Advertising on Facebook: A complete guide for getting success

Advertising! This is the word most of the people hate. But what made you to eat Lay’s® potato chips? Probably because of their ad on Television. Even though people hate ads, they love ads 😉 It’s applicable for online ads too.

Facebook is a largest social network in the web. Facebook is not just a social network but also a place to promote your brand. Some people loves advertising on Facebook while some other hates the ads.

The only reason why people advertise there on Facebook is, it’s cheap, cost effective as well it reach more audience. Many people are generating money with the Facebook ads, because they are using it wisely. If you want to get your brand noticed my people, you should advertise it.

Let’s discuss how to get your brand notified by advertising on Facebook for free.

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Getting started for advertising on Facebook:

As you know, Facebook is being used million times a day. Every people have different taste. So you must choose to whom and where your advert should reach. If you are trying to sell your logo service in US and India, you should target people who are looking for a logo and living in US and India. If you have a fan page for your website, it is important to get likes. So you can engage with your audience and improve visibility of your brand.


Things to do before creating your very first ad:

Advertising on Facebook
Advertising on Facebook

You should have to be steady on what you are going to advertise. I have a good news for you! You can advertise for free on Facebook for the first time. Which means you can advertise with the 50$ ad coupon.

#1 Get free 50$ coupon from Facebook

Facebook is providing coupon codes for the new advertisers which many of us don’t know. Follow the steps and get your coupon code.

Log in to Facebook and click Advertisement. Choose what you want to advertise, Fan page or a link or apps. Fill up the form and click Review Ad. Then you will be promoted to payment page. Don’t submit your Credit/Debit card or Paypal information. Leave the ad page and continue using Facebook.

Later, you will get a email from Facebook regarding 50$ coupon code. Now you are ready to advertise with Facebook for free 😀

Note: Coupon codes are applicable only for new advertising accounts.

How to activate the coupon code?

This guide by Facebook will probably help you! How do I activate the coupon code I just received?

#2 Create a attractive and mind-blowing image:

You just received a coupon code, get ready for the next step. I think you have clicked some ads on Facebook. Don’t you? What made you to click the ad?

It may be because of the image. Good and attractive images give more value to your ad. It will take concentration of users and make them click your ad.

Tips for creating image for your ad:

If you are going to design a image by your own, follow these tips:

  • Create a image that is related to your business- Don’t use irrelevant image for your ad.
  • Make sure that your image is at least 100*72px.
  • Try to create image that don’t have blue or white color background- Because Facebook’s background is already blue, so blue colored images has low chances for getting noticed. And white colored background would not be attractive.
  • Don’t clutter your image with too many things- Add simple and less elements to your image.

Image I’d used for my advert:

I hired a professional designer for my Facebook ad. His name is Harsh Shah and he had created a attractive image for the ad.

Revealing the Stuffs Facebook ad
Our Facebook ad

Hire  Harsh Shah , if you need awesome logo, graphic designs and ad designs at very affordable price. Our logo was too designed by him.

 #3 Plan what you are going to advertise:

You must be decided on what you are going to advertise. It can be:

  1. Fan page-  Choose this if you want to get more likes for your page
  2. External URL/Facebook URL- Choose this if you want to advertise an external URL or Facebook URL
  3. Applications- Choose this if you want to get more people to use your app.

Be sure in what you are going to advertise.

#4 Add your primary funding source:

Even though you are going to use the coupon code, you should add your Credit card/ Paypal account. Your primary funding source (i.e: Credit card/PayPal) will only be charged after your campaign charges exceed your coupon balance.

Funding sources

Getting started: You’re ready to go!

I think you had completed the above steps. Now you are ready to create your very first ad.

#1 Select what you are going to advertise:

First go to Advertise on Facebook page. Then choose what to advertise, that may be a fan page/ application/ URL. Let’s take an example.

You are the owner of Revealing the Stuffs 😉 and you want to get more page likes. So, you have to choose Get More Page Likes option.

Choose what to advertise
Choose what to advertise

#2 How your advert should be looked?

You can’t say you haven’t seen any ads on Facebook’s sidebar.

In this step you are going to customize your ad that is going to placed on the right corner of the news feed. Create an attractive headline which contains 25 characters. Describe the ad in 90 words in the Text field. Upload your eye catching image and proceed to the next step.

If you don’t want sponsored stories, click remove item. Sponsored posts helps you to get page likes through suggesting people to like your page.

Fill advert details
Fill advert details


 #3 Choosing to whom your ad should be reached

This is the important part in creating the facebook ad. Choose specific topics and target specific countries. I’ve added India, US, UK, Nigeria and Malaysia in the location field, because there are many bloggers and webmasters in those countries and they have interest in my niche. I’ve made my ad as:

2,600,000 people
  • who live in one of the countries: India, United States, United Kingdom, Malaysia or Nigeria
  • who like #Search engine marketing, #Search engine optimization, #Affiliate marketing, #Google Analytics, #Google Webmaster Tools or blogging tips
  • who are not already connected to Revealing The Stuffs

Tip: Be specific and in-depth in targeting audience, so your likes will be the quality ones. Create your audience

#4 Pricing and schedule:

Enter your desired name for the campaign, although it won’t be displayed publically.

Campaign budget: This is one of field that you should give more importance. Choose lifetime budget, if you want to advertise only with the money you’ve specified till the campaign ends.

Let’s take an example. You are going to advertise your page for 30$ and you have chosen lifetime budget, so you will be charged 30$ after the campaign ends.

Choose Per day option, if you want to spend specified amount per day. Let’s take an example. You are going to advertise your page for 5 days with paying 5$ per day. The total amount you are going to pay is 5X5= 25$ Make sure that you have activated your coupon code. Otherwise your primary funding source will be charged. Choose “Your bid will be optimized to get more likes on your page”. So you will be charged only if anyone likes you page. Pricing and schedule

Review your ad:

Whoa! You’ve almost completed your ad! Review it once before placing it. Click Review advert and review your ad. Finally, place your ad for order. Your ad will be reviewed by Facebook ad team and once you get approved, you will get approval message from Facebook.

Your ad is fueled up and ready to go!

I hope you have started getting likes and views for your page. Have a look at your ad’s performance.

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          1. I use paypal to recieve money only…Don’t have credit card to attach, thats why looking for alternative ways.

  1. Hello Sriram,

    Ahhh ! You are with one another great post, let me tell you i love the way you write, RTS new look is simply awesome

    back to the topic,
    Even once I have done same procedure and I received mail from Facebook saying about “50 $ free ad coupon from Facebook “. Thanks Sriram For Revealing such Stuffs. and also THANKS A LOT BRO FOR MENTIONING ME HERE IN THIS AMAZING ARTICLE.

    Appreciate your writing skill, you have a bright future ahead 🙂 Cheers 🙂

    1. Hi Harsh,
      Appreciate your works! I’m glad that this tricks worked for you. I hope you made use of the coupon and got good results on your advert.
      Thanks for your comment! Hope to see you around.

  2. Currently after the launch of my new venture our very prime and most suitable option which came spontaneously to our mind was for facebook ad marketing and believe it had worked wonders. But yes, once you take this step and gather people on your fb fan page you need to make them engaged with different and innovative shares and ideas.
    Charmie recently posted…5 Business Tycoons whose vision inspires me.My Profile

  3. Wow Sriram,
    All I can say is WOW.
    First of all, I’m really happy and proud to see that you’re becoming a better blogger now. Keep that up.
    And second, That’s the best guide to facebook advertising ever I’ve stumbled into. I got no option other than sharing it 🙂
    Third, Whoa 50$ Coupon? Are you kidding me? Thanks a lot for that bro.

    Good luck with your blogging career and keep doing what you’re doing right now.

    With long supports.
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  4. Hi Sriram,

    I’ve done some advertising on Facebook in the past but not recently. I’ve had some friends of mine complain that they’re not being approved. I think it has to do with the 20% text issue and this ad was for a local membership club.

    I do know that the image needs to be eye catching along with the text or people won’t click on it.

    Your instructions are really good and from what I remember about putting mine up, you’re spot on.

    Thanks and enjoy your weekend.

    Adrienne recently posted…How To Measure Your Blogs SuccessMy Profile

  5. Hi,

    Nice article on advertising Facebook. Thanks for sharing the trick on how to get 50$ coupon.

    But I have a doubt, Do we need credit/paypal for creating ad. Because we have that 50$ coupon right, so can we use it directly without credit or paypal account ??

    1. Shathyan, yes you need a primary funding source (credit/debit card or paypal account) in order to use the coupon codes. But you will not be charged till your coupon balance is completed.

  6. I have never thought of advertising on facebook. Have always thought it won’t be really effective after a friend had a bad day advertising with them. Now,I know he got it all wrong. He just designed a blog and paid fb and expected hundreds of thousands of traffic without any plan.

    Thanks for this post

  7. Howdy Sriram Bro,

    First of all , I would like thank you for the Awesome Post.
    When I got 100+ likes for my fanpage on Facebook , I thought of Showing off my Page through Advertisement. But , the problem was my pocket. yeah! I didn’t had a single penny to Advertise.
    But , now! Just because of you ,I can Advertise on my Site.

    Thanks for the awesome Post bro! 🙂
    keep rocking the Blogosphere.

  8. Hey bro
    This is really an amazing guide for Facebook advertisers. Advertising on Facebook is really a great idea to increase the blog traffic as well as sales. Thanks for increasing my knowledge about Facebook advertisement. Happy Blogging 😀

  9. Awesome post Sriram. Facebook provide advertising at low cost. but Many people do not know how to use it.

    Thanks for step-by-step guide.

    And also for showing how to get coupon.

    Thanks for sharing.

    1. Hello Shafique,
      I’m not sure whether Facebook still giveaway free coupon codes to users. But trying that trick doesn’t cost you anything 😉

  10. Hi Sriram bro,

    I had been waiting for you to share this post on GuestCrew. A very informative post, it had been. I was intrigued by how you got ‘free coupon’. Thanks for describing the entire process in detail here. I appreciate that 🙂

    And the good use of screenshots and images throughout the post is praiseworthy. They make ‘understanding’ and performing the process much easier! It is the sign of a good tutorial type post 🙂

    Will make use of this knowledge!

    Thanks for sharing!


  11. I have never thought of advertising on facebook. Have always thought it won’t be really effective after a friend had a bad day advertising with them. Now,I know he got it all wrong. He just designed a blog and paid fb and expected hundreds of thousands of traffic without any plan.

    Thanks for this post

  12. Nice sharing. This article is really helpful. Facebook is the best and most popular social networking site. We need to promote our sites on facebook. I think facebook advertising is one of the best ways to get more likes on your page. Thanks for sharing.

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