3 Online and Offline applications for watermarking images

Bloggers are suffering  due to plagiarism (copy and paste) from their blog, this includes images too. The plagiarism of images is not a major problem but we have to do some work to protect our images. Image watermarking gives you more traffic to your blog. Watermarking of is the good way to increase your blog’s traffic. By doing watermarking you can protect your photos.

What is Watermarking?

Watermarking refers to adding attributions within a image for copyright of the image. Like adding your name or your Company name to image.

See this:
This is a example of watermarked image.

Watermarking Images

You can watermark your images by these websites and tools given below:

Online watermarking Sites:

  1. Picmarkr
  2. Watermark
  3. Water Marquee


It’s a great image watermarking application. The features of this application are provided below:
  • Upload files from computer or grab them from your Flickr, Facebook or Picasa account
  • Batch image processing
  • Add text watermark, image watermark or tiled watermark
  • Easy to use: minimum settings, no need to download or install anything
  • And yes, its free (You can buy a Pro version, if you need more features

           Source: picmarkr.com

You can upload multiple images with widths while uploading!!


It includes re-sizing, watermarking and Compressing Images online for Free. You can watermark your images by many Fonts and colors,etc… you can upload multiple photos there.  It’s a awesome site for watermarking your images. It’s Mail URL is:  watermark.ws

Water Marquee

It’s also a Online software for watermarking software likely to Watermark.ws . It too includes adding Text/image and etc. The main Site URL is www.watermarquee.com

Offline watermarking Softwares:


Yaarii is a free software which used to watermark your images offline. It is a software which allows  folders to Watermark images, that is it watermark All images in a folder or Directory in Single Click. It has some more features. You can download directly this software by Clicking Here .

Visual Watermark 

 It’s a shareware software which costs $20 (now) . It’s specially designed for professionals and it has more features. You can download Trail period for 30 days by Clicking Here.

Windows Live Writer

Windows Live Writer is a freeware software developed by Windows specially for Blogging with Blogger. It also providing Watermarking Images while you uploading photos. I’ll create a post later about this.

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      1. A watermark not only protects your image but also increases your popularity by letting people know who had taken the Photos.There are better Tools like Mass Watermark that can Watermark,Optimize,Resize and even directly share your images to Picasa/Flickr

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