List of Facebook Keyboard Shortcuts that Everyone Should Know

They wouldn’t have expected their website to become a leader in social networking platforms with millions of users worldwide. Today Facebook has become a common name and Mark Zuckerberg is known for revolutionizing the concept of social media.

However, Facebook is not the pilot project. Its predecessor Facemash was released in 2003. In 2004, Mark began writing a code for a new website and he named the website ‘thefacebook’. Six days after the site went online, three seniors from Harvard University accuse Zuckerberg for misleading them into believing that the group is working on a social networking site for Harvard University! The social networking has faced its fair share of controversies and today the site is a fore-runner in the virtual world!

Facebook Keyboard Shortcuts
Facebook Keyboard Shortcuts

What made the website so popular? Here are a few novel opportunities Facebook presents to people:

Re-connect with friends and family:

It slowly became a platform to connect with friends and family. Soon, people started to re-connect with long-lost friends and family. Once you enter your school and college to your profile, the site immediately starts pulling up suggestions based on your school or college and your mutual friends. This way, you get to connect with all your friends and family with whom you lost touch a long time back!

A marketing platform:

Just when Facebook got established amongst millions of users, companies started joining the social networking platform. With so many people active on the site, businesses started banking on the novel platform. People soon started ‘liking’ their favorite products and services. Companies now use Facebook as a powerful social media tool.

Graph search:

You can now use the website as a search engine! Are you wondering how? You can type the keyword in the search widget box on top and press enter. Facebook pulls up the relevant websites you might be looking for just like Google! The graph search has taken the social networking site to the next level and the feature has attracted even more users.

Facebook Keyboard shortcuts:

With the advantages of the website increasing consistently, navigating through the page has become more complicated. However, you don’t have to worry about too much navigation as you do it by just using the keyboard.

This is for Windows PC users, please refer to this guide to know the combination that you need to press using the specified browsers:

  1. Chrome: Ctrl + Alt + the number
  2. Firefox: Shift + Alt + the number
  3. Internet Explorer: Alt + the number + Enter

Here are some of the popular shortcuts that you can use:

  • A home page where you get to view the latest updates and see what is trending. If you are on a different page on Facebook all you have to do is press Shift+Alt+1. The command takes you to the home page irrespective of the page you are in currently.

  • Timeline is a novel and useful feature added a couple of months back. You can easily get a summary of your activities through Timeline. It also shows the most important events that happened in your life. If you want to go to your Timeline, all you have to do is press Shift+Alt+2.

  • Friends and family are the key part of your website’s activities. Often, you forget the number friends you have or simply would want to visit the profiles of different friends. You can check all your friends in a single page by pressing Shift+Alt+3. It takes you to the ‘Friends’ page.

  • Messaging and chatting is a key activity on Facebook. Often you turn off the chat and message just a couple of your close friends. To go to the messages page all you have to do is click, Shift+Alt+4.

  • Once you log on to the account, you check the notification center. You don’t have to use your mouse to go to the notifications bar. If you just press Shift+Alt+5, it automatically takes you to the notifications panel.

  • Often you might be browsing through your page and would want to send a message to a friend. You don’t have to search for the message tab. Just go to his or her account and press Shift+Alt+m.

Similarly, there are other effective shortcuts including L to like or unlike pictures, left and right arrow keys to move from one picture to the next, Shift+Alt+7 for privacy settings, Shift+Alt+? will take you to the search tab, Shift+Alt+8 for Facebook’s social networking page, Shift+Alt+9 for legal terms and Shift+Alt+0 for Help Center.

Use these shortcuts to navigate quickly through your favorite social networking site!

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    1. Thank you, ABdul Ghaffar. The keyboard shortcuts come in handy especially in a laptop and you are not using a mouse. And I know people who open multiple tabs when using facebook – multi-taskers 🙂

      And thanks to Sriram, for letting me guest post here.

    1. Hi Ambika ma’am,
      Yes, it will be really useful for the one who use Facebook frequently.
      Your Facebook-ing will be more fun from now 😉
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  1. Awesome post from you Sriram!

    Yes, as Nishant told, am not aware of these facebook shortcuts.

    Thanks for the clear information, will use it soon.

    1. Hi Nirmala ma’am,
      Thanks for leaving a wonderful comment 😀

      Yes, many of us isn’t aware of these shortcuts.

      And a thanks from Ryan Larkin’s side 🙂

      Keep vsisting!

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