Get Top-Notch Comments to your Posts by a Facebook Group – CommentDX

Do you want to make your blog look professional by getting enormous number of comments?

Are you tired asking your friends to comment on your new post?

Then, this post is exclusively for you!

Having good comments not only cheer up the Author but also gives reputation and  professional look to the blog.

In this post we will discuss about a Facebook group which is dedicated to get good comments!

Benefits of getting such Good and Quality comments:

Getting Quality Comments
Getting Quality Comments (Image Credits: Free Images Live)
  1. It will cheer up the author.
  2. It gives the blog a  professional look and it will attracts advertisers.
  3. It will also attract Guest authors to guest post on your blog.

and so on..

How to get Good Comments?

It’s not so hard to get good comments. But getting it on every post is hard.

The following tips help you to get comments on every posts:

  1. Write useful and quality content.
  2. Reply to the comments you got on your existing posts.
  3. Always ask the readers to share their views about your post.
  4. Write Attractively.
  5. Join the Facebook Comment Exchange group called CommentDX.

What is CommentDX?

Current CommentDX Logo
Current CommentDX Logo

CommentDX is a Facebook group which was dedicated to exchange comments. It was started by Suresh Khanal of Bivori.

This group helps you to get huge number of comments to your posts by the users who had been joined in this group. In return, you have to comment on the post the members have requested.

Why to join CommentDX?

As I said earlier in this post, for getting good comments you have to follow certain tips. CommentDX helps you to get more number of comments to your posts by humans. Guaranteed Comments indeed!

Sounds Interesting? Continue reading…

How CommentDX works?

Don’t think like it works by some (hard-to-use) softwares. It works by a simple concept.

  1. Read the articles created by the members of that group by the links they have provided.
  2. When you completed reading, comment there.
  3. Say them that you had commented on theirs posts.
  4. Post a status on that group asking  the members to comment on yours.

Simple 🙂  Right?

Who are Eligible to join this group?

Anyone with a blog can join this group.

His/Her blog can be of any type and can be on any platforms.

He must know the basics of English Grammar.

What will you get by Joining this group?

The main motive of this group is to exchange comments (Good comments indeed). But there are many other benefits you can get from this group.

  1. You can get more visibility.
  2. Your Twitter ID was listed in that group, so there are chances to get more number of followers.
  3. You can get more traffic.
  4. You can meet many bloggers like you, which helps you to build a good relationship with them.
  5. You get a chance to read more posts thus improving your knowledge also.

Is there any rules to be followed in this Group?

There is almost only one rule to be followed in this group.

The rule is “Comment on other’s blogs before requesting comments for your blog”.

What if no one comment on your posts, even you had commented on theirs?

First ensure that you had created a status on that group asking the members to comment on your post.

Wait at least a day.

Even if you didn’t got a single comment, ask them again. I hope you will get then.

If you didn’t got comments from the members even after asked, you can post it on the file named “Complains”. Just go to CommentDX> Files> Complains and then click edit Doc. and then post your complaint.

So it has been made cleared that you will get some Guaranteed comments.

How this group is managed and filtered?

The group complains were regularly checked by the Admin (Suresh). If a user get more complains he/she will be removed from the group.

And there is a vote out process every Monday-Wednesday, you have to vote the members who have commented on your posts. This vote out process  helps the group to be more active by the active members.

The one who got least or no votes will removed from the group. This vote out process helps the group to be more active!

Join CommentDX now!

Do you like CommentDX?

Want to Join it?

Go to CommentDX ( and click Join Group.

That’s it! You will be reviewed by the Admin. After the approval you can enjoy getting quality comments on your Posts!

Share your thoughts about CommentDX after you joined it, by commenting here 🙂

75 Replies to “Get Top-Notch Comments to your Posts by a Facebook Group – CommentDX”

  1. Hello, Great post! I would like to tell you that the group is limited to 15-20 members to get rid of spammers and it would not be that easy to manage if we have hundreds of members!

    This group have specific members and very useful.

    Glad I am one of the member of the Group 😉

    1. Hi Amrik,
      Glad to see you on our Blog. Yes, the group is limited. But a new member can be added to the group if someone became inactive and removed.
      Thanks for sharing your thoughts here 🙂

  2. That’s indeed a nice review of our dear group. I think it would be for me to update my latest post to include CommentDX.

  3. Thank you Sriram for introducing the group among your readers.

    Commenting is obviously one of the regular task for any active blogger. I used to look here and there to find good posts to comment. I used to look in Facebook stream, Twitter, BlogEngage and my reading list. When I joined voteDX I realized that a group of like minded bloggers can really be useful. Thus came this group commentDX.

    The number of members in commentDX will not create a mess because we have vote out process. The group will decide who is useful and who is inactive. This will automatically shape the group and ensure maximum usability.

    Apart from finding good posts to read and comments in your blog, the group will be definitely helpful to promote your posts, because, we share after we comment. It will go more to Facebook, Twitter and Google+!

    I welcome new members and happy to read their new blog post.

    [Let me clarify that any member can add new members and I will approve them. ]
    Suresh Khanal recently posted…Urgent! Remote Code Execution Vulnerability with WP Super Cache And W3TCMy Profile

    1. Hi Suresh,
      Thanks for creating CommentDX. It had helped me to get lot of comments to my Blog posts.
      Like you, I’m also getting some good posts to comment by this group.

      And it also help it’s members to get their content shared among social networks. I hope the members of CommentDX will be more active and will leave meaningful comments to other’s post.

      Thanks for Commenting Suresh!
      Sriram recently posted…Get Top Notch Comments to your Posts by a Facebook Group – CommentDXMy Profile

  4. Comment DX group is awesome, and we get genuine and perfect comments which are much better than spam and short thank you type comments, But I have issue with one thing if the admin increase the number of members then it will not be possible to comment on every post of the members, because commenting takes time and we can write more than 10,20 comments everyday!
    Nishant Srivastava recently posted…Why free Hosting is crap and not good for Blogs & WebsitesMy Profile

    1. Hi Nishant,
      Undoubtedly, CommentDX is awesome. It help us to get genuine comments.
      I think increase in number of members will not be a problem,because only most active members can stay in that group. And you are going to comment only on the posts you like.
      Thanks for commenting!

  5. Hi Sri .

    Yeah! This is an awesome group to receive meaningful comments to our posts . I am a part of this group too . Even though , I have not yet posted any of my blog links in the group , I have observed the comments the members make on other blog posts . The truth is that this group and it’s members are awesome . They don’t comment just for the sake of commenting . They comment from their heart . This is not just another comment exchange group .

    Navneet recently posted…Big companies got you on April fools’ dayMy Profile

    1. Hi Navneet,
      Members of CommentDX are active and leave meaningful comments.

      Hope you will ask for commenting for your posts too 🙂

      I like your “They comment from their heart” .

      Thanks for dropping your comment here.

  6. Sri, I have visited your given commentDX link. I got following error

    “This content is currently unavailable
    The page you requested cannot be displayed right now. It may be temporarily unavailable, the link you clicked on may have expired, or you may not have permission to view this page.”

    Did not know about this or solution or another link for same group or related group.

    1. Hi Sarvesh,
      Thanks for your kind words! I’ll be happy to see you in CommentDX. I think you will get what you are expecting 😉
      Thanks for commenting Sarvesh.

  7. Hi Sri, I’m first time here and truly enjoyed the post. I will surely join the group soon to make most of from it. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Hello Anshdeep Verma,
      Thanks for the kind words Anshdeep!

      Warm welcome to

      Keep visiting this blog for more updates!

      And thanks for commenting 😀

  8. I never thought that there were groups like this that offers commentators on blog post as an exchange person will do the same as well. I sent my application to join the group, though.

  9. Hi Sriram, this is a very nice review of our comment exchange group on facebook. I am happy to be part of the group and am also happy to meet Suresh Khanal.
    The group has really helped me alot as the amount of guest bloggers i do have on my blog is now doubled. Its really helping me alot. I will remain active on the group.
    I will advice the readers of this review to join if they have not Thanks for the review.
    oloyede jamiu recently posted…How to Personalize Windows 8My Profile

    1. Hi Oloyede Jamiu,
      Glad to know that CommentDX helps you to get a lot of guest bloggers 😀
      I’m also happy to be the part of group.
      Thanks for leaving a valuable comment here, Oloyede and hope you will continue it 🙂

  10. Hi Sriram,

    I have never heard of them before but I might try them later. Do you always get good comments from them? Most of my comments are coming from a friend of a friend of a friend. It just goes viral like that. Some are coming from Google+. And I’m not a big fan of SEO or what you call Google search engine. Majority of my traffic are from referrals. Anyway, thanks for sharing this with us!

    Angela McCall recently posted…Why You Need Responsive DesignMy Profile

    1. Yes, most of the comments I got from were really good 🙂 and I think you should have to try it. And it’s also to great to get comments from friends of friends.
      Thanks for commenting Angela and keep visiting.

    1. There is no time limit to get approved. I think the request will get approved when admin sees the approval request. Keep visiting and commenting 😀

  11. Oh man…I would just thank you for sharing it here. I think it will be very useful for bloggers, who are new as well as for old bloggers too to make their blog’s reputation more strong. And this is hoped, that all the comments will be worth approving as they will be done by other bloggers. Great stuff Sriram. Keep Rocking 🙂

  12. Hey Sriram, I’m glad to have found this great post here today! 🙂

    You have shared a very lovely review of Suresh’s group, I just joined it though and I can’t wait for the traffics and comment it will bring to my blog.

    Thanks for sharing it with this great community!


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