Top 11 Tips to build a strong community for your Blog

A community forming around your blog is not unheard of. It helps to perpetuate readership and has other people spread the words of your blog autonomously.

It helps give you free publicity and a steady readership. Here you will find out a few fundamental steps to starting and/or setting up your own blog community (that revolves around your blog).

#1: It is usually vlogs that have their own community

Create VLogs
Create VLogs

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This is not to state what may be obvious, but it is usually video blogs that have a community of their own. That is not to say that it doesn’t happen with blogs, it just does not happen that often.

There are people that may read a blog every week, but they may not be as invested in the blog as with a vlog and therefore no community develops. Maybe it is because a vlog has a wider appeal, or maybe it is because video is a more powerful communication medium (who knows?).

Still, learn from what you see on vlog, as it may become clear why a small community grows if you become part of the community yourself.

#2: Horn in on another community

In other words, you can create a community quite easily by attracting people from another community.

Your blog simply becomes an extension of that community. The biggest communities included video gamers, moviegoers, fashion communities, pets, kids and comic books.

#3: Share details that your target audience may savor or relate to

This may involve things such as writing about directors if you are blogging about movies and commenting on how crummy one of them is (e.g. M. Night Shyamalan and Michael Bay) or taking it for granted that a director is good (E.g. Quentin Tarantino and Joss Whedon).

You can also go the different direction of offering a direct benefit to reading your blog. This may not build a community, but it could bring in enough people to start them publicizing your blog without incentive.

A direct benefit may be that you offer discount codes on your website every week. Again, this will not build a blogging community on its own, but allied with your blog posts, theme, voice and other gimmicks–it may just work.

#4: Stick to the same theme

This is the mark of a good blog anyway. You should stick to the same theme because people do not start continue reading blogs if they are not addressing at least one of their “wants.”

People may start reading your blog because of the theme, so the last thing you want to do is change it or flip flop.

#5: Have a voice when you write

Have a voice
Have a voice

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Having a voice is all about having a distinctive way of communicating via your blog. It is far easier to have a voice when creating vlogs, which may be why they are often more popular and have communities form around them.

Your voice is a mixture of your mentality, attitude, writing style and method of making a point. It is easy to write in a generic fashion, it is not that dissimilar to writing in an academic fashion, but it is difficult to find your voice and even more difficult to find one that appeals to a target audience.

#6: Do not cave in to commenter pressure

Your commenters are going to give you their opinion, and the worst thing you can do is take it on board (at least most of it). Your commenters are only a small percentage of your overall readership, and ironically, they are often the ones you “don’t” need.

The people that comment may complain and ask for changes, but if you only have 3 commenters out of every 40 visits, then you can assume that the other 37 people were happy with your blog.

This may not be true, but you still need to consider it. Your commenters are not your silent majority–ergo you should judge your success and popularity by your return readers and overall traffic numbers.

#7: Do not be generic

You cannot please all people all the time, so do not try, the more generic you make it then the looser your blog community becomes. You need to give people an incentive to create and take part in a blogging community that focuses around your blog in particular.

If you are creating generic material, then what makes you more special than the other hundreds of thousands of blogs doing the same?

#8: Write with other bloggers, guest post and share social media publicity

Blogging Community
Blogging Community

You can collaborate with other bloggers, have them write guest posts on your blog, you can write guest posts on their blogs, and you can share social media publicity. Your blogging community does not need to be populated with just readers–you can include other bloggers too and have participate in your blog community.

#9: Give people a preview of next week’s blog post

This is a way of getting people to look at your blog post the next week and is a classic tactic for helping to retain viewers.

It is also a way of feeding your blog community, and if you want your own blog community, then you should feed it something to discuss.

#10: Add images to your blog

This will pull in more blog readers because images on blogs are often enjoyed by most.

There are more blog readers that want images on the blog than readers that do not. This helps to add another dimension to your blog and helps improve its popularity.

Improving its popularity will help you gain more viewers, which may eventually turn into a blog community.

#11: Make sure your blog loads

Your blog posts cannot be too heavy and they must be able to load in almost all circumstances. A fully functioning blog is essential if you want a community to sprout up around it.

That is why you should also make sure your blog is compatible with as many web browsers as possible. You need to ensure your blog is fully functional at all times because a loss of functionality may result in a loss or readership.

High traffic numbers are not exactly required, but repeat traffic is.

This guest post is written by Kiara Halligan. She is a part of a team of experienced bloggers and writers, that provides students with quality essays, which help them improve their writing skills

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  1. I love this post. For a long while I have resonated with your work, but this post makes it explicitly clear why I feel that way — I definitely share your values around community building as being the most important thing, and trusting that good business with sustainable results will follow from that and not the other way around.

  2. got much information about blogging dude..and thanx for the informatin you gave too was worth for a new blogger to make its community..i will also try it in my blog.
    thank you.

  3. Hello Sriram,

    Please how are you doing? As usual, here you again with this great masterpiece.
    I would like to talk on the issue of theme and the usage of images.
    Sticking to a particular blog theme matters but when the need comes for a change, it obviously needs to be a super change.

    I see images as a vital point when it comes building a strong blogging community as well. They do the rest of the talking when words are few.

    Do have a great day and I do wish you all best. I miss you a lot with all sincerity.

  4. Blog without reader is like home without people.
    Creating loyal reading requires building relationship among peoples across the world. Once our work starts benefiting them they will automatically trust us and will recommend us to their friends or relative. This chain continue and results in never ending chain.

    Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  5. You need to get traffic to your blog. The two ways are social media and SEO. I think you should be unique on what you cover. This is the easiest way to stand out Have great images and bullet point content

    Owner CEL Financial Services

  6. Hi Sriram,
    This was really helpful i was searching this type of article to get help. Thank You so much.

    And Yes you write very well. Keep writing hope to read more from you.

  7. Hey Sriram,
    Thanks for sharing informative article. Great tips! these tips really helpful for me and other also too. I’ll implement these things on my blogging site.Thanks!
    I appreciate your efforts.

  8. Hello Sriram,

    These are really great points to make community to your blog.
    Give people a preview of next week’s blog post, this point is very important, In most of TV Plays you see that they just give your great preview of next episode. Only because of this we wait for next episode and this trick is really very helpful in blogging community.

    Any way thanks for sharing such great tips with us.

    Areesha Noor!

  9. Hello Sriram,

    Thanks for sharing these tips with us. I think the most suitable tips for me. I like all tips and like most have a voice when you write.I think all bloggers will like this article .

    Have a nice day!

    Majid Uamar

  10. Hi Sriram,

    Glad to see your tips on create strong community blog. This tips are very much helpful to make strong community. I loved your tips on not be generic and voice when you write.

    Thank you for your great effort.
    Kind Regards
    Yasin Rishad

  11. I read this post properly and am very glad top see this informative post about tips to build a strong community for your blog. I would like to say that you have explain very good this post. I want you share more post that this topic.

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