Blogengage Review: The Undisputed king of blogging communities

Blog Engage is one of the most renowned blogging communities where top bloggers are active on. I’ve entered into Blog Engage by winning a giveaway conducted by Blog Engage. So let’s see the BlogEngage review

I should say I’ve got some quality visitors from that, I meant quality visitor to be the one who leaves a comment on a blog, share the post, stay long time in the site and refer more people to the post. And Blog Engage is a PageRank 4 site.

Why you should you join Blog Engage?

RSS and Marketing Services
RSS and Marketing Services

Blog engage could have some top bloggers in your niche. Yes, YOUR NICHE. Perhaps you could be a fashion blogger or tech blogger, you can network with it’s members. Apart from that you can get

  • A dofollow/nofollow link. Remember! Blog engage is a PR4 site, so having a link from this site has SEO value.
  • Networking with bloggers which might make them as your loyal readers who helps you to get a chance to get advertisers for your blog.
  • Helps finding others’ post. You can forget about spam as this site allows has only paid members. Most of the posts submitted there are of good quality.
  • Exposure. If you engage more with members of blog engage, you can get traffic as well as a special featured post made for you.
  • Targeted traffic. As you know you can get targeted traffic from blog engage.

Watch this video by BlogEngage:

Blogengage review: Blog Engage plans and pricing:

Blogengage Review plans
Blogengage review: Engage plans

Blog Engage currently has 4 plans in which the bloggers on all niche could be benefited.

  • Standard – £19.99 (Lifetime account- no monthly renewals)
  • Platinum – £9.99/month
  • Business – £19.99/month
  • Business Plus – £29.99/month
  • Direct to front page with feature – £199.99/month

I’m confused, which plan should I choose?

A great question if you ask this to me.

Standard account is suitable for you if you:

  • Are you blogger who posts once or twice a week/month.
  • Have time to submit your links manually.

Plus, you can get:

  1. You can create and join groups and submit your links there.
  2. A free SEO marketing book written by Brian Belfitt, owner of Blog Engage.
  3. You’ll receive free 3000 JustRetweet credits. JustRetweet is a great community to get your post shared on social media sites.
  4. You can submit your guest post to Blog engage blog which has PageRank 4.

Platinum and other account features:

These accounts are suitable for members with certain needs.

Content Syndication: Blog Engage automatically adds your post to it’s homepage thus reducing your work of submitting links manually.

Available for: Platinum, Business, Business plus and Direct to front page with feature accounts.

Portfolio:  Your content will be also syndicated into and

Available for: All accounts except Standard account.

SEO: You can create high quality backlinks through Blog Engage which has SEO value.

Available for: All accounts except Standard account.

Social Media Marketing: Your content will be promoted in front of 5000 Facebook members and 10000 Twitter followers and also in LinkedIn, Empire Avenue and Google+ . Isn’t that cool?

Available for: All accounts except Standard account.

YouTube  Video Syndication: When you publish your video in YouTube, Blog Engage promotes that and helps you getting likes, views, comments and subscribes.

Available for: All accounts except Standard account.

#Hashtag marketing: Many people make their content go #viral through hashtags. So when your content is being shared on Twitter, blog engage will automatically adds hashtags to keywords, which would help you gain extra traffic. #Great! Isn’t it?

Available for: All accounts except Standard and Platinum accounts.

Facebook groups: Your post will also be shared to 25 Facebook groups which would give 1000’s of new and returning visitors to your blog.

Available for:  Direct to front page with feature accounts.

Direct to front Page: Normally, you need at least 6 votes to get your post available in Published column in which you can get a dofollow backlink (It’s just an step to avoid low quality pages from getting dofollow links) But with this feature, you can get your posts directly published to Published page without getting required votes.

Available for:  Direct to front page with feature accounts.

Featured Spotlight and Contest giveaway: Your blog/product will be reviewed and featured in Blog Engage which could give you traffic and Sales. And Blog Engage hosts giveaway behalf of you which would give you new fans on followers on Facebook and Twitter.

Available for:  Direct to front page with feature accounts.

Blogengage review: Why I’m recommending you to join Blog Engage?

As I already said, Blog Engage has many top bloggers on which you could connect with. Here is a screenshot of the total number of traffic I’ve received from Blog Engage.

Visits of Revealing The Stuffs from Blog Engage- Click to enlarge
Blogengage review: Visits of Revealing The Stuffs from Blog Engage- Click to enlarge


The total visits appears to be low because I’m not very much active in that.

Members who are very active tend to get more visits.

74% of them are new visitors. This shows I’m still getting 26% returning traffic through it. Bounce rate is around 34% which proves that visitors comes from Blog Engage reads more than one post in my blog. Average visit duration is 2 minutes and 10 seconds, which means they stay long and read my posts completely.

Therefore I can say they are QUALITY VISITORS.

 Join Blog Engage now!

RSS Syndication

I would recommend bloggers of any niche to join Blog engage as it is allowing members to submit links of various topics. All you need is to engage with other members and build good relationship with them. By blogging blog engage you can also get a SEO marketing eBook and 3000 JustRetweet credits.

Remember: Traffic = Leads = Sales = Money.

So what are you think for? Don’t think for second time and Sign up to Blog Engage now!

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Note: Some of the links in this article are my affiliate links. If you join through my link, I will get some money costing nothing to you.

50 Replies to “Blogengage Review: The Undisputed king of blogging communities”

  1. Hi sriram, I loved what you have done with this post. You made it exciting and engaging for your readers. If I was new to Blog Engage I would join after reading your post. You have done a great job showing the Blog Engage value and your readers will see this. Best of luck to you and everyone else in the contest.

    1. Hello Brian sir,
      Blog Engage is a fast growing community but most of the bloggers are unaware about this great community. Wow, I’d have made you join Blog engage 😉
      Thanks a lot for your wishes and compliment 🙂

  2. Hi Sriram,

    I’ve been hearing about this community for a while now. Whenever I ask fellow bloggers about communities to try, blog engage always pops up its head!

    No wonder why it is mentioned every time. The visitor stats you showed, that low bounce rate, is impressive in particular.

    Thanks for providing these honest stats and review. You’ve just added some more reasons why I should join this community. Sooner or later, you’ll find me there! 🙂 BTW, I’m sharing this on Facebook also, so that anyone interested might jump in!


  3. Hi Sriram,

    I too thought to participate in this contest, but I’ve already written about Blog engage in my blog. Anyway will support the participants 🙂

    Blog Engage is really good and am a member of it. I got the Standard account for free as I hosted a giveaway related to that community.

    I agree with your points and I am getting little traffic from Blog Engage. I stumbled with the variety of categories, specifically “Make money”.

    Brain is such a polite person with helping attitude, I had a good conversation with him for long days while hosting a blog engage giveaway through my blog.

    I wish you to win this contest and will do the needful for the same 🙂

  4. Hi Bro,

    You’ve written a master-piece here…..Over the days you’ve become quite a pro in writing reviews haan?? 😛 😛

    Blog Engage is indeed one of the best blogging communities….There are many intelligent bloggers out there, and the best part is they all are ready to help you for FREE….They don’t charge money for that like many others. It also boosts the traffic, engagement, authority of a blog…..I would recommend all the readers of “Revealing The Stuff” to join this awesome community….. It’s worth joining….

    1. Haha. Pro? Really? Yes bro, Blog Engage is a great community. That’s why I call Blog Engage as undisputed kings of blogging community 😀
      Thanks Aditya for your comment.

  5. I never thought that Blog Engage can be so helpful for bloggers..I know that there is no option to get a free account at Blog Engage so will soon try to participate in some giveaways for getting a Blog Engage account…Sriram the way in which you have written the review is really superb and I feel that I should learn a lot from you as at the age of 14 you are writing in a superb way…

    1. Hi Mohit, You are not a part of Blog Engage yet? Go join now. All you should do is to engage there a lot! Thanks for the complimentary comment dude! Keep coming.

    1. CommentDX is a great group to get comments and shares for a post. But CommentDX couldn’t give you backlink but Blog Engage can. CommentDX is yet one if the great Facebook group. Both Blog Engage and CommentDX have their own advantages.

  6. Hello Sriram,

    you listed some very good points about Blogengage.

    I am member since few years already and pretty satisfied!
    I receive traffic, SEO and engagement to my sites from other users.

    Recently I won a giveaway from Blog Engage, hosted on,
    and I have now a platinum account for one year!
    I am very happy! 🙂

    Thanks for sharing!

  7. Hi Sriram,
    Nice Review about world best blogging community.There are many blogging communties like bizsugar,inbound,indiblogger etc but none of them can come close to BlogEngage.
    I can very much recommend it anytime to any blogger.


  8. Sriram,
    To be honest, a couple of minutes ago I just landed on Blog engage and was wondering like “what the hell is this.”

    But you came with a review! That’s great.

    And I am thinking that I may lose my enthusiasm to be active on sites like blog engage and that is one of the important reasons why I am hesitating to be joined there.

    In fact, I used to write weekly or monthly posts on my blog so I don’t seriously thing that having an account will help me.

    Thanks for the heads up Sri 🙂

    1. Hi Shahzad,
      Everything is seemed as boring at the beginning dude. Why not giving it a try? If you are an avid link builder and wants to get publicity, I would recommend Blog Engage to you.

  9. Hello Sriram,

    Awesome post mate! And yes blogengage is really great bloggers community, I’m regular reader their but i haven’t used any premium accounts mentioned in the post. I’d sulrey consider the idea to becoming a premium member.


  10. hello sriram. good luck to blogengage contest and hope you’ll win this month. i like the review about blogengage because you helped bloggers in making decisions on what plans should they choose..

    thank you for sharing these practical tips

  11. Hi Sriram,
    well written article here.
    I have read a lot about the Blog Engage community, though i am yet to try it out.
    I would have loved to participate in this contest myself- but I was away for almost 3 weeks. And when I got back, I saw lots of my friends had participated already in the contest. So, I decided to try it out next time.
    Good luck to you.
    Hope you win. (Y)

  12. Hi Sri,

    Very Nicely written post..
    I am yet to try the benefits of BE, but after reading your post, i feel quit interested about its features. The most interesting for me was the facebook visitors. I hope is gonna be useful for my website..

  13. Cool! Already planning to get a premium blogengage account and i decided to go for standard account. The post is really helpful to find more about the blog engage community.


  14. when it comes to promoting blog posts, Blogengage is always one best place for bloggers to promote their blog posts.. Thanks Siram for this., what even made the community engaging is that the bloggers there always comment and visit any blog posts there, and if any blog post gets voted to the top.. server might run down cause of too much traffic.

  15. Hi Sriram, this price as well as benefits that you offer so interesting. I heard a lot about BlogEngage but I have not make use of it even for a day but from the perspective of BlogEngage users, it worth using indeed.Hope to read more helpful information from you. Have a nice day

  16. Hey Sriram

    Blog engage is the right place to engage and share our blog post which you can see an major improvement in your traffic.I have started recently with blog engage with the account won on Giveaway seeing an improvement in my traffic data and thanks for bringing up the review

  17. Hi Sriram,

    It’s great to be at your blog. I’d never heard of Blog Engage until I read your post. It certainly does look like a great opportunity to connect with like-minded bloggers and gain exposure.

    Thank you for sharing and Happy New Year!

  18. Hello Sriram,
    It was very informative post . Blogengage is always a good platform for targeted traffic. We can consider it is a best blogging communities.
    Social media platform is no longer enough for connecting with like minds bloggers.
    So we should opt for blogging Communities , where bloggers connect with each other to share our thinking and contents.


  19. Hey Sriram,
    Truly speaking I have no idea about this Blog Engage community. I come o know about it from your post only. Thanks for sharing such a informative post. I would also like to join this community. Lets see when I will become the part of it.

  20. Hi Sriram, Nice post…..I have heard about blog engage community but not a member …after reading your article I have decided to join blog engage…wish you good luck…thanks for sharing

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