Things you should know about Google Penguin 2.0 update

The post by Matt Cutts (link) has confirmed that Google Penguin update rolled out on the afternoon of 22nd May, 2013. And about 2.3% of English-US queries are affected by this new algorithm. And this update also affected some other languages query. So you have to get prepared to save your blogs from this Google Penguin 2.0 update.

First, what is Google Penguin:

Google Penguin 2.0 update
Penguin (Credits: Stan Shebs)

Penguin is an algorithm by Google which was announced on 24th April of 2012 aimed to decrease search engine rankings for the websites which follows black-hat SEO Techniques. This Penguin update also penalizes the websites which are violating Google’s Webmaster guidelines.

What does the Penguin Algorithm do?

As you know, Google is very careful in delivering good and valuable results to its users. As I said earlier in this post, penguin penalizes the websites which are violating Google’s Webmaster guidelines and websites that follows Black Hat SEO techniques. The websites which are violating Google Webmaster’s quality guidelines will be deindexed from Google. So you will not get organic traffic from Google. So an algorithm is developed to do this work. That is finding and deindexing spammy sites.

Some of the black hat techniques include cloaking, doorway pages, hidden text and links.

Follow the quality guidelines by Google Webmaster guidelines:

The new Google Penguin 2.0 update:

As Matt cutts said in his post (link), Google’s new Penguin update  rolled out on 22nd of this month. It has been said that this update is not just a data refresh but it is really a major search engine update. By this update, you may get your website/blog’s ranking up or down.

Some tips to save your website from penguin 2.0 update:

Try to follow the tips given below:

  • Create content for people and not for search engines.
  • Don’t over optimize your content. That also means don’t add irrelevent keywords to the content.
  • Don’t do keyword stuffing, link farming and any other black hat SEO techniques.
  • Remove the spam comments, if you have in your site.
  • Try to remove malware if it is present on your site.
  • Engage more in Social media sites.

Did your site got penalized by this update?

The only way to find it is, if your site’s organic traffic is reduced from Google from 22nd of May, that means you have been affected by this update.

Did you violated any quality guidelines by Google? If so, analyse the mistake you have did. The mistake may be  black-hat SEO or violation of Google Webmaster’s quality guidelines. And try to fix it. If Google had penalized your blog mistakenly or you have fixed the violation, you can submit the reconsideration request:

Help Google by reporting about missed spam sites:

I think Google’s new penguin update cannot penalize every spammy sites on the web. You can help Google by sending them the spammy sites it have missed by this form: Penguin Spam Report.

That’s it:

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65 Replies to “Things you should know about Google Penguin 2.0 update”

  1. Hi Sriram,

    Simple and helpful tips here. I dig the strong emphasis on social sites. My squeeze page and blog reached Page 1 for a competitive keyword in my niche over the past week because I am heavy on social, and this makes perfect sense. Being social grows your biz.



  2. Nice and well explained post mate I really found this post useful brother !
    I’ve one question on my mind , Deos Google Penguin 2.0 involve Bing?
    Because My posts indexed on bing were about 250 posts but after the Pinguin Update I realized that they’re now ony 58 posts indexed
    what do you think?
    thanks in advance brother 🙂

  3. Hello Sriram,

    This is my first time I am reading about Google Penguin. Actually I was not inspired with the name they used. Thanks God…! I am not doing things which may effect on my blog reputation. I am not linking my blog with irrelevant websites or blogs. I am not accepting spam comments too. etc…

    Nice post Sri..

  4. Thanks for sharing, my brother! Its great to keep update with Penguin 2.0. But my organic traffic from google is decreased but traffic from yahoo has been increased…! Don’t forget to care more for other not just only google. Thanks for the awesome tips.

    1. Yes, it is important to optimize our blog for other search engines also. Happy to hear that traffic from Yahoo has been increased to you. Thanks for commenting here Kimsea.

  5. Nicely explained with simple words Sriram 🙂

    Thanks! i too read a bit about the latest penguin update and here you make it very clear about the stuffs targeted by it.

    I don’t know what is black hat SEO and do want to do that. I trust the honest ways which would really work for a blog’s success.

    After this update, i got an improvement in traffic, specifically from organic searches. Even though my blog is new, my blog posts holds good place in search engines. As you told, i never worry about search engine and keyword stuffing. Honestly speaking, i won’t do the keyword research, what I know, I used to write. But will refer some influential blogs to provide accurate data for my readers.

    Thanks for writing the needful post for the bloggers, keep doing it 🙂

    1. Happy to hear that your traffic had been increased by this update. Black hat SEO are the unethical ways to get more search engine ranks (Ex: Keyword Stuffing -Repeating keywords again and again only to get search engine rank).
      Thanks for commenting and visiting Nirmala ma’am 🙂

  6. Hello Sriram,
    What an insightful post and a nice read as well. wow!!! Google update have finally come and go, it was hard but it did help most of my blogs increased in traffic than usual. when you are doing things the right way, you’re sure to be successful right?

  7. Hi Sriram nice article,

    I had been affected by panda this march as my 1000+ visitors have dropped to 200+ and I used to get 4000+ page views which dropped to 1500+ page views with the panda effect but Penguin did not affect much it only dropped traffic a little bit for 5 days but it regained from two days.

    I haven’t implemented any black hat SEO techniques but I had lot of broken links which I had fixed one by one but still they surface every day. But I believe there is nothing to worry as I write for my visitors not for search engines and my regular traffic is good. May be next panda or penguin would turn fruitful to my blog.

    Thanks for the share Sriram…

    1. Your blog has been penalized by Panda?! Did you submitted reconsideration request?

      And you will get penalized by Penguin only when you violate quality guidelines by Google. Thanks for the appreciation and comment Vijesh.

  8. I wondered that day when I found the first ranked site displays all of its post content as jpg image. It was an educational site presenting multiple choice questions useful for candidates of different computer exams. I know Google can’t read the text in images, then how it ranked #1 for the keywords that was in that page?

    After investigating a bit, the fellow used a separate class CSS to write all the text and make that DIV invisible to the frontend. He/she took such effort to protect the content from copying and pasting. The trick was working fine till now, but will it be attacked by penguin this time? The site however contains lots of useful materials.

    If that site goes down, I’ll gain some benefits as I have a site on same niche 😀 Let me see how smart the penguin is 😉

    1. I think the person has also implemented the black hat seo technique. You can manually report that site to Google by this link Thanks for commenting.

  9. Nice & well written article. I have always kept in mind not to over optimize and never to build any unnatural links. And, needless to add, I have not been hit by the Pandas & Penguins.
    The best way to avoid getting penalized is to abide by the rules.

    1. Hello Ambika ma’am,
      Building unnatural links is not on your hand. Your competitors may do it to drain you ranking. So you must use Disavow tool to tell Google not to count links from that site.
      Thanks for commenting and appreciation 🙂

  10. Hi Sriram,

    Great Post!

    Informative Indeed.! my blog doesn’t affected by Penguin update… Thanks for the share and writing 😉

    Stay updated and stay Rocking 😉 😛


  11. A few of my clients reported a fall in traffic..The sites follow Google guidelines..Sometimes these updates are messy.Even though the sites are not penalized, the fluctuation in ranking is really troubling.Great post BTW.Thanks for sharing.
    Joe Hart recently posted…Dental Implant SuppliersMy Profile

    1. Yes, these algorithms were not totally perfect. It can be messy. If your clients sites were penalized they should submit a reconsideration request to Google.

  12. Thanks Sriram for the good article and encouragement. For some reason, my new-ish blog (since November) that was growing steadily for the past several months took a hit since Penguin 2.0. I have good quality links for top beauty bloggers, I use social media, post every other day, and use keywords related to my posts. I cannot figure out why my daily visits, especially from google organic, have dropped off so much. I’d be grateful for any ideas!
    Allison recently posted…Gluten-Free MakeupMy Profile

    1. Can you remember when your traffic went down? Because Penguin will only affect when you violates Google’s quality guidelines. And there’s an another algorithm named Panda, I think Panda has affected you. Read this to get more ideas:
      And if you think you haven’t even affected by Panda, wait for some days and check whether your traffic has been increased. If there is no improvements it is better to consult with the SEO consultants.

  13. According to Google sources, there is a surplus of reconsideration requests after the Penguin attack on May…This certainly points out the fact that a large number of sites have been affected…One of my sites lost its top positions even though the site adheres to Google guidelines…There has been a slight improvement since Thursday…Hoping to get the rankings back soon. Bing and Yahoo in the meantime is sending decent traffic.

  14. I would say that Penguin algorithm updates is pretty intimidating. However, you can get away from Google’s radar if you will maneuver your strategy and conform to their rules.

  15. Thanks for the article , i will take care all points what you mentioned in the post ! ok, will tell my experience
    How my website traffic dropped i used to get every day 700 to 750 visitors per day , now time to follow panda algorithm rules to gain my traffic back. Am requesting if any post how to regain the traffic after Google panda update send to my mail thanks a lot in advance . thanks for the post.

  16. Hello there mate! Great insights shared here I must say. I agree with all the points but I have a question that I would like to be answered for. Is there a way to check that the site where I intend to build a link is penalized by Google or not. If you or anyone else knows about this then please do let me know about it. Thanks.

  17. Yes, Google’s Penguin has helped a lot to filter out those black hat SEOs running site. Also it has made every blogger to understand the SEO a little more closely after this.

    Thanks for this points. 🙂

  18. Writer done great job here and I am totally agreed with these mentioned points about Google Updates. These updates always effect the ranking of any website but effects more that websites where we use copied content with grammatical mistakes. So to avoid these issues in content make it easy and informative for users.

  19. I was also really hit by 1 of the google update and it changed my site’s pagerank from 2 to 0. Later on through consistent efforts, I recovered it and got the pagerank and rankings back.

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