Why blogging needs consistency?

Let me tell you “Why blogging needs consistency?”  through this blog post. Many bloggers use to say “I love Blogging”, but am saying “I love consistent blogging”. Yes, I am familiar with it and attained several benefits with blog consistency.

Recently I published a blog post in my blog under the topic “Top qualities to become a successful blogger”. I enjoyed writing that post and included “Consistency” as one of the quality. Even though the blogging is considered as a business to make money by many bloggers, a group of qualities are needed to thrive in it.

Who is a successful blogger?

You might ask me “who is a successful blogger?” What does it mean?

And, Here is my explanation,

If you are blogging for money and if you met the satisfactory monetary benefits, then you are a successful blogger.


If you are blogging to show your skills & to get publicity and acquired many readers for your blog, then you are a successful blogger.

But for both categories, “Consistency” is the key to get success.

Blog Consistency
Blog Consistency

Let’s get into the topic deeply!

Why bloggers needs to be consistent?- Importance of blog consistency

Bloggers are familiar with the proverb “Content is the King”. Yes, I agree with a small correction “Consistent content is King”. If you are a consistent blogger, then you could reach numerous paybacks effortlessly. They are

Gaining credibility

Consistency makes you to become a reliable person in front of your audience. They would visit your blog often to read your regular content. Finally they would become your permanent readers with your steadfast quality. This let you to turn into a trusted blogger and you could get good exposure in the blogosphere.

Supporting resolution

Consistency makes you to support your resolution. I.e if you are blogging for some purpose, your regularity would strengthen it and help you to avoid the distractions. The more you practice consistency, the more stay focussed to reach your goals.

Getting good stats

Some imperative blog’s stats like Pagerank and Alexa rank relates to post frequency, so it is better to publish the blog post consistently. Your irregularity in bringing the blog posts would definitely affect some important stats of your blog.

Not only the readers, even the search engines would expect you to maintain the post constancy and sanctify your blog with good SERP.

How to be a consistent blogger?

Larva turned butterfly because of it's consistency- it's applicable for blog consistency too
Larva turned butterfly because of it’s consistency- it’s applicable for blog consistency too

Here are some effective tips to be a consistent blogger:

  1. Set an easy schedule and stick into it.
  2. Practice writing about your familiar topics.
  3. Apply passion and self-discipline quality effectually.
  4. Accept guest posts (in limited).
  5. Write some posts and save it as Draft.
  6. Never stop reading the recent updates and blog posts in your niche.
  7. Take interview with some experts.


“The readers will form an exact expectation for your frequent updates, so support  a steady post rate”

I am not saying that you should daily publish the post in your blog. That would be your choice and convenience. It could be twice or thrice a week, but make sure that you are maintaining the same in publishing the blog posts. To maintain consistency, if you are publishing some useless or meaningless posts in hurry, then it definitely spoils your status and you might lose your pretty readers. So update your blog with worthy content in a consistent manner.

Did I bore you with the concept Consistency? Sorry to hurt you friends, but I wish that you should be a consistent blogger to become a successful blogger.

I hope, now you got “Why blogging needs consistency?” with my guest post. My consistency is 2-3 posts/week because am a part time blogger. What is yours? Let me know through your comment 🙂

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60 Replies to “Why blogging needs consistency?”

  1. Hello Madam Nirmala,
    Being consistent is indeed a great ingredient to achieve success as a blogger but unfortunately many bloggers lack the zeal to continue.
    Thanks a lot Madam Nirmala for this wonderful piece.

  2. Consistency is the most important factor if one wants to succeed in blogging.. A very nice post Nirmala..Lot to learn from your experience of blogging…

  3. You have done a great job madam. I have been reading this post twice to understand what wrong with me when compared to this post. You have made it well and thanks for sharing this post. I do agree with your quote like “Consistent content is King” Well said

    1. Thanks for reading my post Tharun 🙂

      Yeah, even though the bloggers are good in creating the exceptional content and if there are not consistent in publishing the blog posts, the readers would forget to visit the blogs. So it is imperative to maintain the regularity in presenting blog posts.

      Keep reading 🙂

  4. Hi Nirmala,

    Following other blogs is so key! Excellent tips here.

    If you read often you will never run out of ideas. This is why I churn out content frequently; I am continually learning and employing new approaches to growing my online businesses.

    Thanks for sharing!

  5. Hi Nirmala,
    My new blog is just over 2 weeks old now and I already have published 6 posts.
    This is all while I am working on developing websites for new clients!
    2 or 3 posts is what I am aiming for a week!
    Some great tips here! keep up your great work!
    – Phillip

    1. Thanks for sharing your post consistency here Phillip 🙂

      2-3 posts per week is really good and it helps you to have good Alexa rank. Be sure to write some quality posts for your readers.

      Keep reading and my wishes for your new blog, keep growing it 🙂

  6. Hi Nirmala,

    Glad to see you here. and thank you for sharing a informative and useful blog post 🙂 Consistency is the efficient way to successfull blogging.

    Abid Omar

  7. Yeah, its perfectly true. Consistency always pays.

    I have learned it from my own experience. I started blogging 5 months back and my friend not even a month. Still he ranks high. Everything being same, I found consistency was the main reason for it.

    Well thanks for the article. A good read!

    1. Thanks for sharing your real experience here.

      As I specified in the post, consistency is directly linked to some major blogging factors like SERP, PR, Alexa and so on. So it is essential to maintain a constancy in blogging 🙂

    1. Yeah, to stand out from the crowd and to stay safe, consistent blogging with quality blog posts is essential for the bloggers.

      Am glad with your comment, keep doing it Aditya 🙂

  8. Hi Nirmala,

    Consistency is something a blogger must try to get used to because the more consistent you are the more successful you’ll be. Have you noticed this? You published a post, you really going to get a high traffic immediately you publish because of the promoting. Doing that promotion frequently (by publishing frequently) is what i actually call consistency.
    I love the bracket you used on guest blogging option (limited), actually tons of guest post can spoil a blog’s reputation especially if it has errors and typo, we muct always be careful you know 😉

    Well, this is really a great post, keep it coming.

    1. Your comment brought a smile on my face Gilbert, yes, like to read your worthy comments and posts 🙂

      Yes, consistency is needed not only bringing in blog posts, but required in promoting the posts too.

      Accepting more guest posts would definitely ruin the status of the blog, so insisted that.

      Thanks for your comment Gilbert, keep doing the same forever 🙂

  9. one of the secret ingredient towards success is consistency which is not only applied in blogging world in other areas as well such as networking, freelance writing and marketing.

    thanks for sharing this post NIrmala. this would serve as a practical guide for bloggers who are not really familiar with blogosphere

  10. Hello Nirmala,

    Nice to see you here. I agree with you that consistency is the main key to become a successful blogger. Consistency helps a blogger in getting a better Alexa and Pagerank as well as. If once consistency is lost, I have seen many blogs losing their ranking and readers. If someone is consistent blogger, he/she has a recognized name in the blog-o-sphere along with loyal readers and may be a good money maker too. And yes, that is a successful blogger for sure. Impressive article. Keep posting, Have a nice day 🙂

    1. Well said Ganesh 🙂

      Yeah, major factors of blogging depends upon the consistency and so it is important to maintain it.

      Most of the bloggers are asking about my Alexa and its just due to my regularity in posting and commenting.

      Thanks for sharing your opinion, stay tuned here!

  11. Hi Nirmala,

    You have written a great blog post and I really like it because you have talked about the prospective of blogging. I am really attached to blogging and I think although I am a 9th class student but I am very much passionate about it. I need perfection in everything so on in my blog and writing skills also.


  12. Hi

    Nice and useful guest post by you at right time. Now a days many bloggers think, blogging is al about posting articles and earning from it. They don’t understand the process of it. Bloggin is kind of online business where we have invested our money and we need to work ourself to get the return of it. But how ?? We need to follow some ethics in it, to be successful.

    And that one ethic is updating your blog regularly which means being consistency in you blog. Can you go to office for 5 days and put leave rest 25 in a months and earn the full salary ?? No never..Same here your blog is the office and you need to come to it regularly and post your contents in it. If you don’t, then be ready to lose the visitors and readers as they would find better and updated information in other blog.

    So always be consistent and be updating your blog. I do mostly post 3-5 articles per week and 1-3 Guest post per month.

    Be consistent in your success always. Thank You

    1. Hope your comment have added some value to my guest post Shathya 🙂

      Yes, I agree with your views related to consistency and insisting the same to the bloggers.

      3-5 blog posts is a big work for me, as am part time blogger. But maintaining 2-3 post constancy for my blog.

      Keep inspiring me with your comment Shathya, thanks for it 🙂

  13. Consistency is definitely a key to success in any field. Blogging needs it even more.

    After you blog for some time and don’t see the results as expected, many times, you feel like quitting or start asking yourself “Am I really doing what matters?”

    This is very natural. Anybody who made another decision in this phase are swiped away by the waves. Those who stand firm through this stage, remain and claim to be an expert.

    Because blogging is a long run game, you must present your presence throughout. Once you are inconsistent, your failure will get a chance to claim you and prove that you are doing nothing good. Good enough to ditch you down.

    Thanks for the tips to remain consistent. Allowing guest posting lets you to keep your blog active even when you are away for some time.

    I’m allowing guest posts and after a number of posts published, I started to feel the difference of an author and a publisher. Being a blogger is both of these two, but how about sticking to any one of these category only? Will I be able to earn easy money being a good publisher?

    1. Thanks for sharing your views related to consistency Suresh, Yeah, I do agree with it.

      Earning easy money as a publisher is good, but did you checked if there is any effect in SERP and some imperative ranking because of accepting too many posts? I feel, it is not good for your blog’s health.

      Blogger or publisher, I wish every blogger should be a good writer and should write for their blog with emotional touch to win the readers heart.

  14. This is very nice Post. I am also a part time blogger & write 2-3 post in a week. I like the way you have describe consistency. it plays the most important role in our blogging Carrier. A consistent blogger can become a pro or Successful blogger.

  15. Hi Nirmala,
    Nice to see you here!
    You are absolutely right about the need to be consistent in posting on one’s blog. Just like we wouldnt like a milkman who delivers milk at 9AM one day and 7AM the next, readers are more likely to trust you and love you if you post regularly and according to a fixed schedule.

  16. Splendid nirmala. i accept your words. If you gain huge fans via blogging, that time you will become a successful blogger around worldwide. And i was red “Top Qualities To Become a Successful Blogger” article in your blog. amazing thanks for too…

  17. I m new in the field of blogging. I have started this months back. This article of your prove to be so useful for me and i m sure for others too. Keep updating such article. I would love to visit your site regularly. Thanks Nirmala for the post.

  18. Hi Nirmala,
    Its just great to see you here again with an amazing article. The main problem with bloggers like me is to dedicate time as I am a part timer. Thanks for sharing this wonderful info again.

  19. Hello Nirmla!
    I have started my new Blog about Blogging. I was in search to know the value of Consistency. Surely! Consistency is key to success. Content is not everything, if you are not consistent.

  20. That’s true. Consistency is one of finest tool to be successful. Visitors see your consistency to follow you. So, consistency is great way to make your visitors as followers. What do you say Nirmala?

  21. Not only blogging, if we want to achieve anything in common world we need have consistency so that it can be achieved as we planned. You’ve shared wonderful tips mate.


  22. Thank you for a consistent article. To my mind is really a good opportunity for the young and promising starts up to enter the business world if they lack funding themselves

  23. Consistency is a big word. I have two blog and still some times I consider that I am not do justice with all my blog and before a year I decided to quite blogging due to this reason. Your post give so much information and it’s helps me too. Thanks madam for sharing this information here. 🙂

  24. I am sure that the informative you shared through your post is useful for people. I am impressed with the way of writing. It kept connected me all the time.Keep up the good work.

  25. Good Article you shared.,the blogging is considered as a business to make money by many bloggers, a group of qualities are needed to thrive in it., Thanks for increasing my knowledge points, i appreciate your work

  26. You are right Samir! This article is not only for blogging. But consistency is basic thing to achieve any of your goals. It’s the thing to always need to have for success.

  27. Nirmala, Consistency is the only key to success (I Believe). Without it, you cannot do wonders. In blogging, it is the most important thing to maintain your consistency. It builds engagement actually and your readers remain connected with you.

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