Mark Zuckerberg’s Synapse Media Player: Digging the tech history

If you know the name  ‘Synapse Media Player’, you  know something about Mark Zuckerberg and about his childhood. Yes, I’m talking about Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook! In this article we’ll discuss about a Mark Zuckerberg’s wonderful creation.

We have started a new series on Revealing the Stuffs named “Digging the tech history”. In this series we publish articles about the entrepreneurs and their works and turning points. The first part of Digging The Tech History starts with a software created by Mark named Synapse Media Player.

Everyone knows  Facebook  and  about its founder Mark Zuckerberg.

Mark, before creating Facebook, had created many software applications. Synapse Media Player is one of them that Mark created during his school days.

How was the Synapse media player developed?

Mark Zuckerberg
Mark Zuckerberg

Mark Zuckerberg attended his high school at Phillips Exeter Academy. At Phillips Exeter Academy, the senior year students were instructed to submit their projects individually or as a group. Unfortunately, Mark didn’t get any project ideas. While he was discussing something with his friends, his computer suddenly stopped playing songs in the playlist.

Playlist is nothing but a list of song(s) categorized by you. Mark wanted to change the way playlists were created. His idea is, the software learn the listener’s interest and recommend songs according to their taste.

What’s next? Mark started to write his program.

Adam D'Angelo
Adam D’Angelo (Image Source: “”)

Mark’s friend Adam D’Angelo joined and helped Mark complete Synapse Media Player project. They released Synapse after they finished writing that.

During Zuckerberg’s high school years, under the company name Intelligent Media Group, he built a music player called the Synapse Media Player that used machine learning to learn the user’s listening habits


Synapse Media Player, initially tested by Mark and Adam’s friends,  received great responses. Mark and Adam, instead of making Synapse a paid software, released it free, believing it could reach more people easily.

Slashdot featured Synapse Media Player (Link: which gave Synapse Media Player extra downloads and reach. It’s no wonder that the software got 1000+ downloads few months after its release. This news reached like wildfire among Microsoft AOL, Moodlogic and MusicMatch and the pair received calls from them.

“One of the companies offered us $950,000 but wanted us to go work for them for 3 years” said Zuckerberg. “We wanted to go to college, so we said no.”

The Harvard Crimson

They finally decided to make a deal with Microsoft. But they soon backed off suspecting Microsoft that they are trying to rip them off.

They wanted to go the college and not work for a company for 3 years. This made them to continue allowing Synapse Media Player for free download.

For whom the Synapse Media player built?

Synapse Media Player was basically built for all kinds of music lovers. From [website is dead ] download page:

Who wants Synapse? 

Listeners of the MP3. Students. Elevator operators. Makers of other media players. Programmers. Gangsters. Punks. Nerds. Really big nerds. Even ones from Yemen. Yeah, plenty of those. Competitors. Winners. People who exercise to Rocky music. Will Deringer. Audiophiles. Revolutionaries. Even Canadians. Quality people. Gastroenterologists. Bums. Lots of bums. Evil geniuses. Classics professors. Chinese people. Wine connoiseurs. Businessmen. Rabbis. Dew drinkers. Sherpas. Dictators. Professional servants. People with special powers. People who come through in the clutch. You.

Synapse media Player
Synapse media Player (Image Source:


Even now the Synapse Media Player is available to download for free at Synapse has been downloaded more than 100,000 times. These days there are many music players which are better than Synapse, but Synapse is still a great feat considering it was created by high school kids .

You can download Synapse Media Player from

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    1. There are many advanced music player comparing Synapse now-a-days. But on the days when synapse was invented, it’s a new innovation of the music player. Glad you liked this post 😀

  1. When you quote people you should provide references. “Why not our computer creates the playlists of our favorite songs in its own”. This is incorrect grammar and English and I highly doubt an American would speak this way. You are in effect impersonating Mark Zuckerberg and others in your post and may be held by libel charges if he got wind of this. These days any hack in the world can pass himself off a “blogger” or author of some kind without regard to proper grammar, English, and literary content. I understand that English may not be your primary language but since you decided to publish your thoughts to the entire world it would behoove you to get a basic mastery before you advertize your lack of knowledge. Just because a portion of internet “bloggers” have little to no education in the proper use of the English language doesn’t give you a free pass at it.

    1. Hello Srinath,
      I must appreciate you for pointing out the error. I’ve written that post when I was learning proper English. I’m still learning English and striving hard to excel in that. I’ll take your comment into my consideration. Let me rectify this post 🙂

  2. Hello Sriram,

    This is a nice post indeed. Who would have thought that mark had such player published then.
    Seriously, i haven’t heard about the synopse player, but it is good hearing it hear 🙂
    Just shared this post on all my social networks. Do have a wonderful week ahead..

    1. Hello Babanature,
      I too don’t know about this fact till I read a book.
      Thanks for sharing this post dude, Appreciate that 🙂
      And do have a awesome weekend 🙂

  3. That was an interesting piece and what I’ve learnt from this is simple, money isn’t everything. These guys would have just gone in for the cash but opted in for something else. Their education were more paramount to them and that is great!

  4. hey sriram i am from afghanistan and i came to america when i was 7 and i am in high school and i myself am learning english and i have a project on mark Zuckerberg and this post gave me a wonderful information thank you very much sriram hope you your self become even more successful than Mark. keep it up man

  5. Hi Sriram bro,

    It has been a long time since I last visited your blog. Actually I got a new Govt job bro. So, lots of things had to be compromised. Particularly time spent for blogging and networking!

    This piece of information was new to me. And it was quite interesting also. For most of the people (including me), Facebook comes to mind when someone talks about Mark. It is good to dig into the past of great personalities and read about their lesser known works! Great job buddy.

    Hope it’s all going good at your end. What about exams and all? I think the ‘exam season’ is around the corner. Best of luck for that too bro 🙂


    1. That’s true mate. And congratulations bro! You’re a government employee now! It’s hard to get government employment these days. I’m very glad to hear that! And concentrating on blogging while doing a 9-5 job is a tough work. But I think it doesn’t matters for a hard working man like you 😀

      And thanks for commenting dude!

      PS: My exams will be starting after a month. And I’m going to write 10th standard board exams the next year 😀

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