    Try searching do a backflip, do a spin, ink stain, car noise (you may need sound), ripple effect, and bubbles.

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