Top 5 secret ways to get the best out of your Blog

Blogging has been seen as a fun that everybody can just jump into, to share his/her knowledge in helping people to solve their personal problem through online journal (blog). Bloggers don’t really need to rush through blogging because it should be seen as a wonderful fountain and avenue to share knowledge with people online.

5 ways to get the best out of your blog
Top 5 secret ways to get the best out of your Blog


Before much emphasis let me share this quote with you!

Yesterday is in the tomb

Tomorrow is in the womb

Today is your achievement

If you fail to prepare the best for your blog today, definitely the future will not be enjoyable and the joy of blogging will vanish away, I must say, therefore protect the future by working for it from this moment henceforth. And the tomorrow to come in blog-o-sphere can be perfected only if you prepare to get the best out of your blog.

Top 5  ways to get the best out of your Blog:

By following the steps below, you will definitely be able to get the best out of your blog.

1. Write basic plan for your blog:

Planning for success
Planning for success

Plan to write your blog articles and not write to plan your blog articles, You got it?. Link each of your blog task to what you want to do for that moment, write down the goal of the article starting from the title, headlines, and the body else the whole article may get suck.

2. Concentrate on task that produce quality result:

Time Management + Smart work= Quality results
Time Management + Smart work= Quality results

Writing deliberately with in contrary to your blog title will create lethargy in the mind of the readers and this will make your blog indifference from other blogs.

Many bloggers capture their reader’s attention through their blog title, and this deprive them from having a loyal readers and followers because their blog title only appealed to the visitors but the content therein is not worth spending time with/on. If however you want to have a hard-way in blog-o-sphere, concentrate fully on what you want to write about starting from the blog title to the conclusive part and this will always bring joy of being a blogger.

3. Stay sensitive to your Blog:

Blogging is not all about publishing tens/hundreds/thousands of article per week/month but ability to acknowledge what your blog readers are saying in their comment .

The comment form is the only public medium where you have access to reader’s views about the content of your blog.

Then, a keen attention must be paid to this section so as to build concrete relationship between you and your blog readers. Respond to blog comment on time, either good or bad.

Learn how to manage readers conversation so as not to take things personally, even if they leave a negative comment on your blog.

4. Publish wisely:

The number of article you published on your blog does not determine your blog traffic and Alexa rank and neither does it determine your blog’s Google Page Rank.

Publishing articles with regular interval may help a lot, you may decide to publish 5 articles per week, that’s good!

But how do you want to publish it?  You need to study where your blog traffic comes from and monitor their activities on your blog through Google Analytics, then publish your post in a targeted period when they are ready to revolt the internet.

5. Write for your readers:

I will not assume you understand what I mean by this, what I’m saying here is that; for your blog to have a loyal readers, you must let go-off the mission of ranking high on search engine though it’s important, but when you write for your blog visitors, your blog title and content will work together and ranking high on search engine will come without stresses.

Publish what your readers are after and not what search engine is after. Blog SEO is necessary, but to gain trust from your reader, your blog must provide quality content , you must be able to meet the need of the readers in your blog content and whatever you offer in your blog.

Final words:

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50 Replies to “Top 5 secret ways to get the best out of your Blog”

  1. Hello Adesanmi Adedotun,
    Great to see your guest post at RTS.
    You will definitely get best exposure to your blog from RTS.
    Choosing right plan and proper ideas make things clear on what we have to do to be in the marketplace.

    Concentrating on productive strategies is one of the most important factor, as we must apply our mind power towards the right way. 🙂

    Writing for readers is what the search engines also like. We care for our readers and search engines care for us 😉

    Awesome tips here… 😀
    Ankit Kumar Singla recently posted…5 Effective Ways To Earn More Targeted Twitter FollowersMy Profile

  2. Wow these are really great points to note if one is to get the best out of his blog, as much as i have always taken mental notes of what i want to do on my blog i think it will be more practical writing them down on paper and maybe sticking them on my PC and as for not wasting time with things that do not impact one’s blog well i think its the best option of this post. Sometimes as bloggers there are things we engage on that do not produce any result or add any effect to our blogging and yet we waste countless time doing them, one has to identify such things and discard them than wasting time doing nothing.

    As for writing for human readers my advise has always been write for humans but optimize for search engines because even if you write for humans with poor SEO practices then much human are not going to be ab le to find your post when they search on Google or other search engines and are not going to read your posts, but if you optimize a post very well so it can easily be found on search engine results, then you’ll be sure even more humans are going to read it and that way your blog will excel.

    Thanks for sharing such an amazing post Adesanmi Adedotun, looking forward to reading more of your posts. You have earned my blogging star with this article alone. I am going to be watching out for you everywhere. Do have a great day….
    Nwosu Desmond recently posted…What’s new in Android 4.3 and how to upgrade to Android 4.3My Profile

    1. Hi Prince,
      I can’t understand what you had said. Writing a plan will make the process easy and it helps to monitor your position. Thanks for sharing your experience 🙂

  3. Hey Adesanmi,

    How are you doing bro? You seem to be active on guest posting. 🙂

    As you’ve mentioned, it is important to be focused on whatever you’re doing. You’ve explained it well. First take out the plan, start focusing on it, keep your concentration and be constant.

    1. Hi Aditya,
      I’m happy with your visit. I’m using Enpine of Famethemes 😀
      And thanks for letting me know the issue. Will check and fix that soon!

  4. Hello,
    You have said some great stuffs here that are catchy and great 🙂

    You know, when writing a blog post, the title should be the first thing to think of and it should be chatchy and attractive by all means. I don’t play with my titles.

    I never write my blog post for my audience. I write my post in my own voice and all my readers find that fun and stick with me. If you write in your own voice, you will never run out of posts…. so i’ll advice not to write solely for your readers
    Babanature recently posted…How To Win As A BloggerMy Profile

    1. Hi Baba,
      You are absolutely correct, title of the post decides whether I should click the link or not. It’s great to write with your own voice for your readers, they will love it.
      Thanks for commenting!

  5. Hello Adesanmi Adedotun,
    Nice, these are beautiful & helpful tricks ! Adesanmi you are absolutely right “Blogging has been seen as a fun that everybody” & now a days ! we can there are lot of Blogger those are handling & running their maximum Blogs on world wide but how does a Blog be run, that is most important in Blogging ! I learned some great point’s. About Blogging here those are very helpful.
    Neha recently posted…Hottest bikinis of the seasonMy Profile

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