Top 13 websites to register your free domain

For most people, getting things for free is better than to pay hard earned money on that. This is applicable for domain names also.

There are some websites which allows you to register free domain name for lifetime or specified period of time.

Free domain names are also used for testing purposes. One can test new features and customizations in his test site before deploying it in the main website.

Register your Free Domain Now with these 13 famous domain registrars:

In this post, I’ve listed 13 websites that allows you to register domain name for free!

1) Get your domain with the famous .tk domain extension:

.tk Domain extension
.tk Domain extension

Dot (.)tk is a free domain registry for websites on the Internet. It has exactly the same power as other domain extensions, but it’s free! Because it’s free, millions of others have been using .TK domains since 2001 – which makes .TK powerful and very recognizable.

.tk extension is free for 1 year. It’s a ccTLD which is the abbreviation of Tokelau.

To create a .tk domain, Visit

2) CO.CC – Yet another popular and free domain extension:

The famous extension
The famous extension is completely a free domain for non-commercial purposes which is mostly used by blogspot bloggers because of it’s easy to integrate DNS system. Creating a is simple like taking a candy from child 😉

Your website would look like .

To create a domain, visit

Update: shut their services down.

3) Launch your website with CO.NR extension:

CO.NR domain extension looks similar to CO.CC. It’s packed with awesome features such as URL forwarding, URL masking, Path forwarding for free!

Your website would look like

To create a domain, visit

4) The .free domain name is also free:

Dot Free
Dot Free

.free is also a good choice to choose! And it’s very easy to register there.

To create a .free domain, visit

5) Register 450+ domain extensions with is also like domain and it also provides a free web hosting. You can also register many other domain extensions listed in this page:

See what offers here .

To create a and other 450+ domain extensions, visit .

6) Get your website online with IndiaGetOnline (Only for Residents in India)

India Get Online offers free .in domain extension and hosting for free for one year. It’s offering free email addresses too!

To create a free .in domain for 1 year, visit

7) Get .tp domain extension with TipDots

Tipdots is offering domain names ending with .tp extension.

See what Tipdots is offering

Get your domain with

8) Get free domain name as well as web hosting with is actually a webhosting provider which is also offering domain extension

Get your domain name now!

9)  Experience the awesomeness with SmartDots

SmartDots offers free web hosting and domain name. It’s also offering DNS management, URL cloaking, URL forwarding, Path forwarding and more..

Visit and get your free domain name now!

10) Unonic: Register your domain name with .tf extension

Unonic is yet another free domain name registrar. You can register domains that ends with .tf extension.

See what Unonic offers here:

To register a free domain with unonic visit

11) Joynic: Domain ends with .vu

It’s similar to Unonic but the only difference is that you can create domain names that ends with .vu extension.

To create a domain name that ends with .vu, visit

12) Me.Pn: Domain name for personal websites

As me (.me) is a domain extension that’s widely used for personal blogs and PN stands for “Personal Network”, domains are generally used as personal websites. and are the free domain extensions available in this website.

Visit for more details .

13) A domain name especially for students and educators is also a free domain registrar especially for students and educators.

To create a website using, visit


In this post, I’ve listed top 13 domain registrars which allows you to register domain names for free. Register your domain name according to your needs. And if you want to build a brand, it’s advised to go with TLDs like .com and .net.

36 Replies to “Top 13 websites to register your free domain”

  1. I use to register free domain names for years yet.
    I experimented .TK a hundred of times. and each time a site of yours get some popularity enough, registar will take it back to parking site in order to get people landed on its ad page.
    very unfair
    So do not plan to make solid business with tk until you register very expensives domain that goes to premium as you send visits in. : NOT RECOMMANDED
    Uni.Me is nice for everyday use but isn’t very popular to visitors that visit your site (that was reported to me but didn’t experimented any reported malware or viruses.
    you cannot make more than 100 domains ‘cos dashboard page has a maximum height,
    You can open another user account, but xwith the risk to get one of your account (determined by the hasard) shuted down.

    1. I think freenom is the same thing as .tk , when I registered my domain at .tk , I think I might have gotten a message from freenom saying your web address has been successfully created,

  2. Sometimes we waste money for stupid stuff while we look for cheap or free solutions for critical stuff. I had a really bad experience with every layer that a website can face ; domain, email hosting e and VPS. After this I’ve decided to have different providers for each services i need : my personal solution at the moment is :
    Domain :
    VPS :
    Email Hosting :

    it worth it to try

    1. Hi Melissa,
      While the paid solutions are crucial for professional and important tasks, free services helps too. I totally agree with you. One should not simply rely on free services as most of them are unreliable. But for test and not-so-important purposes, free services makes sense and are useful.

      And thanks for listing the services you’re using.

  3. Hi.
    I disagree with all the comments in that free domains are not worthwhile…
    I am a domain specialist & webhosting provider..
    First free domains will cost you nothing…I advice using …and. hosting they give free unlimited hosting) ..
    Designing your site will be easy.. use softaculous to install any script (make a blog, an ecommers..etc or install any CMS to run your site..* This is recommended to curb the problem of SEO (goole search appearance)
    All these script s contained powered by (sth) don’t delete this link because it will get you on Google easily…that’s the trick…save $10

  4. i use for free webhosting. all of my websites that are hosted by them have 99% uptime. they give good storage and bandwith. you get a subdomain on there domain for free. or you can use you own domain that you can point to them.

  5. What’s your view on it also advertise a free domain, in return you have to share them on facebook and with your friends, i didn’t try as it would enter in my personal profile also.

  6. Hey friends i just created but can’t find free reliable hosting for that which gives following features:
    1) Must be free
    2) Must be ad free and allows us to give custom ads
    3) Must allow to add custom domain names
    4) must atleast have 10 gb of space(can also be low)

    Can anyone recommend me anything plz

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