Top 7 SEO factors to be considered to get higher Google Rankings In 2013

Who don’t want to get a ton of traffic to their blog by getting higher rankings on Google?

There were some new factors to be considered to get your blog higher on Google on 2013.

2012 has gone and everyone is looking towards Google, what it has to unfold in 2013. Would there be any severe attack in the form of updates from this leading search engine or there is some rescuing umbrella to help online businesses in their survival?  The words below need your attention.

2012 had Gone
2012 had Gone


Most considered SEO factors on 2012 – A recap:

If it’s said that 2012 was the year of Pandas and Penguins, then it might not be wrong. How it had affected SEO in 2012, here is a recap!

  • Although Panda Update was initially released in 2011, but the later updates of 2012 affected many low quality sites badly. It has been said that tens of thousands of websites were removed from SERPs.

    Google Panda
    Google Panda
  • The Penguin algorithm of Google was released in 2012 that changed the way people were doing SEO previously. Several strategies and tactics that were Penguin-unfriendly had caused a drop in Google ranking of many websites. Many sites even didn’t receive any warning before getting disappeared from the ranking ladder of Google.

Google Penguin
Google Penguin
  • Value of the content became important aspect for Google and the search engine got smarter approach to identify what kind of content is of good value to the end users and what content is generated purely for SEO purposes.

  • Guest blogging became the most important factor for link building and get good ranks at Google SERPs.
  • To reverse the process of negative SEO, Disavow Link tool was launched by Google. This tool enables the web masters to know which backlinks aren’t favoured by Google.
  • Over-use of the anchor text was considered as the most exploited method of search engine optimization. Websites using paid links were also removed from the ranks.
Anchor Links
Anchor Links

Top SEO factors to be considered on 2013:

If the Google’s SEO updates of 2012 were considered seriously, then 2013 would be a critical year for webmasters as well as for online businesses. What are the factors that if followed, could help online survival of businesses in 2013? Here are few mentioned:

High quality content-Google’s Top Priority:

Quality content
Quality content

It  has always been said that Content is King, but this factor would become the main determining factor to decide which websites would rank high at search engine results and which to be at bottom. Unique and resourcefulness of the information provided to benefit the end users would be the major concern for Google. So, be alert if you are still thinking about hiring some low quality writers just to fulfill the SEO demands. Quality Content not only helps you to get the higher rankings in Google but also attracts your readers to visit your blog again and again!

Content Marketing – Another Approach That Google Admires:

Content Marketing
Content Marketing (Image Credits: Click here)

It would be the next big approach followed by Google while ranking websites. It has also been termed as the new SEO attracting backlinks and adding value for the users. This SEO type is tougher because it requires more quality content generation, effective circulation, and wide publication. As Google gives importance to the valuable content, so a solid content marketing strategy helps a lot to get the desired results from search engine optimization.

AuthorRank – Google’s Vital Metric To Rank Websites:

Google AuthorRank
Google AuthorRank

Although, studies are in process, but still it has been said that AuthorRank would be the factor to determine website credibility in 2013, so ignoring this wouldn’t go in favor of the web masters.

Social Signals – Weapons For Web Masters:

Facebook (Source: Indianexpress)

There is no doubt that social signals impact an SEO campaign effectively. In 2013, social signals will help greatly the web masters like shares, retweets, +1s, and mentions that would require attention.

Responsive Web Designing – To Meet With Mobile World Challenges:

Instead of creating different websites for desktops and laptops, responsive web designing would be in trend. Not just limited to SEO-based effectiveness, responsive web designing is also needed for enhanced usability at the end of site visitors.

Local SEO – Google’s Preference:

Local SEO
Local SEO (Source: SEOmoz)

In 2013, local sites would be at top of the Google’s preferred things. Local SEO would be an important aspect to get higher ranks and visibility at Google. Activities included in local SEO are citations, listings, and reviews made available at local information sites.

 Non-Textual Content – To Add Value:

Images as well as effective and relative videos serve to make a website ranking high at search engines, compared to the sites with text-only content.

Non-Textual Content
Non-Textual Content (Source:

Are you considering any of the above-mentioned factors to make your SEO campaigns successful in 2013? If not, then what are you waiting for? 2013 is here and you can’t expert what Google has to unfold this year. Be prepared before it’s too late!

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  1. Thanks for sharing your Article Emma, I must say you are an excellent writer and the points that you mentioned about Google Panda, Penguin ,seriously i was not knowing about their policies and in 2013 ” AuthorRank – Google’s Vital Metric To Rank ” is also an important point to be look after..Thanks once again.!
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