The Dummies Guide to Guest Posting and its benefits

Guest posting post the Penguin, Panda and Humming Bird era has become something that people frown upon.

Earlier guest posting was looked upon as a sure shot and error proof way of building reputation as well as a good link profile. But because of too much spamming practices followed by low quality bloggers guest blogging has lost its power, but it’s still relevant and when done rightly can work wonders.

I have been a lone blogger since the day I started.

No Guest Posting for 2 years!
No Guest Posting for 2 years!

Then when I started doing both I realized what I had been missing till now. So today on RevealingTheStuffs we will reveal how to do guest posting the right way and the benefits of guest posting. Go on then read on, what you are waiting for!

What is Guest posting?

Guest posting is the act of posting content on blogs/websites which do not belong to us. I know that you knew it, I just wanted to make sure that the 9 year old who accidently visits this site understands the topic of discussion.

Guest posting is different from Ghost writing as Ghost writers contribute content but are not give acknowledgement or attribution for their work rather they are paid for their services.

Permanent content writers are also different because they are not the ones who are guest contributors rather they make up the majority of content being published on a website.

The legit way of doing guest posting: The guest posting strategy which works.

So what is the legit, penalty proof way of doing guest posting? Even I think of this every time I contribute a post on any website.

  1. Is this post too promotional?
  2. Does this post provide any value to the existing user base of this website?
  3. Is the post aligned with the content strategy of the recipient website?
  4. Does this post contain too many links to websites with little or no relevance?

All these questions when answered properly define whether the gust posting strategy is legitimate or not.

Let’s tackle these questions one by one.

Never submit any guest post which is too promotional and only focuses on promoting a specific product or yourself or your own services.

Secondly you should always do guest posting in a way which is beneficial for the existing readers of the website.
For example: RevealingtheStuffs has its primary focus on Blogging tips, if this contribution was about cool glow in the dark tees then it would have been a waste of my time and this website’s precious space.

Guest posts should be aligned with the content strategy of the existing websites. This means that if a topic has already been covered on the host site then no need to cover it. Always opt for quality fresh submissions. The main reason that guest posting causes troubles to webmasters all over the world is because of non-relevant links.


If you know about Trust flow and citation flow then you would understand how penalization processes work.
Let me explain it to you in layman terms.

Trust flow is when real link juice is passed from one page to another and citation flow is when a site is cited somewhere as being the provider of content or the source. (or if it’s just that a page is linked and not considered as being relevant to the page where the link is present.)
The real problem arises when a page that does not need to be given trust flow is given so in a guest post.

Trust flow is determined by the usage of anchor text and no-follow/do-follow tags. If I have a website called and in my guest posts I ask for link backs to with the same anchor text then it’s a case of citation flow (add to this the no-follow tag, then it’s purely a citation).

But when I use the anchor text “best web hosting in India” then it would be a case of receiving trust flow from that website. So guest posting works best when people receive citation links. Links with specific anchor texts are often seen as paid by search engines and these are the ones which are at a greater risk of receiving penalty.

So by checking the outbound links and the way are they placed inside the text we can make sure that guest posting remains clean and penalty free.

Long term benefits of guest posting

The long term benefits of guest posting include enhanced exposure to a lot of audiences, apart from that there’s a given boost in direct traffic from the websites on which you do guest posting which is also a great benefit.

Other benefits of guest posting including increase in your online presence and work portfolio.

For example: If you have a published post on then immediately it would project you as a seasoned content writer. Small things like these go a long way to ensure blogging success.

Disadvantages of Guest posting: Guest posting gone wrong.

When guest posting goes wrong, it can go horribly wrong.



Guest posting should always be natural and a means of building outreach. The recipe for disaster in guest posting is having thin content (lack of quality as well as length) along with excessive non relevant guest posts.

This makes guest posting a penalizing factor not only for the recipient website but also for the sites receiving links from those posts.


So that was a lot of insight on guest posts, we hope now you know what exactly guest posting is and how you can get the most out of it.
Do you have any queries? Any doubts, then don’t hesitate just use the comment form below and pour your heart out. Or alternatively you can also tweet us @revealingstuffs

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  1. Seriously, the things written are very true. I got so much knowledge from this because i also do guest posting and got so much knowledge so that i can use it effectively.

  2. nice guide collection for making guest post.guest incrase many thing for blogger.such as backlink relationship with other it’s important thing for a thanks for sharing this nice guide.

  3. Great write up indeed!

    After the declaration of guest posting as a spammy practice, people thought that now there is no use of guest blogging. But.. Still I believe that benefits of guest blogging are still alive only if we deal in quality content not just for the links.

    Am I right?

    Truly appreciate your efforts in delivering this great stuff 🙂

  4. Great article. This is the most effective way to know and learn about the Dummies guide to guest posting and its benefits. This will be very useful and helpful. Read and understand the article and you will get a brilliant idea. Thanks for sharing this article. I will share this information with my friends. Very informative.

  5. Hi Aditya
    Guest posting will bring audience for your site and by posting the links your blogger will help you increase your search engine ranking. This means more and more traffic for your blog.

  6. really nice data and info , so i am feeling good to see , after reading your article , feeling much happy and solve problem that i have 🙂
    nice blog and nice saying about habits and really amazing tips , so i decided to salute you for this beautiful articles

  7. Hi aditya !
    It’s a awesome tips and information in your blog.. i learn somethings from your blog
    it’s an amazing article love it so much thanks for sharing with us.. keep it up ! 🙂

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