Top 4 golden Ideas to get more Facebook Page likes

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Facebook is a leading Social network because of it’s massive apps and features.Facebook is useful for promoting your blog/website among people. Facebook fan page plays a major role in developing popularity of your blog. Getting more Facebook likes made easy now made with the simple steps provided below:

How to submit your Blog to DMOZ?

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The Traffic is very important for every blog and blogger. There are many ways to get traffic to your blog. But some of them are legit. I’m going to show you how submit your blog to a large directory. Getting approved is very hard like Google Adsense and it takes many days, months even...

Alexa’s Top 10 worldwide websites of 2012

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An Introduction to Alexa: Alexa is part of Amazon company    which allows to search to search the rank of your site in Global and regional and it shows the users reputation. Alexa also offers to compare your website with your competitor’s website. Alexa is a top rated website information company...

Top 13 websites to register your free domain

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For most people, getting things for free is better than to pay hard earned money on that. This is applicable for domain names also. There are some websites which allows you to register free domain name for lifetime or specified period of time. Free domain names are also used for...