FameThemes review: Make your readers say Wow

Revealing the Stuffs got good responses after I’ve switched this blog’s theme to Enpine of FameThemes.

Many of my readers said that the new design of this blog looked awesome! And of course, it was created by Fametheme. FameThemes is a brand new theme company which has some top quality themes. In this post, I’ve written a review of FameThemes.

Something about FameThemes and their themes:

FameThemes review
FameThemes review

FameThemes is previously known as WPShit and it is renamed as FameThemes. Currently, they have 8 themes to download and they are developing and updating themes continously.

FameThemes review: Why you should try their themes?

Below, I list out some of the reasons why you should use FameTheme’s themes.

Elegant theme panel:

General settings- FameThemes
General settings- FameThemes

FameTheme’s theme panel is flexible, easy to use and elegant. You can do harder things easier within this theme options panel, without editing the codes. The most notable feature of the themes panel is you resize your logo easily. If your logo is large in size, no problem, you can upload the large size logo and  resize it according to your requirements within the theme panel.

And you can change the fonts  and size of your title, logo and widgets easily. Do you want your readers to see all of your posts in your home page without losing pagespeed? Use the Infinite scroll option.

FameThemes support:

Their support is awesome that you can get reply to your questions instantly! You can chat directly with the developer for fixing a problem in your theme. Isn’t it great? 🙂 I’ve seen this warning “Warning: curl_exec() has been disabled for security reasons” when I logged in to my dashboard. I’ve contacted the developer and he advised me to contact my web host to enable CURL and he explained what is CURL. After contacting my web host provider to enable CURL, the problem ran away 😀

Continuous updates and automatic update notification:

This is the feature I like more about their themes. I’ll get notification when there is new update available. This is why their themes asked their users to enable CURL.

Theme’s responsiveness:

Enpine - Killer and Responsive WordPress theme
Enpine – Killer and Responsive WordPress theme

Yet another reason why you should buy their themes is the theme’s responsiveness. Do you know? 69% of the users access internet using their mobile phone. Think what if your blog looks ugly on mobile phone? You will lose 50% of your traffic. But as FameTheme’s themes are responsive, which means your blog will adjust itself according to the size of the screen.

High quality themes at low cost:

Refund policy
Refund policy (Credits: softzsolutions.com)

Have you looked their plans and pricing page? Single theme costs 29$ only which is quite affordable. They also have a refund policy on which you can get your money back within 30 days of purchase.

Home page design:

Do you like our homepage? You will say “Yes”. We are using the  Enpine theme which is a design of Google+ + Mashable + The Verge. I don’t know how this idea came to the developer, but I believe using this theme will attract your visitors and make their lower jaw down 😉

Go buy a theme from them or utilize our offer:

I hope you are eager to buy themes from them. You can download and use their themes and enjoy their support and updates with their lifetime license.

I have a special offer for you! You can get a premium theme from FameThemes of your choice if you participate in our Free WordPress installation service. Visit the link to know more about it.

51 Replies to “FameThemes review: Make your readers say Wow”

  1. Hi Sriram,

    I’ve used Codelight theme from Famethemes. I think Famethemes was initially called wpshit.com. Anyways, there themes are really good.

    1. Hi Pawan,
      Codilight is a great looking theme. Yes, they were WPShit and recently changed their name to FameThemes. Thanks for the comment and visit!

    1. Hi Rizwan,
      Let me know if you have any ideas to improve the look of the theme. Oh! Is your brother blogs? If yes, provide me the link.
      Thanks for the comment as well 🙂

  2. We have been using Famethemes two themes which are Amzola and another which is Codilight for our blog. They are one of the coolest themes I find.
    Thanks for sharing this article.

    1. This theme’s PageSpeed is 96/100, but due to some other reasons like server response time, this site have 75 PageSpeed score out of hundred.
      Thanks for the comment sir.

  3. I am gona create a blog named biplabi.com, in that sure i am gona use Fame theme…thank you for sharing about it !

  4. I saw you in fb back 2 years but did not know your blog name. Now i got you from somewhere and visit. This post was good and i think, This review was awesome. And newbies blogger will really like this post and they also got help from this post. Thank you for sharing this post with us.

  5. Hello Dear Sir, this blog post is very useful information for the new bloggers, your blog post went to get a lot of new education after I read it,
    Please continue to post such an informative blog. Therefore, people like us will be motivated in real life.
    I’m new in this area and I’m building my website, I’m working hard on this
    Your blogs are very useful here and especially to this blog, which provide this point information, I have received lots of help to read this blog post, please continue to share this kind of information.
    Thank you.

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