Analysis shows Google’s Algorithm is Driven by Dollars – Infographic

Google loves green. That’s no mystery, but what might surprise you is just how much money is tied up in the company’s online pay-per-click model. Advertisers spend a whopping $38 billion on advertising with big G. Some advertisers resist, and try to go the organic route. Who wouldn’t love free traffic? Except, it’s not free. You still spend money on optimising your pages. Still, the temptation to outrank everyone else is insatiable.

By some estimates, 95 per cent of all traffic goes to organic listings. Paid traffic accounts for the rest. The problem is that all of that traffic is that all that traffic is basically on the first page. That’s right. Once you drop to page two, you lose 95 per cent of the traffic you were getting on page one. Ouch.

Here’s something else that might surprise you. The total CTRs for the top 10 queries is a staggering 208 percent. That means users click more than twice on the first result page. It appears as though people get “stuck” on the first page of results, and totally forget that there’s a second page at all.

So, if you plan to go this route, you had better be prepared to put up a fight. Oh, and don’t forget about the “fake organic” effect. Google tells you in its own research just how valuable those paid links are.

Analysis shows Google’s Algorithm is Driven by Dollars – Infographic:

How Google’s Design is Dictated by Dollars [Infographic] by Virtual Hosting

5 Replies to “Analysis shows Google’s Algorithm is Driven by Dollars – Infographic”

  1. Hello,

    Wonderful infographics I must say. Google is driving really great income from it’s advertisers and I’m shocked or amazed to check the stats of Google algorithm and earnings.


  2. Hi Sriram,

    Bro, actually, there is a debate related to this very topic. Some claim that Google algorithm and its search result is driven by money. While others claim that it is not!

    If you ask me, I’d say yes! Google shows that bit of ‘partialism’ often in their search results. Sometimes, no matter how rich, quality content we deliver, an ad will be displayed above our post in the SERP! And, as this infographic states, women are ‘bit more likely’ to click on ads! Either way, our quality post is not given the first place!

    Some people claim that Google gives preference to sites and blogs with Google AdSense ads published in it. You know, ultimately it is beneficial for Google! But I haven’t researched much about this claim. Just heard it and digested it 🙂

    This infographic just unfurled some startling revelations. Like, it revealed the high (64%) CTR for ads, when it comes to high commercial intent searches.

    And bro, talking about authorship, it definitely helped me improve CTR. But I have noticed that since 18 December, Google has stopped showing image snippet of authorship for many blogs and sites. I too got my image snippet removed from search results, but the name is still there.. God only knows what they are up to now!

    A cool, fact packed infographic by Virtual hosting. Thanks Sriram, for sharing with readers! 🙂


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