How to add LinkWithin widget to Blogger and WordPress?

You might heard about LinkWithin. Linkwithin is a excellent plugin in reducing the bounce rate of  your blog. It displays random posts of your blog.

What is bounce rate?

Bounce rate is A bounce occurs when a web site visitor only views a single page on a website, that is, the visitor leaves a site without visiting any other pages before a specified session-timeout occurs. –


Got an idea about what a bounce rate is? Keep reading…

Features and Advantages of using Linkwithin:

  • You can customize the style-sheet.
  • Reduces bounce rate.
  • It is Free to use.
  • It helps you make your old post live!

Adding LinkWithin on Blogger:

  1. Go to LinkWithin.
  2. Enter your E-mail Address and Blog address.
  3. Choose “Blogger” option from the drop-down box
  4. Select the number of posts you want to display.

It will redirect you to a page.

Click on install Widget link on the first step given there. Select your Blog and Click on Add Widget. Enter the title something like “Related Posts”. Click on Add widget.

It will redirect you to Go to Layout and find your Related posts widget. Move your Widget under the Blog posts in layout (As shown in this image).

Linkwithin widget
Click on image to enlarge















Click on Save Arrangement. Now you can see a Linkwithin widget in your Blog.

Installing LinkWithin on WordPress:

It is easy to install LinkWithin widget in your WordPress blog (Self- hosted only)

  1. Go to LinkWithin.
  2. Enter your E-mail Address and Blog address.
  3. Download your plugin from the link given in the page.
  4. Upload the zip file you had downloaded from LinkWithin.
  5. Activate the plugin and your plugin is ready. However it is not available for free WordPress Blogs.

Any doubts? Comment below!

21 Replies to “How to add LinkWithin widget to Blogger and WordPress?”

  1. How did you uninstall LinkWithin? I’ve gone through all my code and don’t see it but it still appears on post pages after nRelate. I’ve emailed them but no response yet.

  2. This tutorial really helped me a lot,bt d query I have now is this;the You might also like’ doesn’t show when viewd on a mobile view of ma blog,why so? Only the desktop view

  3. Hey Sriram,

    Yes Linkwithin is very good plugin and very useful.

    You have very nice and informative blog. At this age your writing skill is so adorable. Thanks visiting my blog and keep in touch, so I can learn more from you.


  4. Hello Sriram
    I’ve starting blogging on blogspot platform and using blogger default templates on my blog. So I add linkwithin related post widgets on my blog.
    But this widget also show result in home page to. Now i want to stop showing result in homepage. Is It possible? if yes? tell me please!!!!!!

  5. Tq so much brother .. but when i tried this procedure its not working in wordpress 4.4 version any solution for this problem ? Kindly answer me how can i install it in my wp blog

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