I’ve too many domain names! What should I do with them?

I’ve almost 20-30 domain names registered under three different accounts. Whenever, I have any idea in my mind, I just look for the domain name and if it is available, I register it. While the high number of domain names are registered with GoDaddy, the BigRock stands second (I’ve two accounts at GoDaddy). Whenever I login into the domain dashboard, I get a feeling of what should I do with them?

The thing is when I purchased these domains, I had a clear idea of what I’ll be building around this domain, however I failed managing proper time to develop them.

For example, I’ve this nice little domain name – Indilancer.com and I plan to start a website which will connect Indian authors across the country. Well, the plan is good but I’m finding it hard to manage my time. In fact, the recently article which I wrote was about how to calculate blog’s worth and that too was written about 6 days ago. As an engineering student who is in the final year, I’m hardly finding any time to manage some of my on-going blogs and this has restricted me in putting my time on other domains.

If this is exactly the situation that you’re facing then let’s see how both of us can tackle it. Off course, the situation here is not about finding time but it is about what I should be doing with these domains?

There are two straight forward answers.

  • Drop/Sell them off.
  • Work on them.

I’ve too many domain names. So, dropping a domain name is good idea?

I've too many domain names, what should I do with them?
I’ve too many domain names, what should I do with them?

I know you’ve invested some amount in buying these domains (because I too have invested) and it’s really tough to see them going away from you. Especially, when you had certain plans about them and just because you don’t have enough time now, you’re left with very few options.

That’s when you’ll have to make your wise choice.

If you think that someone from your friend list can use the domain effectively to build it according to your plans, you can either pay them to do so or you can sell the domain itself.

There is nothing wrong in giving up on domain name when it comes to managing your own schedules. There is one saying in India – In order to get something that you desire, you’ll have to let go few things.

The factors that can influence your decision here are –

Your time

How much free time do you currently have? Do you think you can invest that time in building or developing something around that domain name? Is it worth investing your time? Or do you really think that after one year, you’re going to start this project?

If you know the answers to these questions, you definitely know what to do.


The time when we think about these domains is when the expiry date is near. That’s when you need to think wisely to invest more amount of money in renewing it. That’s where you can think twice.

Work on them!

This is probably the only option that you’ve if you’re not going to sell the domains. All you’ve to do is make a schedule of your timing, find how much time you can spend on these domain names and work accordingly.

As I mentioned earlier, you can keep the domain parked for first six months to get the idea and time going but after the first six months, you should immediately start working on them.

For instance, the domain names which are purchased for building a blog around them can easily be started. All you’ll have to do is spend at least 30-45 minutes in writing a blog post. Off course, the time varies according to the each category, the aim here is to post one article in a day or two.

Closing Note

So, how many domain names you own? Are you planning to start working on them or you’re thinking of selling them off when the time is right? Share your thoughts with me.

As for me, I’m planning to start few projects on the domain names such as the one that I mentioned earlier (indilancer.com). I’ll be letting few domains off by either not renewing them or by selling them to the other needy bloggers.

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  1. Hi,

    Well, that the right topic for the current trend. Yes there many people who buy lots of domain name just like that when ever there is an offer or free promotion going on. Even I have some 5 domains which Im not using and its expiry dates are coming near.

    Working on all of it, will take time, as we need to manage the current blog. And also selling will be good idea but now a days who cares to buy a normal Domain name. Everyone is looking forward to buy domain names which are already with Page Rank or Domain Authority. So it is better we will bring in some reputation like DA by doing some SEO task, and then sell it to higher price and than simply posting the domain name which is off no worth now a days.

    Thank You
    Shathyan Raja recently posted…Why to Build BacklinksMy Profile

    1. Hi Shathyan,

      I’m one of them buddy. I too have 10-15 domain names and most of them have nothing. I’m finding it hard to manage or develop them and therefore I’m planning to drop few.

      As you mentioned, working on these domain names will take a lot of time. I’m currently concentrating on couple of blogs. When it comes to studies and blogging, I give higher priority to studies and that’s why I’ve little time left for blogging.

      It was great to see you buddy. Have a good day!
      Pawan recently posted…How much is your blog worth? Find the value of your blog NOW!My Profile

  2. Hey Pawan,

    Well I’m not the type of guy that buys tons of domain (not yet :D) as a matter of fact, I have just 2, one is viralwriter and this other if for my micro niche site project.

    But if I’m having tons of them, I don’t mind selling a few or high someone to continue with my project like you said, its a good point for those with tons of domain.
    Well have a wonderful week buddy

  3. A really great post and it’s same what’s happening with me because i am having more than 8 domains in my Account and am doing nothing.Hope i do something with them.

  4. I once acquired a domain name with a project in mind but when it did’t take off, i parked it and earned money with it till i sold it off. Right now i have only the ones i know i can work on.

  5. I can relate Pawan! I too have multiple domains and although I love building my sites from scratch my clients sites take priority otherwise how else would I live the lifestyle I live and earn the money I earn.
    I had an idea for a website last year while on my daily walk in the countryside. I then rushed back and purchased theworldssmallestwebsite.com which i can say was a total flop and have not worked on it since.
    I mean we can all spread ourselves a little too thinly and not give our 100% on our and our clients sites!
    Nowadays when I have an idea for a website I think long and hard about it and ask questions like…
    1. Do i have the time to build the site
    2. Have I got the money to start it
    3. will it be a good return on my investment (money as well as time)
    4. Is the relevant domain available
    and 5. Is it what people are looking for these days…
    Some food for thought there!
    All the best
    – Phillip Dews

  6. Yeah, me too suffering from same issue (i believe). The only way for this, Just hire some freelancer and start a new blog or website 😀

    Next thing is we should not work on more blog’s, it may leads to less concentration on all the blog’s


  7. Hello Pawan,

    Nice article bro. This is a good idea to use your domains either by selling or starting blog with a friend, who can write on that niche. I do not have presently any extra domains, but sometimes I think to purchase a domain name and then I stop just because I am unaware, if I could manage it. But, I think now I can purchase a domain name. Thanks for the guide 🙂

  8. I think you’ve described the topic very nicely. One should purchase new domains only when he/she is determined to work on the next project else it can be loss to you.

    Thanks. 🙂

  9. Hi Buddy,

    I must admit that you have written on a very cool topic, and it can be discussed while considering many aspects…I used to buy lots of domains usually whenever I got a great coupon codes or something…..but later I stopped doing that for many reasons….but selling and purchasing domains are still very promising business, and it can earn you some decent bucks if done correctly….

  10. having too many domains is not advisable even though maintenance of each domain involves a less cost. choose only domains that will compete against your blog that thrives successfully. for instance, you must maintaing .org and .net versions of revealingthestuffs so that no one can compete with you using the same domain

  11. Hi Pawan ,
    A very Awesomely Explained Post! Buying Too Many domains without any Cause is a Big waste of Money! one should buy domains when he/she is in need of it!
    Thanks for the best post brother.
    Happy blogging 🙂

  12. I read this post a week ago, and here I am today reading this post again. It’s really gripping and entertaining post by Pawan. I congratulate you for that. And another noteworthy point is that whenever we are about to buy a new domain, we become excited like hell. Like, Ohh yes. This is the next big thing. But when it comes to working on it, we just sleep off! 😛

  13. Excellent bro. Omg the amount of knowledge that you are providing is amazing.

    I have a few topics similar to yous but you have hundreds man.

    Keep up the quality content bro 🙂

  14. Hi Pawan,
    Nice post mate. I take it that almost all the bloggers own a lot of domain names and most of them expire just like that.
    I too have currently 30+ domain names in various niches but I don’t have much time to work on all of them. Most of them are about to expire and I will let them as I don’t plan on doing anything in the future.

  15. Interesting post, I’ve sold so many domains as they are not use to me. We need to focus on few domains so that we’d have enough time to concentrate on it. Or out sourcing the is also great to work on all domains.


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