Actionable Insights – What do they mean?

Actionable Insights Put Data to Work for Enterprises

Making a decision that impacts an enterprise is challenging. This is why executives, CEOs and other leaders are so hungry for data that can help them to make informed decisions. Instinct alone is often not enough to steer an enterprise toward success. What leaders need are actionable insights based on true data.

What is an actionable insight? An actionable insight refers to information that can be acted upon or used to make decisions regarding the future. The reality is that data is driving many of the decisions in the business world today because it is the most reliable indicator of many factors that affect the success or failure of a business to connect with its audience.

 A Quick Guide to Actionable Insights 

Data is the term for the raw and unprocessed facts that are received. Data typically comes in the form of numbers and text. It lives in databases and spreadsheets that can be digested and accessed by users. Information is data that has been processed and organized into a user-friendly format. It is typically broken down for use in visualizations and reports.

Insights are developed by analyzing information extrapolated from raw data. An insight is essentially the informed conclusion that is drawn after looking at both data and information. How can these factors be combined to evaluate, measure, and correctly predict results? Bringing it all together in an executable way requires a platform for Big Data analytics.

This platform must keep the following principles in mind:

  • Metrics must be aligned with an enterprise’s purpose
  • Context must be given a place in comparisons
  • Relevant data must be assigned to the right places
  • Specificity is important for accuracy
  • Novelties and deviations should be singled out and explored further

Finding the Right Tools for Developing Actionable Insights 

Data is only as good as your ability to access it and evaluate it. The exciting thing is that there are Big Data processing tools available to enterprises of all sizes right now that can help a business find actionable insights. These platforms take into account that enterprises need to be able to capture data and create reports in real time. Those reports can be used to create both instantaneous reactions within a network and long-term decisions within a corporation. Some of the features offered by such a platform include:

  • Open-source engines
  • Easy console management
  • Stream processing
  • Batch processing
  • Automatic recovery from node outages
  • Data preservation
  • Visualization tools

Harvesting insights from Big Data is a delicate process that requires an intuitive and adaptable platform. An effective platform should be able to collect, display and assess data in ways that are meaningful and relevant to an enterprise’s goals.

Choosing the right platform puts an enterprise in a position to use both human ingenuity and technology to uncover truths and patterns at all levels of interaction to find actionable insights. You can learn more about what Big Data means in relation to actionable insights and how to take advantage of them here

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  1. Every company require data and facts to make decisions. The competition in the market is very tough and the entrepreneur needs to analyze their competitors to produce a highly effective strategy to outsource their competitors. The companies can even find the gaps in the market by keeping an eye on the competitors and if the companies will produce decision without analyzing the market then these decisions will not only effect the reputation of the company but it will also cut their shares in the market.
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  3. You can also include the lines Actionable insight is a term in data analytics and big data for information that can be acted upon or information that gives enough insight into the future that the actions that should be taken become clear for decision makers. It is often the result of extensive data analytics and other data processing; in short, it is an analytics result that provides enough data for managers and organizations to make an informed decision. But it was best techniques of the Actionable insight

  4. Great post very enlightening. I often read about BIG Data and what it can help achieve in key management decisions but I quite simply never understands what BIG data is. I have heard it in conferences and seminars but I cant get it. Anyone like me here?

  5. Yes, there are Big Data processing tools available to enterprises of all sizes that can help a business find actionable insights.Thanks for sharing…

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  7. Actionable insight is a term in data analytics and big data for information that can be acted upon or information that gives enough insight into the future that the actions that should be taken become clear for decision makers.

  8. In order to better understand what actionable insights are, it’s important to understand the subtle differences between these key analytics terms. Data is the raw and unprocessed facts that are usually in the form of numbers and text

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