10 Key Traits a Blog Must Have to Keep Its Visitors Happy

Bloggers are so busy mastering new SEO techniques, networking and writing content that they forget about their biggest asset- visitors! Have you ever tried to study your blog from a visitor’s point of view? If the answer is negative, I suggest it is high time that you give some attention towards it. As far as bloggers are concerned, visitors are valuable, especially first time visitors. And if you manage to know what they want or what makes them happy and act on it, you’ll get a ‘loyal’ visitor, who’ll come back for more!

So, what do they expect from a blog? Basically, there are some ‘characteristics’ a ‘good’ blog has. Being a blogger, if you make sure that your blog has these ‘traits’, I bet that visitors will love your blog! I urge you to ‘understand’ your visitors, their needs and fulfill their needs. Under normal circumstances, having these traits in your blog will satisfy your visitors and leave them smiling!

What traits in a blog makes visitors happy? Here’s the list:


Do your visitors love your blog?
Do they?

1. Honest Titles; not misleading ones

Why would a person visit your blog? Well, the prime motive could be to find answers to his questions and get the information he wants. Now, what if he arrived at your blog and found that he has been fooled by the ‘title’ of the blog post? What is the blog post fails to live up to its title?

Visitors want the titles to be honest. They just hate misleading titles, which are just waste of time! This, my blogger friends, is the most striking trait of a ‘good’ blog.

Many bloggers opt to go for ‘impressive’ titles for their articles. They promise much more in the titles, but the article often fails to live up to the title’s hype! The result is- unhappy visitors!

A blog post’s title should reflect what is contained within. There should be no exaggeration. Don’t go for cheap tricks to make it go viral! A misleading title can get your blog new visitors. But these new visitors won’t come back for more. So, make sure that your blog posts are well researched and fact packed ones!

2. Readability

A very crucial yet overlooked trait. While being worried about algorithm updates and traffic stats, bloggers and webmaster often tend to forget the aspect of readability.

It might be a small factor, but still, it plays a big role in user experience. Visitors expect good readability, while visiting a blog.

Good readability is constituted of the following factors- optimal text size, color, background color. Usually, white background and black text is the best for good readability. If you choose to have a different background color, make sure that it goes along well with the text color. Keep the text size neither too big, nor too small!

Leave adequate space between paragraphs. Short paragraphs are more appealing. They are easy to read and apprehend. What use is a helpful article of, if users are unable to read it?

3. Quick Response from the blogger

As I described above, most of the times, it is answers that visitors want. They come and read blog posts to get the necessary information.

Many times, it happens that despite going through the entire blog post, doubts and questions linger in their minds. This is when they look at the ‘comment section’ as a platform to pose their questions to the blogger.

Here, the visitors expect a quick reply from the webmaster. They may even make use of e-mail to pose questions to the blogger. Again, they want their questions to be answered quickly!

By attending to and solving their questions, you are ‘winning’ their hearts! And they’ll soon be a part of your happy and loyal reader base.

4. Good loading speed

I think there is no need to describe the importance of blog’s loading speed. From a webmaster’s point of view, loading speed influences a blog’s position in SERP (Search Engine Results Page). Further, it boosts user friendliness of a blog.

Come on, be honest, do you even care to surf a site/blog that takes ages to load? I would say no! Patience is a virtue most of us, unfortunately, don’t have! The same is the case with visitors of your blog! Don’t keep them waiting for long. They might abandon your blog and move on. They are not short on choices! Infuse this trait in your blog, your visitors will thank you!

Just go for a sweet and simple design. Avoid heavy graphics, flash content, heavy JavaScript files etc. Cut down unnecessary stuff. This is how you can start speeding up your blog.

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5. Responsiveness

10 Key Traits a Blog Must Have to Keep Its Visitors Happy
10 Key Traits a Blog Must Have to Keep Its Visitors Happy

By responsiveness, I mean that a blog should load and render seamlessly across all major browsers and devices. The browsers and devices used by visitors vary greatly.

Make sure that your blog can be accessed smoothly from different mobile devices, smartphones and browsers. You either make your blog responsive or be prepared to lose visitors!

6. Business with integrity and honesty

This is the age of affiliate marketing. Internet marketing Gurus are reaping handsome benefits. Many of them do business through blogs.

Apart from marketers, bloggers too are earning good through affiliate sales. They make use of their blogs to market products. They target visitors, who are potential ‘buyers’ for them.

In their quest to earn maximum profit, many bloggers forget about integrity and ethics. They can often be seen promoting products that are not of the best quality.

Unsuspecting visitors fall prey to such sales trick many times. They end up buying things they don’t need due to the persuasiveness of the blogger.

The same thing applies for paid reviews. Never write positive reviews for a product just for the sake of money. You shouldn’t do anything that’ll possibly misinform or mislead your visitors. Visitors expect a blog to have honest business practices. Don’t make it an affiliate marketing trap!

At the end of the day, make sure that your blog’s business practices never compromises on these traits- honesty and integrity. You certainly wouldn’t like to play with your visitors’ happiness for the sake of a few dollars.

7. Assurance of Privacy

Visitors don’t love the idea of their mail inbox being flooded with newsletters from various blogs! First of all, they won’t be having much time to go through all of them!

Many blogs automatically add a visitor to their subscription list without the consent of the visitor! This usually happens when the visitor leaves a comment on a blog.

Okay, notifying him/her about replies to the comment is normal. But enrolling them to the subscription list without their permission is unacceptable. Flooding their inbox this way can be compared to spamming! Visitors want privacy, respect their decision.

Instead of forcibly adding them to the subscription list, place a subscription box at a prominent place on your blog. If the visitor is impressed by your stuff, he/she will subscribe for sure!

8. Safe browsing experience

The last thing a visitor would like to have, while visiting your blog is a malware infection! Yes, try to keep your blog safe from such threats.

Your blog can be turned into a malware attack destination by faulty plugins, themes, unreliable ads etc. Keep an eye on the ‘health status’ of your blog. Ensure that your users have a safe browsing experience.

9. Social sharing options

This is the age of Social Media! There are many social networking sites out there. The social media biggies like Facebook, Twitter and Google + are used by millions!

These social media biggies have influenced the browsing habits of internet users around the world. It has been found that more and more people tend to ‘share’ content that they read on sites and blogs. This attempt to ‘share’ things with their friend list is a result of the influence of these social media giants.

Now, visitors are not patient enough to copy and paste the link to share your blog’s content. To make things easier for them, try to use social sharing buttons and widgets. Go for a fast and efficient plugin that will get the job done.

10. Good ROI (Return On Investment)

While visiting your blog, basically the visitors are investing something. What are they investing? Time, a very valuable asset, gentlemen! In return of that investment, they expect something in return. The return could be- answers to their questions, valuable information, entertainment etc. It ultimately depends on their aim and the type of blog you own.

Being a blogger, giving good ROI to visitors is possible only when there is surplus quality in your work. Whatever you do, make sure that it brims with quality!

I guess if that if your blog has the above mentioned traits, user experience will rise! This has many advantages- you get a loyal reader base, bounce rate reduces, your reputation in blogosphere rises etc. Apart from being a blogger, I’m also an avid web-surfer. I enjoy visiting new blogs and sites. And I particularly enjoy it, if the sites have these traits and satisfy me! Believe me, if you’ll observe those ‘successful’ blogs out there, you’ll find that they all share these traits! I’m waiting for your feedback. Let’s get it started in the comment section!

28 Replies to “10 Key Traits a Blog Must Have to Keep Its Visitors Happy”

  1. Hi, Arun,
    Very good points you have mentioned in the post.
    Yes, we should have an attracting title but it should not mislead our readers. If we have promised something in the title. this is our responsibility to keep that promise in our article. This the way to keep our readers happy and they will return to our blog. 🙂
    Thank You very much for sharing wonderful post.
    Have a great day!! 🙂

    1. Hi Kumar,

      There is no problem in keeping a title ‘catchy’. But it shouldn’t equal a lie! Nothing irritates a visitor more than a title that ‘lies’.

      Thanks for sharing your views friend 🙂


  2. Really a wonderful share here, making our blog responsive and assuring readers of their privacy been respected is the best way to go.

    Thanks a lot for this tips. i really do appreciate the 10 tips to keeping our blog visitors happy always.

    1. Hi Isaiah,

      Would we like our privacy to be compromised? I guess not! So, being bloggers, we should respect their privacy. Glad that you liked my article.


    1. Hi Emmanuel,

      Well, if your blog has these traits, you’ve worked upon them, I guess that you have every reason to have peace of mind! Because visitors will love your blog!

      Keep your visitors happy forever buddy!


  3. Hello Arun bro,

    Great article indeed. These are very basics and essentials, every blogger need to follow to keep the visitors happy and male them more engaging on the blog. Sometimes, I see misleading titles but they just make me hating that blog. If you can provide real stuff, only then you should put the title ahead.

    ~Ganesh Narayan Gupta

    1. Hi Ganesh,

      Glad that you liked my write up bro! Ya, I whole heartedly agree with you about your take on ‘misleading titles’.

      Honestly, I hate them, because they are just waste of time. And yes, I would think twice before visiting that blog again.


  4. Hello Arun Bro,

    Frankly speaking, I read your write up first time and it’s truly out of the box as same as your comments. You always leave awesome comments on my blog and your article is really appreciable.

    Recently I bought a premium WP theme (you can check it’s review on my blog). It’s 100% responsive that almost double my traffic in no time. I’m totally agree with you about all the facts you have mentioned here! I have to now work on my blog’s loading speed 😀

    Best Regards!

    1. Hi Ankit,

      Thanks for the compliments bro! They were flattering 🙂

      Well about that theme’s review, I’ll catch it soon… And yes, best of luck speeding up your blog. I bet that the time you invest towards it is worth the benefits you’ll be getting afterwards!


  5. A lot of blogs I have come across do not pay enough attention to their headline. It is the first thing which stands out and tells the reader what the content is about. A misleading headline is a sure way to turn away readers.

    1. Yes, many blogs still keep their readers in dark. They do it by writing misleading titles. This trick may get them ‘one time’ visitors. But to get loyal, ‘repeating’ visitors, honest titles and quality content are must haves.


  6. Thanks for your writing. I do agree with 10 tips you give. I am a blogger and I always want to keep its visitors happy. After reading your writing today, I realize that I will have to change some points on my blog. I hope that after I created my onw niche, more readers will join it. Look forwards to reading more useful articles from you. Great job!

    1. Hi buddy,

      I’m glad that you found my post useful and informative. I hope that you take corrective measures also. Rectify the mistakes you did bro..

      Believe me bro, inculcating these traits in your blog will have ‘big’ positive impacts.


  7. Hi Arun,

    Nice post bro. In India there is a saying ‘Atithi Debo Vaba’, it means all the visitors are like Gods, and we need to take special care for them. Same rule applies for the blog visitors too….

    1. Hi Aditya,

      What a statement bro! Yes, ‘Atithi Devo Bhava’ concept can also be applied on blogs! I loved your comparison of visitor to god bro!

      Thanks for your awesome contribution!


  8. Another Excellent Content from you Arun!! Every Blog Owner (Newbie Or Pro) must understand that active Visitors are the biggest asset of their blog. If your visitors are happy then no one can stop them from becoming your loyal readers.

    Quality of your blog depends on your loyal readers. So friends implement all these tricks on your blog and make your visitors Super Happy !! Thanks for sharing Arun 🙂

    1. Hi Deepak,

      Thanks for the compliments man! Loyal and happy visitors of course are the most valuable assets of a blogger.

      Thanks for reading! 🙂


    1. Kamran, focus more on user experience and visitor satisfaction more. Revenue and monetization can take the second seat!

      If you give due importance to visitors’ happiness, money and good revenue will follow, believe me!


  9. Hey Arun,

    Interesting posts.
    Even though is not a bad thing to please readers but me personally I don’t write to please them but give ’em value by sharing with them what has happened to me on a given day at the stock market.
    If they find value that’s fine, if not that’s cool too.

    thanks for the tips


    1. Hey Akos,

      You said that you don’t write to ‘please’ your visitors. But hey, you take care to provide them value. Now, that’s what your visitors want!

      You share your own experience, which in turn is of value to your visitors. I can see no possible reason why your visitors would remain unhappy, as long as they are getting the value they crave for.

      Thanks for sharing your views!


    1. Hi Samson,

      Losing readers can happen due to hordes of reason. But a prominent one is- unhappy visitors. I hope that inculcating the above discussed traits in your blog will solve that problem for ever!

      Have a happy new year buddy!


  10. Hello Arun,

    The given above tips is very informative and valuable to get more visitors towards on the blog. When I just see the title of this article, it is forced me to read word by word. Thanks mate for sharing with us.

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