Guest Crew Review: Stop Worrying About Google Penalties for Guest Posts

If you’re into guest blogging, you’d surely come to know about the rising star – Guest Crew. Within a few days after its release, it created a good impression on both bloggers and advertisers.

In this post I’ve reviewed Guest Crew – why its unique, its new features and how to earn money through it.

What is Guest Crew?

Guest Crew is a platform where blog owners meet guest bloggers. Guest Bloggers or advertisers creates guest blogging campaigns. These campaigns provides blog owner will guest posts. As a blog owner you will find these offers in your dashboard. You will get free offers if you have elected for it, or else a paid offer can range anything from $1 to $500+ – Guest Crew

The post could be published by bloggers either for free or for money. Simple.

Why should you sign up at there?

Guest Crew is heaped with lots of features which make it unique.

Let’s see what Guest Crew offers for bloggers, social media enthusiasts and advertisers.

#1: For Bloggers → Get paid for publishing Guest Posts:

You’d have heard that guest blogging giants such as PostJoint and My Blog Guest were penalized by Google because of their paid scheme policy and for violating of Google’s guidelines.

This penalty by Google scared many guest bloggers and guest blogging networks and that’s the reason why I think Guest Crew added a nofollow option for guest posts.

Now you can get guest posts from Guest Crew by which you can nofollow all the links! You can approve and publish the posts that have only nofollow links. Doesn’t that sound good?

In order to receive paid post offers, you should add your blog to your Guest Crew account. It’s recommended to verify your blog after adding.

After publishing the approved post, you should inform the advertiser by entering the URL of the article posted.

You can do that by visiting Dashboard → Bloggers → Accepted – Publish now →  [article title] → View article and enter your published post’s URL there.

Pending offers
Click on the image to enlarge

#2: For social media enthusiasts →  Influential Marketing:

Influential marketing is the new feature that spiced up Guest Crew.

Firstly, I didn’t recognize and understand what a blogger has to do with the feature. So when I called Uttoran Sen, owner of Guest Crew, asking him what should one have to do with this feature, he said:

Influencer marketing is a method by which brands hire influencers, who has a strong following – and get them to promote their stuff.
Let’s say, someone has a 100k following on twitter, so he is an influencer and if a company can get a tweet from him, it would be very helpful to reach more people. 

The fact about Influential marketing is..

You couldn’t transfer the coins earned through Influential marketing to your PayPal account. So, these coins aren’t really the Real Money!

But as a matter of fact, it could be used to make social campaigns for yourself. This system is similar to what JustRetweet, Easy Retweet and other kind of websites are doing.

Want to know what JustRetweet offers? Read this: JustRetweet Review: Tips to get the most out of JustRetweet

So how could I make use of this?

It’s a great question to ask! Don’t worry about making only the virtual money through this platform. This could be really helpful in other ways.

When you make a considerable amount of coins through Influential Marketing, you could use it to share your own content on the behalf of various top bloggers and social media influencers.

How to add your social accounts?

If you’ve good follower base on Google+, Twitter and Facebook, there are chances for you to get more social offers.

Go to Dashboard → Blogger and add your Facebook, Google+ and Twitter account there.

Set the number of coins from 1 to 5, depending upon on the number of followers and influence you have in your social network.

How could I create a social campaign on your own?

Let’s consider you’ve got some social coins. Now it’s time for you to use those coins by creating a social campaign on your own.

Go to Dashboard → Advertiser → Start a social campaign. Enter your campaign name. Then select your niche. Select either twitter status update or G+ share.

Note: At the moment, Facebook status update option is unavailable.

#3: For Advertisers  Create Guest Blogging Campaigns on your own:

Do you want to get a chance to publish your posts to top blogs? You can do it with Guest Crew!

Just go to Dashboard → Advertiser → Start a new campaign. Enter the required details and save the campaign.

Let me explain you the difference between the Guest posts and Sponsored posts.

Guest posts are informative posts and have very low or no self promotion whereas sponsored posts are review posts that talks about a specific product.

So finally, add the articles to your campaign and wait for the offers.

Add articles to the campaign
Click on the image to enlarge

Is Guest Crew legit?

So we are on the important stage of the whole game. Is Guest Crew legit or not?

Of course, it’s legit as of now. Because I got payment from Guest Crew. See it for yourself.

Guest Crew - PayPal payment
Click on the image to enlarge

In fact, I got 50$ by a contest conducted at Guest Crew forums, but still this proves Guest Crew pay its users.


I’m getting some paid post offers from Guest Crew these days, so I hope you too can get offers.

Sign up at there and publish posts that you think are safe!

Do you know about the recently added influential marketing? Do you have tips to get the most out of Guest Crew? Then share your ideas through your comments!

28 Replies to “Guest Crew Review: Stop Worrying About Google Penalties for Guest Posts”

  1. Didn’t heard about this service before. Was using MyBlogGuest before, but recent Google updates on guest blogging changed everything. I will give a try to Guest Crew. Thanks for sharing 🙂

    1. Nizam, My Blog Guest is good, but Google had marked its hands on it. It also warned My Blog Guest users that they would receive a penalty. It’s scary, isn’t it? So it’s recommended to stick to the safer side 🙂

  2. Very well said. I have been using Guest Crew for a few months and have been very happy with them and the difference between them and PostJoint & My Blog Guest is that Guest Crew’s articles have a higher writing quality to them.

    There is no need to be scared of guest blogging, as long as you only publish quality written articles and pay attention to the links in them then you will be fine.

  3. Hi,
    I think guest Crew is a platform where blog owners meet guest bloggers. Guest Bloggers or advertisers creates guest blogging campaigns. These campaigns provides blog owner will guest posts. As a blog owner you will find these offers in your dashboard. You will get free offers if you have elected for it, or else a paid offer can range anything from $1 to $500+.

  4. Thanks for Sharing this Awesome Post and gave me new idea.Your valuable ideas will help newbies to grew up into professionals.This ideas will make newbies to become more efficient in the field.

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