Guest blogging: Is it effective in terms of SEO?

Are you opting guest blogging for your blog’s SEO?

But stop! What if someone told you that guest blogging is not effective for blog’s SEO?

Don’t worry buddy, I’m just kidding 😉

Guest Blogging is always an effective way to get your blog optimized for your targeted keywords and to gain more exposure to your blog if used effectively. But some bloggers are failing to taste it’s effectiveness and this is what we are going to discuss here.

We need to learn every aspect of Guest Blogging to become a successful blogger but before we move on to the topic, let me ask you some questions.

Mistakes in Guest blogging
Mistakes in Guest blogging

Which one is more important for you:

  • Visitor or loyal reader?
  • Backlink or Authority Link?
  • Article or Quality Content?

Do you know the answers? If yes, then great but if no, then don’t be confused. I have taken the initiative to answer these questions that will be a warning message for spammers too.

In blogging arena, everyone wants to participate in link building activities to gain best exposure for their blog. Influential bloggers give their best to build genuine backlinks via their supportive work. But spammers are also there in this blog-o-sphere who makes guest blogging just a way to get easy links for their low quality content. And that’s why guest blogging is not effective for them.

Confusions on guest blogging
Confusions on guest blogging

What you should learn about guest blogging for more effective results?


1# Visitors vs Loyal Readers

Bloggers do guest blogging to get some visitors back to their blog. This is the first step of failure.

Why they target visitors and not the readers?

Submitting low quality content to the blogs can only gives them few or no clicks on their links. But if we work smartly to write quality posts then we can easily attract actual readers to our blog.

Every reader wants to read quality and informative posts and that’s why guest blogging is effective only for quality writers but not the spammers. 😉

 2# Backlinks Vs Authority Links

What you expect in return to your guest posts – Backlinks or Authority Links?

Definitely Authority links. Don’t you agree?

Then how can you expect to gain authority links without adding value to your guest posts.

Don’t write just for a link. Try to write quality posts and submit them to big and authority sites that have PR and DA higher than you.

Only then you can get success to build authority links for your blog.

3# Article Vs Quality Content

Everyone can write anything to make an article but the blog’s owner expect to get quality content that add some value to their blog and help them to attract more readers.

Don’t write poor articles that don’t meet to their blog’s standard.

Give your best while writing the content for others. They will be thankful to you for your quality work and invite you to write more content for them.

You can easily attract more targeted audience to your blog and get success in every aspect of guest blogging.


The conclusion of this article is only that, stop making wrong use of guest blogging. It can work as charm for you if you do your best.

Always do proper research about the topic you are going to write and make it informative for readers. They will definitely love your blog and like to read your new articles daily and you will become a smart and successful blogger soon!

Share your experience and results you got from your guest post with us.

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59 Replies to “Guest blogging: Is it effective in terms of SEO?”

  1. Hi ankit,
    Excellent work !! I agree with you as SEO is very important for the Blog.. And you should do guest post in other site to get a backlink.
    ThumbUp for this article .. (Y)

  2. Hi Ankit,

    Your research on Guest Blogging is closely related to actually facts. I want to add my experience. I stop accepting guest posts those are not well written. Almost 60 percent of my guest bloggers was written their posts like they are writing posts for robots. I believe if someone is writing guest post he should try to write their content like he is talking / teaching to a living person.
    Mubashir recently posted…How to Repair and Avoid Hard Drive Bad SectorsMy Profile

  3. Hi Ankit,

    I understand, the post must have been born out of the frustration seeing the emails and post submissions by ‘seo companies’ who are just bulk pushing their ‘so called posts’ injected with links.

    Any blogger learns and realizes the value of guest blogging and easily agreed to offer best possible value in his guest post, however, we can never stop those sneaky spammers unless we are alert as blog owners.

    I’m with you in this move.
    Suresh Khanal recently posted…5 Tips to Invite Flood of Guest Posts for Your BlogMy Profile

  4. It’s important to write quality guest posts. Why? First of all it helps you to grab the attention of readers and secondly, the blog owner doesn’t feel like you’re only doing it for the sake of earning backlink. When you put your 100% in writing guest posts (yes, those 100% that you give for your own blog), you’ll get the desired output. It takes time but you’ll get it.

    Thanks for this awesome tips. Keep blogging, stay healthy! 😉

    Pawan recently posted…com is Unavailable! Shall I Go Ahead with .net or Any Other TLD?My Profile

    1. Dear Blog commenting and guest posting both have their own values.
      Yes blog commenting is better alternative in terms of time and effort but from guest posting you can attract a maximum audience from guest blogging blog, maximum traffic means maximum chances to get daily readers.
      I recommend you to try guest posting on some big blogs and then compare it with blog commenting. 🙂
      Best of luck!
      Ankit Kumar Singla recently posted…4 Easy Steps to Stop Spam Comments in BloggerMy Profile

  5. You know, the best way of getting valuable traffic that will stick with you is through guest blogging. Guest blogging is one good way of getting valuable reader but only if you do it well.

    I know many bloggers who have guest post but still not getting traffic to their blog, the reason is not because their is know traffic from that blog but because you are not doing it as you should. Your post is interesting and a good read, do have a good week ahead… 🙂
    Babanature recently posted…The Perfect Logo Design For Your Blog To Boost Your BusinessMy Profile

    1. Hi Ehsan,
      I’m happy to see your presence on my blog and a warm welcome to Revealing The Stuffs. Truly saying, I’ve got some good responses from my guest posts.
      Hope to see you around.

  6. I agree! I’m sick and tired of people doing guest blogging the wrong way. Unfortunately, a lot of people read a “how to” post and then run off to do their first crappy post. You’ve got to do your best on the best sites every time. Make it worth your while.

    1. Definitely Karan bro..
      Sometime guest bloggers submit low quality content only to get backlinks but this the biggest mistake in guest blogging.
      All must be work on quality content to not only to get backlinks but also the readers 🙂

  7. Nice post bro, i would surely let you know that this is surely an informative article. guest blogging is a great way to gain free and quick publicity to either an old or a new blog and it’s a never stopping stuff
    thanks for sharing dude
    prince recently posted…6 Easy Ways To Blog HealthyMy Profile

    1. Hello Prince bro, thanks bro to like my post here at RTS.
      Yes bro, if we are trying to use guest blogging for our blog SEO, then we must take care about the blog standard.
      Submitting low quality content make sites’s reputation down and hurts our own reputation too in the blog-o-sphere.

  8. Good thing I was able to make my own precautionary measure for guest blogging even before when Google didn’t take much attention on it! From the very start I really don’t allow Author’s bio in the guest post being submitted to me by guest authors, mainly because I don’t like any other names shown in my blog. I also disallow guest posts that obviously over-market their company.

    I would to echo on the comment above, that SEO is about common sense – it’s about knowing what rules to follow and what not. 🙂

  9. Good post brother. You have took a good post title that was really informative and makes users to easily show interest towards it. Yes, submitting posts to better DA AND PR gives good SERP

  10. Hi Ankit,

    Quality content is most important to get more exposure towards on blog by search engines because “CONTENT IS A ALWAYS KING” as always peoples says. Content is backbone of our blogs. Really guest post is too much necessary to increase authority and SERP in a google eye.

    Thanks for sharing.

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