How to submit your Blog to DMOZ?

The Traffic is very important for every blog and blogger. There are many ways to get traffic to your blog. But some of them are legit. I’m going to show you how submit your blog to a large directory. Getting approved is very hard like Google Adsense and it takes many days, months even years to get your Blog Listed on DMOZ. It is good for your Blog SEO. 

What is DMOZ? 

DMOZ is a Open Directory Project (ODP) which is a largest human edited directory. Web sites are listed in categories on this project. Each category is linked to relevant categories; the categories have a tree-like structure too. (Source :Wikipedia)

What are the Advantages of Submitting URL to DMOZ ?

  • Google takes URL’s directly from DMOZ.
  • Many other search engines like Yahoo, AOL,Bing and other 100+ search engines take URL’s from DMOZ.
  • Improving SEO.

Rules for Submitting a URL or Site to DMOZ:

  • Do not submit mirror sites. Mirror sites are sites that contain identical content, but have altogether different URLs.
  • Do not submit URLs that contain only the same or similar content as other sites you may have listed in the directory.  Sites with overlapping and repetitive content are not helpful to users of the directory.  Multiple submissions of the same or related sites may result in the exclusion and/or deletion of those and all affiliated sites.
  • Do not disguise your submission and submit the same URL more than once.
    Example: and
  • Do not submit any site with an address that redirects to another address.
  • The Open Directory has a policy against the inclusion of sites with illegal content. Examples of illegal material include child pornography; libel; material that infringes any intellectual property right; and material that specifically advocates, solicits or abets illegal activity (such as fraud or violence).
  • Do not submit sites “under construction.” Wait until a site is complete before submitting it. Sites that are incomplete, contain “Under Construction” notices, or contain broken graphics or links aren’t good candidates for the directory.
  • Submit pornographic sites to the appropriate category under Adult.
  • Submit non-English sites to the appropriate category under World.
  • Don’t submit sites consisting largely of affiliate links.

How to submit your Blog/Website to DMOZ?

DMOZ-Home page

Here is the RTS tutorial.

  • First go to
  • Find your Site’s relevant category. For me I choose Computers: Internet: On the Web: Weblogs: FAQs, Help, and Tutorials. if you have a site like me You can choose this.
  • After choosing your category click on “Suggest URL” on the top-right of the category.
  • In the “Title of Site:” Field type your Blog’s Title. (Use a short title as possible like “Revealing The Stuffs”)

DMOZ -Title Field
Enter your Title
  • On the “Site Description” field enter your brief description of your site less than 25-30 words.
DMOZ-Site Description
Enter your Site description
  •  On the E-mail address field enter your E-Mail address. Enter a E-mail address like this “[email protected]” .
  • Type the Word Verification.
  • Click on Submit.


Getting listed is very difficult. You have to wait for some times to see your site listed on DMOZ. Once your Site’s URL submitted, don’t submit it again on the next month and so on. Please read the Terms & Conditions before submitting your Site. I too submitted my site today. Hope it too works for you. All the best!!!
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Thank you. Keep Visiting Revealing he Stuffs for more future updates.

21 Replies to “How to submit your Blog to DMOZ?”

  1. Hi! I have submitted by blog to articles directories and also on classifieds but still not getting exposure or traffic to my blog and today I have submitted my blog to but still it is pending verification by the team.

    What you would recommend.


    1. Getting approved by DMoz is not a simple task Aman. Your blog need to have good stats in order to make them at least look at a blog. But once you get approved by DMoz, you Google rankings will surely improve.

  2. Hello guys,
    Thanks for this great tips.
    But i have some queries
    1) how long its takes by editor to review my website?
    2) do i receive email regarding acceptance or reject by admin?
    3) how long the listing is placed in
    help me to get answers to these questions.

    1. It may take months if not years to get your site accepted and it’s not guaranteed too. Only popular and high quality websites are accepted there. Work hard and have your website listed there.

      1. Yep, you are right..
        But what about the editor application in dmoz?
        DMOZ is a Open Directory Project (ODP) isn’t it? so i applied to be a editor in dmoz. How long it takes to review my application?

  3. Hello,
    I am Afroj.
    Thanks for information.
    I want to add my blog to DMOZ. But can’t do this because …. I do that…

    Computer: Internet: On the Web

    But I can’t find the option of … Suggest URL
    So please give me a proper answer to do this.
    I always obliged to you.

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