Blogging Success: What it means and popular tips to achieve that

Any Average Blogger wants to be successful at what he/she does. Who wouldn’t like to be celebrated as an influential blogger? I’m sure you want to know my opinion on blogging success.

When I listen to speakers talk about success, I feel impressed, especially if the speaker is really good at it. Not everyone have the guts to do such.

Success is a very trivial topic. If you agree to start a thread  about success in whatever form, you would be amazed at the responses you would get.

Success is a very broad concept. If it was possible, it should be a course in college. There should be Success 101 … etc. right? I don’t think so.

No one can teach success because it varies from one individual to another. We can only teach the principles guiding it and learn from stories of ‘successful’ people.

Interlude: Emmanuel Cudjoe of is a source of inspiration in writing this post

How Do we Define Success?

Blogging Success- Soccer Goal
Blogging Success- Soccer Goal


There are many responses as to what success is. It won’t be a bad idea to highlight few of them.

  1. I was a reading a post on Linkedin and the writer reflected that if you are not happy, you are not successful
  2. Success is doing what you are passionate about so well and getting appreciated for it.
  3. If you have a target to achieve and if  do, you are successful.

I pretty much agree with these three responses of what success is. This is an informal post. Feel free to rub minds with mine as you read through.

For a while now I’ve been studying different responses on the issue of what it is to be a successful ___ (fill the gap).

I have come up with one conclusion; it’s not possible to define success without defining the goal I’m trying to achieve. To define success, we need measures of success.

Here is an Illustration. If Mr. lagbaja of goal is to write two inspirational articles on his blog twice in a week with little attention to promoting his articles, it is right for me to say he is successful if eventually he published two inspirational at the time he stipulated.

Let see another. Mrs. Pat of is a popular blogger and she has a monthly goal for her blog. If she doesn’t meet up with her monthly goal, I am allowed to say she wasn’t successful that month. Even if she gets celebrated all over the blogosphere, there is high probability that she won’t be fulfilled.

I believe success is self-defined and is simply personal fulfillment. You are successful when your vision and mission is accomplished regardless of what anyone else may say.

So here it is: Success is the achievement of a set goal to preset measures within the limits of personal values.

Feel free to give your justified reactions. Besides, this is not a ‘how to’ post.

Passion is Still Important

I won’t say much on this topic. We know a lot already. So I’ll leave you with this.

Those driven by Passion will always last longer than those driven by survival- Ologundudu Abraham

Goal Setting- A Must for Every Blogger

Since your blog is your business, you must set goals. If you don’t set blogging goal(s) you won’t have a focus. Therefore, your success can’t be defined. It becomes an undefined element just like in your high school mathematics.

The magnitude of your success will depend on how big your goals are. You must have heard of SMART goals before. Let’s do a quick recap.

Specific- What do I want to accomplish?

Measurable-  How much?

Achievable- How can the goal be accomplished?

Realistic- Does this seem worthwhile?

Time Bound- When?

In respective of what your niche is as a blogger, I believe there are three things your goals must be centered upon. Someone called it the Three C’s of Digital Marketing.

  1. Content that helps
  2. Conversation that engages
  3. Community that connects

Content That Helps

You shouldn’t just think about traffic, money or getting famous. Heard of Pareto’s principle? For example, the rule says 20% of your activities will account for 80% of your results. So the value you give will account for the traffic, money and fame put together!

Value is the Kingmaker

Content is king, value is the king maker. The value of your content makes it King! If blogging is a hobby or making money, it must speak value.  Remember the saying “What is worth doing, should be done well”?

Be Honest with your writing. Don’t give fake reviews because you want money!

You should give your readers what they want/need. When I was new in the blogosphere (I’m still new though), I didn’t understand anything until I found

I’ve seen so many blogs that speak value. Sometimes, I just log on to Darren’s blog and stare at the homepage for some minutes and go back to whatever I was doing. I’m so impressed with how much value his blog presents to the blogging community.

I can confidently say Adrienne Smith, Harleena Singh, Suresh Khanal, Bamidele Onibalusi, and the hosts of others stand for quality and they are a source of inspiration to so many people.

Spend time trying to help people. If you add value, it’s to your credit. It’s an investment that is worthwhile.

Be a problem Solver

Solve people’s problems and money will flow in. Keep solving their problems and the money keeps flowing in. I observed that majority of the rich people in the world, are solving societal problems.

When I found, I was more than happy. I got a notepad and jotted down the things I read till I was satisfied. He had the answers to all the questions I was asking at that time. I still went through the notepad last week.

When it comes to improving on writing skills, the top blog on my list is Copyblogger. I go there often to learn new things that will improve my writing skills.

If your readers can’t find the solution to the problem you claim to be an expert in, they will leave.

Solve people’s problems so that you can be part of their success story.

Conversation That Engages

What is the essence of blogging if you don’t engage your readers? This is a very important part of blogging. It will determine your blog conversion rate.

Sometimes, the readers are waiting for you to call the shots. It’s your blog, lead them.  A weak call-to-action can reduce conversion.

The conversation starts from the headline to the Author’s bio. I attended John Morrow’s last webinar on headlines and I must tell you, it was impacting.

Community that Connects

This is one area most of us don’t explore. It’s a great idea to connect our readers together. One person that impresses me on this aspect is Adrienne Smith of She has a ‘promote yourself’ page where her readers introduce themselves and advertise their area of expertise.

Suresh Khanal of has a Facebook group where bloggers exchange comments.  I have Facebook group with over 900 members where I used to discuss with my readers of my personal blog till I messed things up. It was a good way of getting constant traffic.

Whatever method you want to apply, do it well


If you set your goals around these 3 C’s, content that helps, Conversation that engages, community that connects, and you accomplish them, your blogging will be a success to you.

Your Turn

Permit me to say this post Is informal. I want to learn from you. Let’s talk about blogging success. Do you think I missed something or do you agree with me?

Ps: Don’t forget to invite your blogger friend to this post. Let’s learn from each other.

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40 Replies to “Blogging Success: What it means and popular tips to achieve that”

  1. Hello,

    Yeah passion is really important to make us consistent towards blogging all the time, next thing we need to read more and more for getting good post idea. The tips you’ve mentioned are cool.


  2. Hey Abraham, and welcome to Sriram’s blog – it surely is nice to see you here. 🙂

    I must say that this my friend is a world class masterpiece filled with quality from the very beginning of my scrutiny. Thumbs up boss!

    Now speaking of the piece, first, I agree with your views on success. Success of course is many things and has be defined by many scholarly folks and even laymen. As a matter of fact, every individual as far as I’m concerned ought to have a clear defined definition and understanding of success.

    Success however in my own term could be define as any achievement whether great or small so long it was set and achieved.

    Aha! No one indeed could literally teach you how to amass success, you could only teach yourself that, isn’t it? 🙂

    Like you said, success comprises of happiness in that which you do, passion in your enterprise because without it being involved you cannot truly achieve notable success, and yeah a target. My friend, Segun Elusogbon once gave an analogy at a seminar, that a man without a set-goal is like that confused striker in a football pitch who after dribbling past is contemporaries got to the post only to find out that there was no goal post. How would he score? Misery, right?

    So it is therefore right for you to say that goal setting is an integral part of being a success at whatever thing you choose to do in life’s endeavour.

    Hmmmmm……CCC! What a great thought there, Abraham.

    Content of course is the king and value is the king maker… You could scribble down content but without the value it would be as useless as my friend’s old dog. 🙂 so value is therefore important as it’s what will make the reader want to subscribe to your list, isn’t it?

    Conversion: have always heard of conversion rate and the influence with which it pose on our blogging success but I never understood how to go about it until I met some great bloggers, like Babanature, Adrienne, Harleena and of course Susan Neal, BTW, I interviewed Sue on my blog lately. You knew, don’t you? And yeah..since then I’ve thrived well in that angle and the last I checked my blog’s conversion rate was 32.33%. I mean for a 2month old blog, that isn’t bad, is it?

    And lastly, community. Community I believe is an avenue to get connected with the happenings in the blogosphere, participate honestly in order to get noticed and make sure you network with other great bloggers by building solid relationship with them. CommentDX of course is a great way to drive targeted and quality and human traffics to your blog who will leave genuine comment on your post. Some will leave their honest review while others would just share with you their always amazing thoughts like Sumeet Kumar did on my interview with Susan Neal.

    Are you kidding me, Abraham? I never knew that Adrienne has that section on her blog would have done that you know, I mean promote myself alone as the woman already know me and we have done a lot of catch ups in the past.

    Speaking bout Jon Chows Webinar, I can’t believe I missed it…I’m sure you would be kind enough to teach me what you learned, would you? 😀

    About the post again, I think you did justice to it and I quite resonate with it. Nice and really epic from the headline to the conclusive part. Hat off boss!

    Just that you may know, like you caught a fire from Cudjoe’s post, I have now caught mine too and would be publishing it on soon. Meaning, the fire continues to born!!!!

    Did I enjoy myself! Yes I did. The sun was very hot here today at my end and was really bored and hungry but trust me this post made my day!

    And please Sriram, never you delay this kinda EPIC post again okay! 😀

    Thanks and both of you should have a magical week ahead!


    1. Hey Sam

      This is a pretty long comment. It’s equivalent to a blog post.

      I’m glad you are on my side as regards the definition of success. Actually, It as John Morrow’s webinar. I’m glad you caught the fire. Keep it burning!

      Hats off for you terrific comment>

      1. hahaha… seriously? I never knew the comment was that long as I typed from my friend’s BB and on hitting “Post Comment”. Zooms I go. I hope you don’t mind?

        Sure I will keep it burning, my friend! Don’t forget about Jon Chow teachings okay.

        Enjoy yourself. 😀


    2. Hey Sam,

      Thanks for the mention and yeah, I definitely do. If you look in my sidebar under “Most Popular Posts” it’s the first one. If you go to my “Start Here” page it the first one. You can’t miss it my friend so come on by.

      Thanks for the mention.


      1. Hi madam Adrienne,

        Anytime ma! I never knew and that’s because I’m always captivated by your always EPIC contents… I will make sure I do that in my next visit to the house. Thanks! 🙂


  3. Success is quite relative. It’s not measured by your popularity or account balance but by your sense of fulfilment. You are not successful until you feel fulfilled.

    Your points are right. Content is great but that shouldn’t rule out your creativity and style perculiar to you. Whenever I visit problogger, copyblogger and Chris Brogan’s site, I see three people doing the same thing in different styles.
    Nice post bro.

  4. Hi Abraham,
    great points!

    I think the key here is persistance. This is what you need to keep working hard and succeed.
    Together with passion and motivation.

    Another important aspect is to engage and cultivate relationships with people within your niche.

    A great achievement is reached only with hard work.

    Interesting post, thanks for sharing!

  5. Hi Ologundudu,

    I agree with everything here. Love your note of Adrienne as she is a networking machine.

    Few people do as good a good building a community around their blogs. She is a champion.

    Thanks for sharing!


  6. success in blogging is simply related to your earnings, that’s the truth most bloggers don’t want to admit. Why are you into blogging if not to earn from it? So until you begin to earn enough money from your blog you haven’t succeeded.

  7. There is something I have realised in this blogosphere. Anyway before I do proceed further, I would like to thank you for the mention. I am much grateful for that.

    As you rightly put it, success varies from one individual to the other. But what what is deemed as the general success in this blogophere is just providing value.

  8. Hey Sriram, thanks for having Abraham to your blog.

    You said it perfectly Abraham, success means different things to different people. They might have a specific goal in mind and are striving for that or they might want something that we don’t even think about. It all depends on what they’re striving for because I know my definition is different then others too.

    Thank you so much for that lovely mention and for letting me know. I so appreciate you using me as an example here and yes, I have my “promote me” page. I feel it’s a great way for people to share with me what they’re about and they can introduce themselves so some of my readers may be looking for what they offer.

    Really wonderful contribution to this subject and I’m not sure how much more I can truly add. Content alone will not bring results so the more you put yourself out there and connect with others the more results you will see. That I do know for sure from my own experience.

    Rock on my friend and thanks for this great post.


    1. Hi Madam Adrienne

      I’m glad you made it here. It’s a honour.
      Success varies with individuals and it’s great to know that you have defined it for yourself.

      I couldn’t help but to mention you here. You are very inspiring. It’s my pleasure to appreciate your work.

      I’ve learnt this past month that content alone wouldn’t get us out there. It’s great to join the relationship market as you called it in your Ebook.! 🙂

      Thanks for coming once again ma’am. You rock too.

  9. Hi

    I think you cover it very well in this article. I consider passion to be of integral importance. Content is obviously key…but reader engagement can make you or break you I believe. Thanks for the article. Cheers, Dean

  10. When i first started blogging, i made my a goal or a success point i.e making good income through it. But later after achieving certain amount to money it became passion. And yeah passion is most important thing for blogging and other online business.

    You are right about goal setting, every one needs to set a goal and work on that. Without setting a goal we can’t achieve anything.


    1. Hi Sohail

      That’s great. I would love to know how you coped with your success point as making good income.

      It can’t be overemphasized how much role passion plays in any endeavors.

      As my friend Sam rightly said, A man without a goal is like a football pitch without a goal post, all work leads to nothing!.

      Thanks bro for your contribution.

  11. Success is indeed a personal thing, even though we let others define it for us.
    I also aim for money from blogging so I can live from it, but ottherwise I would do it for free.
    Thanks for sharing

  12. Hi Ologundudu,

    First of all, thanks a bunch for the mention and I truly appreciate that!

    Success in blogging may mean different thing to different people and I agree with you that if you are happy with what you are doing you are successful!

    On major aspect of successful blogging is definitely building better community around your blog. There can be many different methods for that but I choose to develop a group of active bloggers who are happy to help each other by sharing the content over their social networks and leaving comments if the post attracts them.

    I’m happy that the group is working very fine and love to see it fruitful for many bloggers!

    1. Hi Mr. Suresh

      It’s a honor to mention you here since you are doing great.

      Happiness is key. If you are not happy, it is best you abandon that thing. I’ve learnt a lot from you and Madam Adrienne about building community. It’s a great way to build your online presence.

      Everyone is helping each other and they are happy.
      Thanks Sir!

  13. Great tips at one place, Blogging community is really important to find the trending ideas for blogger so that we can learn popular things. And building a good community at our blog is really a great goal for blogger. Overall passionate is the main thing which make the motivated towards blogging.

    Thanks for sharing the valuable post.

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